I created Affiliate Marketing Website Training Video, a one of a kind self-paced Affiliate Marketing educational course, Know How to find the most profitable affiliate programs. Are you feeling stressed from the lack of visits your website is getting from the internet?
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The first time I heard about MoneySites, it was through an email from Travis Sago I believe. But then Travis invited his readers to a webinar, and even though there’s always a pitch at the end of those things, since I trust Travis’s recommendations, I thought I’d go and watch anyway. Turns out MoneySites teaches how to find ‘buyer keywords’, and show you how to quickly build small niche sites that rank well in Google’s search results.
At the end of the webinar, I took the plunge and joined the MoneySites ‘labs’ program, and it’s been a great ride so far.
If you click the image below, you’ll be taken directly to a page that shows you all of the stuff you get access to as a MoneySites member. Have you ever wondered if maybe you could start to add little income streams to your life, without wasting a bunch of time or risking a lot of money in the process. It’s all stuff that once you know how to do it, you can either do it over and over again yourself, or outsource it to a team of low paid workers overseas.
I loved the fact that each course in the MoneySites is stand alone, and you can pick and choose which one you want to start with.
The one thing I didn’t like about MoneySites was the fact that there are so many courses to choose from inside the members area, it might be easy to get overwhelmed.
But after asking Jason what his thoughts were during one of the ‘Traffic and Affiliate Coaching Calls they have every week, I was sure that focusing on the mini-site strategy was right for me. I really like the MoneySites training because after spending years of buying product after product without getting any real results, I’ve now got a blueprint that works, and somebody to bounce ideas and problems off each week so I don’t get stuck. If you’ve ever been curious about how super affiliates make so much money when the average affiliates makes nothing… Or if you’ve ever wondered how you could add one or more income streams to your life without wasting time or money, then you’ll love it! This entry was posted in Moneysites Reviews and tagged affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing training, moneysites, moneysites review, moneysites reviews on March 15, 2013 by Admin.
In this affiliate marketing training post, we’re going to talk about something that most affiliates simply can’t do. For most affiliates, figuring out what kind of messages to send to their email subscribers is so hard, they often don’t even try to build a list. But the fact is, having a responsive list will multiply the money you make from your affiliate marketing efforts by at least 5 times, and probably 10 times or more. So once a person has joined your list, the first followup message should always thank them for subscribing, and let them know that they’ve made a great choice by joining your list.
But what if after you’ve sent an initial email series that’s built a relationship, offered a couple of affiliate products, and they haven’t purchased anything? Below I’ve given you a simple email sequence that contains a lot of very powerful physiological triggers. In the next email, you highlight one of the major problems the product you are currently promoting helps to solve, and discuss the problem and the consequences of having it in the person’s life. You want to aggravate the pain your reader is feeling about this problem, so that they realize they need to take action and fix it. The next day, close the loop in your reader’s mind by showing them how the affiliate product will solve their problem. For those people who don’t buy, send them your third message which highlights another problem the product helps people solve.
The forth message the next day should then show how the product can help solve this next problem.
As I said earlier in this affiliate marketing training, any affiliate marketer should be building a list and use\ing simple email sequences like this to both build a strong relationship with their readers and make more sales. If they haven’t bought by then, go through and highlight another single problem the product solves one day, and give them the solution the next. To learn more about how affiliate marketing training can help you to create a great income from home, don’t miss our MoneySites Review. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing Training and tagged affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing guide, affiliate marketing system, affiliate marketing tips, affiliate marketing training, affiliate marketing tutorial, affiliate program, how to do affiliate marketing, online affiliate marketing on February 21, 2013 by Admin.
Once you begin building your own lists of prospects and especially customers – that really is the ticket to having your cake, and eating it too. Because once you have these lists, not only can you send your readers to ANY offer you want, you can also start doing something that the most profitable online affiliate marketing experts do; you can start joining in with the big guys in their Joint Venture (JV) deals. The first step is to approach a bunch of other people in your industry or niche, and ask them if they’d like to become partners in some deals you are putting together.
