The transaction includes the aquisition of Finlay Flowers UK, Finlays Fresh Produce UK, Finlays Horticulture Kenya, Finlays Horticulture Tanzania, Omniflora, Finlay Flowers BV, FV SeleQt, Dudutech and Finlays Horticulture South Africa. Finlays Horticulture focuses on the growing, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of cut flowers and premium prepared fresh vegetables supplying most of the UK retailers, including Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Founded in the UK in 1750, Finlays has developed into a well-respected global brand, known for its development of the tea industry in India and more recently, since its expansion into flowers, fresh produce and rubber, it has become one of the world’s largest producers and packers of Fairtrade roses and lilies.
Paul Daccus, Managing Director at Sun European Partners, said; “Finlays Horticulture is a thriving company. Earn Money on social media: How many Facebook updates have you made in the last couple of days, months? In the wake of the massacre in Garissa, the Kenyan government has been harshly criticized by its citizens for missing the clues of an impending attack by the Somali Al Qaeda affiliate Al Shabaab. Now, it's clear that Nairobi's initial reaction to the attack is to go after the country's sizable Somali minority.
On April 4, the government published a list of "entities suspected to be associated with Al Shabaab", including 13 of the largest Somali-operated money transfer companies working in Kenya. A number of them have offices in the US, where they're subjected to some of the world's most comprehensive anti-terror financing regulations.
Kenya has around 2.5 million citizens who are of Somali ethnicity, and hosts 464,000 Somali refugees. Associated PressTwo Somali girls.Hasaan says that the decision to shut down the transit companies was totally unexpected and was not preceded by any investigation that he knew of a€” it was "not a gradual decision," says Hasaan. As Rahma Dualeh, a senior consultant with the Nairobi-based think tank Sahan Research, told Business Insider,A "People who are talking about economic and political inclusion are being labeled as terrorists," while the Kenyan government is trying "to make their narrative easier" by associating regional or ethnic autonomy movements in the country's northern and eastern regions with the Shabaab threat. The decision to shut down the money transfer companies puts the Kenyan government on a course that will only deepen the ethnic and religious divisions that allow extremist groups to thrive, while also cutting millions of people off from their livelihood.

Inter-link Limited has built a strong reputation for delivering quality service, on time, and at a competitive price. Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successfully completed project.
We market our products mainly through institutions and organisations with large consumption volumes.
As part of its regional expansion, Axis has now established a presence in Seychelles and Kenya. Axis further consolidates its preferred relationship with BLC Chambers by becoming an affiliate of ALN. Axis is a specialist service provider with expertise in offshore companies, trusts, and fund administration. Axis has experience in setting up and managing tax-incentive companies and offshore entities in Mauritius and other various jurisdictions.
Finlays will retain its flower farm business in Kericho, Finlay Flowers, located within its tea estates in Kenya. It is the largest vertically integrated, added-value producer and exporter of fresh produce and flowers from Africa to the EU. It is uniquely placed as both a grower and distributer of flowers and vegetables from its farms and other growers around the world. What if someone told you that you could get paid every time you post, would you believe it? Mbithi about Re-opening datesApril 17, 2016, No Comments on Message from UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Gunmen from the group killed 147 people at a university in the eastern Kenyan city of Garissa on April 2.

On April 8, the government ordered those companies' activities to cease and froze all of their accounts. The Kenyan list also included the Dubai-based Dahabshiil, which is Africa's largest money-transfer company.
Kaah is one of the services affected the closures, and Hasaan estimates that between 30% and 40% of the money his company handles is sent to Kenya.
The companies were publicly linked to a notorious terrorist group by the Kenyan government and then ordered to stop operating. There is a notable contingent of Kenyan Somalis fighting with Al Shabaab and the group has used longstanding grievances over Somali political and social marginalization in Kenya to drive recruitment there.
There was an outbreak of anti-Somali rioting in 2012, and the government's actions in recent years, particularly after the 2013 Shabaab attack on Nairobi's Westgate mall, have only raised tensions. We offer custom-tailored services to help individuals and corporations accomplish their goals and optimize their benefits. Furthermore its strong reputation in the market for being a reliable year-round supplier of produce is demonstrated by the large number of long-term relationships with many of the UK’s major supermarkets. The closures hit prominent financial institutions that have been allowed to operate in far stricter legal environments than Kenya's.
That means that remittance flows to Somalis from Kenya could actually be comparable with the $1.6 billion sent to Somalia from outside the country each year.

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