June 13, 2011 by Tricia Meyer Everyone knows that I am generally a pretty positive person who tries to find the silver lining to every cloud. The eBay Partner Network announced out of the blue that they are dropping loyalty sites until at least October.
I also use my EPN account for all of my niche sites (with the separate domains listed as dropdowns in the account). Because my Adsense account has been closed, the Google Affiliate Network has notified me that they will also be closing my account.
Update: Within an hour of this post going up, Google Affiliate Network disabled my account.
I’m spending the rest of the night removing what few adsense blocks remain on my sites. The merchant comes out very well in this, because until the action is completed by the affiliate merchant, they have no financial exposure. 1) A passion about something - you will only be dedicated to a business when you are passionate and knowledgeable about it. Promoting other peoples products and getting a commission is the best business model because it's unlimited income potential and you can promote as many products as you want! I’m 48 hours away from heading out on a vacation that has been planned for 18 months. If you check my front page, you will see that eBay is the most popular merchant on Sunshine Rewards. The biggest down side is that often there are things that are completely outside of your control.
I stand to lose a lot of money if everything above continues to go wrong (and who knows what else). By eBay problem wouldn’t be as bad if I had been running my loyalty site through one account and the rest of my sites through a different account all along.
Build your network so that when something does go wrong, you have better access to the people who can actually help you rather than only the generic email addresses and autoresponders that you get with most programs.

Sunshine Rewards lost its links for every GAN merchant and I lost all of the revenue that hadn’t been paid to me yet over the last few months.
It’s tough sometimes being an affiliate, especially when there is no warning to say what you may have done to cause you to lose your account. We definitely have to jump through some extra hoops with Sunshine Rewards because it is an incentive site.
Now that I am pulling it down, it quite possible could have come down just a little bit over the top of the ad. While I understand that they have the *right* to disable my account whenever they want, I don’t understand why they would have killed my entire GAN and Adsense accounts, keeping thousands of dollars in commissions, for something that slight and accidental. What started as one of my biggest issues of the day ended up being small potatoes when it was all said and done. The affiliate wins because they do not need their own product, marketing materials, or upfront money to start their own business.
Ask the owner if he'd be interested in having an affiliate who will promote his books and earn a commission on every sale as a result of your marketing.
Today is one of those days where I share my affiliate marketing experiences with everyone in the hope that you don’t end up in the same boat that I am in. I expected to do some last minute Father’s Day promotions, catch up on a few emails, and schedule a couple of blog posts. Apparently Google didn’t like it because they notified me this morning that they have closed my Adsense account.
I have 31 members from one day alone that are now starting to complain that they didn’t get their cash back. I contacted every person at GAN that I know but so far the only response has been that unless Adsense accepts my appeal, I can no longer have a GAN account. It doesn’t always help, but at least my business is still growing and others are finding out that we are all in the same boat. But I am definitely changing some of my business practices to be more diverse so that something like this won’t be as big of a deal if it happens again.

Thankfully we have a really good reputation in the industry so we can usually get into programs. But hopefully someone will benefit from it by making proactive changes and not ending up in the same boat as me.
Affiliate marketers sit in front of their computer and promote affiliate offers for the merchant online. If you work hard you will begin to establish authority in your market and this will attract more and more business owners and customers who will want to work with you. Instead, I’m literally fighting not to lose thousands of dollars in revenue a month for my business.
If I can’t figure something out before I leave in 2 days, I could end up losing all of those merchants from Sunshine Rewards. I’ve sent emails to everyone I can think of except the head of Linkshare to see what happened and if it is going to be fixed.
Because from what I understand, it pretty much requires an act of God to set things straight in a timely fashion when something goes awry with Google.
I have to think that whatever happened to me happened to all of the other VB affiliates as well.
I’ve started switching links to other networks and notifying all of my merchant partners that I can no longer work with them.
I’m definitely having a hard time seeing the silver lining in this one, but I’m a fighter!

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