The thing is, and as you’ll see in future affiliate marketing training posts, there’s no such thing as ‘your’ customers.
Seriously, the options for making a profit from these things are enormous, and are only limited by your collective imaginations.
You cannot believe how powerful, and profitable this concept really is until you see it in action for yourself! As an example of the kind of deals you can do, I heard of one guy who’d been through a couple of affiliate marketing training programs and was starting to see the potential of working with other people in this way.
He went out and asked 20 other affiliates to join in with him for the promotion, and most of them agreed to be a part of his JV, because they wanted to be part of the launch but didn’t have time to create their own really great bonuses. They put together a killer bonus package including the iPad and a bunch of training, and everybody promoted the one bonus package through the main affiliate’s link. So if this online affiliate marketing lesson about working with JV partners has given you some ideas, check out this Moneysites review. The MoneySites course teaches you everything you need to know about getting traffic to a website, building a list of people who love to hear (and buy) from you, and meeting JV partners who can really ramp up your earnings.
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In this affiliate marketing training, you’re going to learn how to make money as an affiliate the right way, so grab a pen and listen up.
It’s where you sit down and work out the PROCESS your prospect needs to go through to get the results they are after. As I said earlier, when you give people the help they need to start moving towards their goals, it’s like drugs to them. They want more of the same, because they can see their life changing for the better just because of the free stuff you gave them. Your status goes way up in the eyes of your reader because you’ve demonstrating higher value. Well the best way to start is to map out the steps in the process your prospect needs to go through to achieve the result they are looking for.
See, there are steps like this in EVERY process, and if you break it down in this way, they are easy to see. Then your goal becomes giving your readers the first few steps in the process so they see initial results. If you do this, your readers are gonna see you as a freakin genius, and they will take your advice in the future when you recommend products or services that help move them closer towards their ultimate goal. OK, so that’s the end of this affiliate marketing training article and now you’ve got some work to do. Then start thinking about how you can give them results in advance so they can start reaching the first step or two. The final step in learning how to do affiliate marketing profitably, is to tie products that help your readers complete ALL of the remaining steps involved in getting them to your goal. For more affiliate marketing training ideas on how to create a great income from home, check out our MoneySites Review. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing Training and tagged affiliate marketing training, affiliate marketing tutorial, how to do affiliate marketing, learn affiliate marketing, moneysites, moneysites review on February 4, 2013 by Admin. A couple of days ago as part of this affiliate marketing training series on how to make money from blogging, I said that when you are starting out, you should forget about trying to get traffic. However… that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about planting the seeds of your first traffic sources. So that means once you’ve decided on the ‘starving crowd’ of people you are going to go after, you can get yourself known as a leader in the market for just about any niche you want to. All you need to do is spend a small amount of time each day connecting with and helping out other people in a popular Forum, and pretty soon you’ll start to see the results. In fact, some of the very best customers in your niche, along with the top potential joint venture partners, will be active in the popular forums in your market.

People with similar interests like to congregate in groups and share ideas, information, and friendship. So before you go looking for visitors to your site, you can be planting some seeds for the future, so when you’ve gone through the rest of this affiliate marketing training and you’re ready, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. GIVE the other forum members your time, experience and knowledge, without expecting anybody to give you anything back in return. It’s amazing how when you help people solve a pressing problem they are struggling with, they’ll often feel obligated to give you money (as in, buy the stuff you recommend), or tell their friends about how great you are. Always have a provocative signature file on your posts (where these are allowed by forum rules) with a call to action that takes people to your Facebook Fan page or a blog post.
But please, NEVER send people to a squeeze page or try to force them onto an email list right away. Or sending people to a blog post from a forum is less confronting than using a squeeze page for getting a relationship started with your readers.
