Affiliate Marketing in my words are, selling and promoting other peoples product and getting a commission for every sale. You can promote as many products as you want, but make sure they are all in the same niche so you won’t get mixed up.
Once you learn what is affiliate marketing, then all you will need is about 1 or 2 hours a day. This depends on you, if you want to earn good amount of money then put in the necessary hours to earn what you want.
You basically get what you give, so it all depends on you and only you as to how much money you can earn being a affiliate marketer. With 2 free websites and 2 free hosting, they will also show you how to get ranked in google and how to get paid and free traffic. If you still don’t know what Affiliate marketing is, you will learn what is affiliate marketing here inside wealthy affiliate.
I have seen many cases in which a newbie blogger left blogging when their Adsense account is rejected. You don’t have to worry about your site traffic or any other terms and condition that are required to be followed while applying for other advertising network. Some of the affiliate programs are even offering more than $100 per sale which is quite higher amount then any other advertising network.
Before getting started I personally suggest you to create a ShareaSale account because it will help you to manage your affiliate programs as well as you can find thousands of merchant in a single marketplace. At the initial stage of blogging when I heard about the affiliate program instantly I searched on Google for Affiliate marketing for dummies but I can’t find any good resources that perfectly explains the term affiliate marketing therefore here I will be covering all the detail aspects of affiliate marketing that you need to know before promoting any affiliate products.
As being a blogger to monetize my blog I have been promoting more than 10 products in ITDigitalWorld and you will not believe that within 2 months of promoting my first affiliate products I made more than $450 which is equal to 4 months of other advertisement earning and till now I paying my bills from affiliate commissions.
Affiliate marketing is the process in which you will be promoting the product of any company in your blog by sharing the link or promoting that link in any website (YouTube videos) and whenever any visitor buys any product going through your link you will be rewarded with the certain percentage of commission.This process of promoting link and earning commission is called affiliate marketing. Many companies offer more than 50 percent of commission however you can find other companies who can pay up to $125 per sale. As I am a great fan of Hostgator hosting I am promoting its affiliate but it’s your choice to choose your own affiliate company but the commission rate may differ from company to company.
Moreover with the growing number of online merchants it may be headache for you to sign up for each affiliate program therefore in-order to overcome this problem there are several website with thousands of merchants in one place. So guys after creating an affiliate account in any of the merchants website just get an affiliate link from there and then finally promote that link to your blog. Login in to your Hostgator affiliate account and in the middle of your dashboard you will see your affiliate link and that is the link you will have to promote in your blog or in any other place like YouTube videos. Guys this is the screenshot of the commission that I have earned for hostgator and for each sale they paid me $50 and currently I made $400 from their affiliate. So, now after joining any affiliate programs, next step is to promote their links to earn commissions. A review article introduces the product to your audience and at the same time your opinion helps them to identify why they should be buying it. While writing a review post always show the positive and negative side of the product, it helps your audience to understand the problems and advantages that they may face in future. Everyone love to save money and believe me offering discounts to your visitors will be a great incentive to them. I hope this post (Affiliate Marketing for dummies ) will probably guide you through the each aspects of affiliate marketing and guy’s if you like this post please share your thoughts in the comment below and share this article with your friends and family. You didnt told to to promote an affiliate link as i got my AdSense and earning also but no affiliate .. Sorry, Aditya I missed that topic and with your suggestion I will update this post as soon as possible. You mention here awesome guidelines that will really help newbie to start affiliate marketing.
When the word “Affiliate” comes to our mind, we usually think of another business strategy implemented by some organization in order to sell more products by signing up individuals or firms as business associate who can market specific products for a commission or incentive. It only requires time and passion to plan a strategy and a wise selection of partners who can create the greatest impact for your business. Affiliate Marketing is Performance Based and you pay the commission only when you get some results from your partners.
The Program varies from one organization to other, based on the typical strategy used for online marketing. Search Engine Affiliate Programs: If you are working for an SEO Affiliate Program, it is most likely that you will be placing links or banners for the advertisers to get paid a Pay-Per-Click Fee for various website pages. E-Mail Affiliate Program: Here you have to use E-mailers and Newsletters in order to promote the business and usually, you get paid whenever a person joins the advertised scheme using that opt-in link in your email.

