To take this offer you need to email me the 5 landing pages ID that you want through the contact us page of the website along with your PayPal id for me to send you PayPal invoice.
Landing pages are a powerful way to improve conversions; they’re easy to create, easy to test, and easy to get a visitor to take action.
Landing pages, like most Web pages, benefit greatly from going the extra mile when understanding their best practices in design and development.
In this article, we’ll share a monstrous list of landing page best practices to set you in the right direction so your efforts, with these pages, have considerable results for your affiliate marketing business. Unbounce, a company that specializes in landing page development, has put together a great list of landing page designs which will give you a great starting point to wrap your head around what other businesses have been up to with this form of marketing strategy. The immediate reaction you may have, as a marketer, is the shock that a hospital would take the time to create these types of landing pages (since our natural thought is that hospital websites are generally just about information and not so much as to selling the specifics). Take a moment to scan through that landing page and see if you can follow along with some of the key elements that make it effective. The logo is top-left and immediately tells that the page is provided by a trusted facility within the health industry.
The contact number is along the top-right so individuals can save the number for reference. The header image has a big, bold question followed by a claim that’s specific to the individual experiencing its troubles (plus a picture that shows the product without being too gory). The expertise section gives reassurance to the individual since they can see all the professionals that participate in the procedure (along with their 100% claim in bold). To the right is the contact form that doesn’t require a lot of information but sticks out due to its size and color coordination.

The information section explains how many people have gone through the procedure which will give reassurance that the individual is not part of a test; it also explains the procedure in a non-technical manner so the individual doesn’t become confused about what’s in store for them. A benefits section cuts straight to the point and allows the individual to fully understand what they gain from the procedure. Again, this is just one example of hundreds of excellent pages out there on the Web done by professionals but you need not worry if you don’t have that professional touch because you can convey this same level of trust on the simplest of landing pages for your campaigns if you use the best practices. As you can see – forming the landing page is far more difficult than you can imagine if you hadn’t known the best practices. We take a look at Shopify and their in-house affiliate program which offers great commissions and options. How many of your competitors sell the same affiliate products, using the same sales-pages over and over - And How can you make Everyone come to Your Site instead? Sales page landing page design templates for your online internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Browse landing page designs for business, marketing, and product selling, to capture leads and increase sales from our 1200+ converting landing page designs of all top most categories.
Get a clean, creative and converting custom landing page design for your business marketing campaign to promote your business effectively.
I have been using a piece of javascript code that automatically re sizes the window upon load. If I didn’t read this post I will definitely never get any conversion for my PPV campaign.
Understanding of what has worked in the past and what trends hold for the future will allow you to craft landing pages that start off in the most effective form as possible.

Format the text, graphics, and other media to create a clean, streamline flow in the pacing, tone, and structure making it easier for the individual to consume the message. It’s not required that you have each present on the page (and in the campaign) but starting with the big ones (like the ones listed) will definitely give the page a major boost in conversions rather than building it upon gut instinct.
Your Site will be The Only One offering Bonuses or Articles or Links or whatever Content you like!Oh! You`ll find reviews, comment and opinions on Affiliate Marketing programs, networks and the Industry as a whole.
Our high quality professional custom landing page design will convert your business successfully.
Create a swipe file with images and notes about what you like and hate about specific landing pages, and place that information into practice whenever you’re building landing pages for your business. Because I have a one PC (and marketers do not recommend to USE TrafficVance and LeadImpact installed on the work machine). The above are demonstration examples for the power and capabilities of Affiliate Site Quick.
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