My first experience at learning how to make money from blogging using a forum was a total fluke.
As I mentioned in another post, I’ve always enjoyed Stock trading, and I joined a forum a few years back to chat with other traders (trading can be a very lonely business, sitting there on your own looking at a screen day in, day out).
Anyhow, I sorta got known as somebody who gave helpful advice and lots of people wanted more. I was promoting a couple of products as an affiliate, and my income went from 50 bucks a month in Adsense to $800 a month in just a few months. If I had known more about how to make money from blogging, I could have pumped forums for everything they were worth and really ramped things up. For more affiliate marketing training and ideas about how to make money from blogging, youtube, and a whole lot more, check out our MoneySites Review. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing Training and tagged affiliate marketing tips, affiliate marketing training, how to make money from blogging, moneysites, moneysites review on February 1, 2013 by Admin. In this affiliate marketing training post, we’re going to look at how to make money with a simple affiliate blog and succeed in making money from home.
In a recent article, I said you want to find a sub-niche that’s got plenty of passionate buyers (a starving crowd), but you don’t want to go too small (so it’s not a good idea to look for a sub-sub, nano niche).
That’s because many of these tiny, obscure markets, while they do have passionate buyers, are just too small to support lots of merchants or affiliates. So that means, going into small, obscure markets is the wrong way to go if you want to build a profitable, sustainable, long-term business for most people.
The whole point of this affiliate marketing training post is to show you how to make money with a blog. The truth is you can make money with a blog in any market if you can help a starving crowd of passionate people solve a problem or help them with a passion. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing Training and tagged affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing training, moneysites, moneysites review on February 1, 2013 by Admin. If you’re ever going to make money with your affiliate marketing blog, then before you think about getting any traffic, you’re gonna need to find people who are going to BUY stuff from you, or you’ll just be spinning your wheels and wasting your time. First step: you need to pick a solid market (with lots of people already buying products and services through other merchants and affiliates). And then within that market, find a niche (which is a sub-set of that broader market but more focused on one particular topic). And then within that niche, find a narrow category (this is where you look for that starving crowd we discussed in another article).
You’re looking for a crowd of people who have a very specific issue.  People who have a burning need or desire that they want to do something about. In this part of your affiliate marketing training, your mission is to find a crowd of people who are experiencing an urgent need to remove a frustration, get rid of some kind of pain, or who have something that keeps them awake at night staring at the ceiling.
You want to keep digging until you find a group of people who are looking for a SOLUTION to one (or some, or even better, all) of these problems, needs or desires. Now since the goal of this affiliate marketing training is to give you a huge head start, I thought I’d share the best 3 broad market categories to go after for an affiliate blog if you really want to make good money selling other people’s stuff.
If you drill down into these broad markets until you find a sub-niche that resonates with you, and that you can get some traction in, your affiliate marketing blog has a great chance of making you some really good money. As part of this affiliate marketing training, I’m going to give you a real example so you can see how it works in real life. For this reason, I have a natural affinity for talking with all kinds of traders, regardless of where they live the markets they trade. It’s easy for me because I can relate to them, their hopes and fears, their dreams and desires, and especially their problems. Find that niche market, start helping people, and your ability to build an affiliate marketing blog that makes you a LOT of money is virtually assured.
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These days, most affiliate marketing training programs fail to mention that making a living as an affiliate is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do if you aren’t sure what you are doing.
But the thing is, most of the affiliate marketing training you see thrown around by ‘experts’ take you the long way round. And because of that, you can spend weeks or months going down the wrong track before you realize you’ve made a mistake and wasted your time.
Then build a lazer targeted website around a small number of easy-to-rank-for ‘money keywords’. Next, have some kind of ‘offer’ on every page and post so you can monetize your site when people start visiting. If nothing happens, it’s most likely because you chose the wrong keywords at the beginning. For more affiliate marketing training ideas about how to make money as an affiliate, check out our MoneySites Review.