Lead Based Affiliate Program: These are Pay-Per-Lead Programs where you provide the links to download the Trial Offers for any product or service.
Sale Based Affiliate Program: Instead of Leads generated by you, here you get paid if the sale is closed by any of the Leads generated. It’s not a brainstorming task to know what ads you must place on your website in order to generate revenue. When you choose an Ad Revenue Affiliation with Brands like Google AdSense where you have very little or no control over the advertisements being displayed; you have to agree to their terms of service, also called an “Affiliate Agreement”.
Mostly, the tracking is done by using a combination of unique User ID and browser cookies to verify your leads and subsequent revenues.
Check the Advertiser’s Grades: Before choosing the appropriate one from your options of possibilities, take a look at the merchant’s market rankings which enables you to pick up the best.
Choose Appropriate Program: An affiliate programs that complement your website content, is naturally the best for you.
Customize the Links and Banners: If the Affiliate Programs offer Customizable Buttons, Banners and Splash Pages which you can edit to reflect the elements and match the theme of your own site design, make sure to take advantage of such options. Be open to Options: Don’t be afraid to try multiple Affiliate Programs, or opt out of one and choose another for better outcomes in time. The prime target of the organization should be to search Affiliates who can easily reach untapped market regions. Once your prospecting pool is protected, you can maximize your affiliate program by working with the best and leaving the rest. At times, it could be really difficult to manage a large network, so consider selecting only a few affiliates initially. Common questions are how much time is needed, how much can you earn, and what is a good training.
The beginning will be the hardest as to obtaining customers, maybe building an email list and other factors. Most of the blogger are using adsense, chitika and other PPC advertising programs to monetize their blog. Your blogging carrier never ends when your adsense account is rejected therefore always search for alternatives. One of the perfect example of such company is Hostgator and this is the secrect of my earning because each month I am earning more than $200 from this company. As I am promoting Hostgator in my blog I will guide you through joining its affiliate program. Before promoting any products in your website make sure that they do have affiliate program. It means that you don’t have to visit each website and sign up their affiliate program each time instead when you create a ShareASale account then you can join any affiliate program with a single click from their merchant store. Right now I am also using Hostgator affiliate therefore here in this post I will  show you the example of Hostgator. You can see that I am promoting those link here in this blog by using the banners, writing reviews and by recommending to my visitors and whenever any of my visitor clicks on that link and sign up for their hosting within 60 days I will get paid $50 for each sale. Since one of my sale is a duplicate sale it means that the customer who purchased this hosting account already had existing account with Hostgator therefore I didn’t get paid for that sale. In this affiliate marketing for dummies guide I will also guide you through the steps to promote affiliate links. Readers loves reading your experience therefore review post on any topic can be strong weapon to generate more sales. Do remember that, a review post most be genuine and honest because your readers are buying that product because they trust you not the product. Suggest your visitor to buy it by adding some banners in your side bar or in header below your post title. Similarly, another advantage is that banners can be displayed in each and every pages this puts the products in front many audiences which may lead to more affiliate sales.
Most of the affiliate company provides coupon codes to their promoters and its a great idea to share it with your audience.
If you are interested on learning how I am earning $400-$500 a month sign up now to receive updates. I am a part time blogger based on Dhangadhi, Nepal and I am currently studying Bachelors of Computer Networking. For every sale or lead that you get from your affiliates, you need to pay them some good amount of money. Although it’s not the perfect approach for everyone and completely depends on the type of business. Basically an affiliate is paid every time a lead or sale for the business is generated through their individual resources and efforts.

Usually, the payments are made for thousand clicks together that might reach up to 4-5 rupees per click. For each successful joining or sale through your links, you receive either few hundreds or 2-3% of sale amount. Generally, the commission is into percentage of the net sales amount that can reach 5-10% to the max.
Depending on the organization, you may be paid for Lead Generation only or after the user agrees to pay for a full service from the advertiser. Also known as “Revenue Sharing”, this Pay-Per-Sale Program offers the maximum commissions, and you might receive a set amount for each sale or a fixed percentage of the total sale amount. This agreement tells you about the requirements you must meet and how the Leads and Sales are tracked. Some advertisers also allow you to get your HTML Codes and check your Account Status under a private Affiliate Section on their website. Hitting the same markets as your Affiliates to grab more eyeballs, is not a decent policy for business.
We tend to use various Marketing Options like e-Mailers, Content sites or Search Engines to increase our business. Make sure you understand how the payouts are planned, especially if you need to earn a minimum amount before a payout. A popular brand name that is already familiar to the visitors, might encourage them to click the links on your site. If your site is all about gadgets, then surely you’ll want to skip on setting up with a web-store that sells groceries or apparels.
Also if you introduce your offer through a known and trusted brand; you can grab the attention of good affiliate prospects you might not have reached otherwise.
According to various researches done under this domain, most of your revenue will be generated by a tiny percentage of your affiliates. They are an extension of your sales force and represent your brand, so you need to choose your partners carefully. I will answer those three questions as simple and as quick as possible but first I want to to learn what is affiliate marketing. You choose a product to promote, they give you a link, this link will be yours to add on your pages or wherever you promote. The more you put in the more you earn of course but if you have your own website it is possible to be making good about of money maybe working 15-20 hours a week. You will be watching training videos of how you can become an affiliate marketer and you can be earning and still learning in this program.
Although these advertising programs help us to earn few bucks from our blog but unfortunately they pay very less amount for each click and for  beginners it will be much harder to meet the minimum threshold  criteria of that program.
If we talk about the earnings of Adsense then I can guarantee that when you use right techniques then you can earn far better amount from affiliate marketing because they do not have any pay-per-click strategy. In order to join the affiliate program of Hostgator just click on the affiliate link which you can see in the top left side of hostgator website. We can your several techniques like linking review post to another articles getting more organinc visits or we can even make the review post stick to top of the homepage. I started blogging because I am passionate toward it and I want to share my ideas with the whole world. All you need to analyze about needs of your customer base and realize what other products or services they might be interested into. For Food Joints, it might not be much suitable but for Online Retail Stores, it definitely is a helpful tool to increase the sales into multiples. There are different ways you can provide them the compensation however; the concept remains unchanged. Any person who uses your link to make the desired action within the set time, contributes to your affiliate revenue. You can either keep the majority of marketing exclusive to yourself or if you decide, let your Affiliates run it. If your site serves only a couple of visitors a day, better select some higher Pay-Per-Click Program. They will directly pay you the percentage of commission which is much higher amount then your Adsense earnings.
The answer is affiliate marketing, therefore this post affiliate marketing for dummies is a guide for beginners who want to learn more about affiliate marketing programs.

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