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Ok in this affiliate marketing training post, let’s talk about how to make money with Clickbank. And one of the most powerful leverage points you have to make money with Clickbank is to look for products that have a great HOOK.
And as we’ve discussed before, it’s much better to be strategic about all of this interwebs stuff.
And by promoting a product with a hook, you are getting leverage over other people who are also trying to make money with Clickbank.  And that my friend is strategic marketing.
Promoting products that have a strong hook separates you from every other affiliate and when you do it right, helps you to attract a loyal crowd of followers. They are great products, but there’s nothing that really makes them stand out from everything else in their category. Simply create a hook around a weakness you’ve found in the product, and use THAT as a leverage point. To make it irresistible to your customers, you then position your bonus as something your readers HAVE TO have to make the product complete. By doing this, your bonus (the hook) helps to add REAL UNIQUE VALUE to the product for your customers, helps you make more money with Clickbank’s products, and sets you apart from everyone else at the same time. You can also turn this idea around 180 degrees, and instead of creating a hook that fixes a real or perceived weakness in the product, you could do it by enhancing or improving something the product already does well.
You can make a highlight of something that’s already very good, and turn it into something amazing. The most important thing is to promote and deliver your hook ‘enhancement’ in a way that’s nothing like what everybody else is doing, so you’ll stand out from the crowd and be unique. When you can add real value like this, you become incredibly valuable to your customers, and you’ll build a loyal following of people who buy from you again and again because they like and trust you. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing Training, Make Money With Clickbank and tagged affiliate marketing blog, affiliate marketing guide, affiliate marketing tips, affiliate marketing training, how to do affiliate marketing, learn affiliate marketing, make money with clickbank, moneysites, moneysites review on January 4, 2013 by Admin. I have to assume that you already know about making money online with affiliate promotions and all that. There are going to be so many things that people tell you are essential to succeeding with a niche website. When it comes to choosing a niche (topic) for your website, you’re going to need to do a lot of research. As I said earlier, I assume you already know why you want to get involved with affiliate marketing, but do you really know how to do it and how to find out more?

Again I’m going to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you here, because it has a free starter membership where you can learn the basics without spending a penny. Spencer from Nichepursuits has written an excellent guide to the importance of keyword research for niche selection here. There are plenty of options, but I’d advise you to get a basic education for free first. On this site I'll be sharing my experiments and experiences with Internet Marketing, as well as offering services to help your own ventures. On the webinar, they showed 4 of their sites that have collectively made around $60,000 in the last 12 months. For me, building small lazer focused niche sites that can rank in Google and make a couple of affiliate sales every day suits me perfectly.
The goal is to have say a dozen sites earning $10 to $20 a day each selling affiliate products this year. Since I’m good at starting stuff but not so good at finishing stuff, the first time I logged into the members area, I wasn’t sure where to start. And many affiliate marketing training courses blindly skip over this, and do a lot of new affiliates a huge dis-service.
Here’s a simple but extremely powerful email sequence you can use right away to get more people, buying more stuff through your affiliate link, more often. And like I’m giving you here in this affiliate marketing training, you should start giving them the kind of information that’s going to help them get from where they are to want to be. Your readers probably won’t be able to stop themselves from buying from you if the products you promote really do help them to overcome their problems. At the end of your email, briefly mention that tomorrow you will give them the solution to the problem you highlighted today. Make an irresistible offer by adding in a bonus or another product that complements the offer, and you’ll usually see a big spike in sales as people read through your message.
Talk about this second problem, and make readers start to feel the need to solve it if it’s affecting them.
Then simply do this with each problem your product helps to solve until people buy from you. Capture people onto an email database, then follow up for a few days showing different ways they can solve their main problem by buying your main affiliate product.
Of course, you’ll need to be prepared for some knock backs – some people just don’t get the concept and they’ll think you’re trying to steal ‘their’ customers.
For example, you can do cross promotions, ad swaps, and band together to do mailings with other big list owners to sell even more products, AND to build your own lists even bigger in the process. He wanted to offer the BEST bonus he possibly could (which included an iPad) during a big launch, so he could win the top JV prize. They sold so many products that the main affiliate won the major prize in the JV competition (lots of cash, which he shared with everybody in the group), and everyone made lots of juicy commissions for hardly any time or work. And then you show them specifically HOW to get the first couple of steps in getting that result completed. Plan out the 10 steps required to get to the main goal your prospects are trying to achieve. Fan pages are a terrific way to continue the conversation using social media marketing, which is what posting on Forums really is all about. If you have given your visitors great content, many will join your list to hear more from you. So after a few months, I put a basic blog together to share some of my thoughts on trading. Anyhow, forum marketing can be an absolute gold mine for you if you want to do any kind of affiliate marketing, or sell your own products.
It’s going to be very hard to make money with a blog if you are selling affiliate products in a market where there are only a few merchants and not a lot of potential customers.
To do that, you should go into slightly larger markets that have lots of those lovely, desperate buyers (your starving crowd) – markets that can easily support thousands of merchants and affiliate marketers. For more ideas about how to make money with an affiliate blog, check out our MoneySites Review.
A market where people are passionately looking for advice, solutions, for your help to guide them towards where they want to go. For more ideas about how to make good money with an affiliate blog, check out our MoneySites Review.
If you start out focusing on a niche where there’s a ‘starving crowd’ of customers, and then build a laser targeted blog or website around some of the ‘money keywords’ in that niche, you can still make good money.
Your success or failure will hinge around your ability to choose the right keywords at the very beginning. I know I spent a long time doing affiliate marketing wrong, before I ever learned how to do it right. These are the keywords people are searching on when they are about to buy a product that will solve a problem or fulfil a desire. If you’ve chosen money keyword phrases that don’t have too much competition, you should start to rank in search results in a couple of weeks. Add some more great articles and other content, add a few more links from other sites, and you should start to see more traffic and sales.
If you follow these two critical affiliate marketing training rules, you should have no problem making money as an affiliate with one of your first few websites. When you turn up at the bank to make a deposit, they don’t care how hard you had to work to make the money. If you don’t have a hook, you’re just some other dude (or gal) trying to get people to your website so you can sell them stuff.
But the problem with many of the products we’d love to promote from the Clickbank Marketplace is they DON’T really have a hook.
Which means while they help the people who buy them and pay us a good commission, they don’t convert all that well. There’s always improvements to be made that could make everything that’s being sold anywhere even better. Or you can show them why it’s an enhancement for the product that complements it, and makes it much better that it was before.
These would be products that have some kind of unique hook, and help to solve the problems you know people in your niche are worried about. For more ideas about how to make money with Clickbank and build a great home based affiliate marketing business, check out our MoneySites Review.
The place I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, since their websites and training is all catered around affiliate marketing. You’ll hear all sorts of people telling you to go with your passion, or go with what you know. Many people are willing to spend money on their busienss, but they want to make the money first. And the best way to do that is to help people to start moving towards their goals, whatever they are.
The idea here is to open a loop in your reader’s mind and get them looking forward to hearing from you the next day.
Just keep doing that doing until they buy your main affiliate product, or something else you want to promote. You are NEVER going going to have a monopoly on selling products or services to any single customer, so there’s no use worrying about it. I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses trying to get an edge in the markets. That will help you to add huge value to the product and allow you to make money with Clickbank a whole lot easier.
I do my best to give people useful tips and information about succeeding with their first few websites, and today I’m going to cover how to start affiliate marketing for free. By TRULY helping people before you ask them to give you money, they are going to be much more likely to buy from you, both now or in the future. Let me build a site for you, upgrade your site to an owned domain, join the premium membership at WA, or simply buy some more training.

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