So let’s spend a few minutes trying to get to the bottom of this and figure out how you can take advantage of data feeds to boost conversions, sales and improve your search engine ranking. A data feed is basically a file that can be imported into a database and contains information that matches fields in the database. The file is usually tab or pipe delimited and can easily be viewed in most spreadsheet programs.
Increase sales conversions – Data feeds have been proven, in many cases, to double the number of sales conversions.
Faster site building – Imagine having to manually create a page for every single product you promoted? More search engine love – With a data feed building hundreds of product pages, you’ll get indexed more often and more thoroughly, ranking for lots of product-specific keywords.
If you think your affiliate site would benefit from using a data feed, there are a few things you need to do. Request a sample data feed file – It’s good to know what you’re dealing with and exactly what information (data fields) the data feed will give you before you start designing your product page. Build your site – To build a site that uses a data feed requires knowledge of a script language such as Perl, CGI or PHP that can interface with a web database. While the same data feed will be provided to all affiliates, this doesn’t mean all the sites need to look identical. The data called from the database for each product record may include information such as an image link (1), product name (2), product description (3), logo (4) and a product order link (5). For example, you might have a site that offers advice to parents and have an article discussing tips on buying shoes for children. The great thing about data feeds is that you have complete control over how and where you display specific products.
Lastly, once you’ve created your site with your data feed product pages don’t forget about keeping it up-to-date.
Unless your merchant automatically FTPs their data feed to your site and you have created a scheduled import routine, you’ll need to manually update your database whenever your merchant alerts you to an update.
And remember, updating your product pages regular not only keeps your customers happy but is great for your site’s search engine optimization as the search engines love new and fresh content– just one of the many reasons to use data feeds to build your next affiliate site.
I am sure that the provided information will surely be good for many affiliates looking forward to take a step further with regards to how they include products and offers on their website. Paul, I agree, the quality of datafeeds is very variable, and can make working with data from multiple merchants very frustrating.
Chris, duplicate content is definitely a problem if you want to rank for the product name on your product pages.
As an affiliate agency, I’ve seen affiliates with datafeeds do amazing work, increasing sales by tens of thousands a month. Build Clickbank Affiliate Websites Automatically by Using WordPress Clickbank PluginThis plugin is not available any more! With the help of this plugin you can set up hundreds of profitable Clickbank affiliate websites in minutes that update themselves automatically. In this webinar, I’m going to do a lot of things including introducing the concept, showing you some different sales funnels you can put prospects into and show you how I would do it. We cannot do this without you because we cannot be in every city in the world, (our target market).

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. Subscribe To Our NewsletterWant to get updates, tips, tricks & notified when we post another interview? When you learn what a data feed can do for you, you’ll embrace its glorious geekiness with open arms.
When supplied by a merchant the data feed may include information such as product names, product description, image links and prices.
Long tail product keywords are also known to be an excellent source of sales, since searchers are usually much closer to actually making a purchase.
By regularly updating your site using the merchant’s data feed you know that what is on your site is current. A merchant may even provide a link to a demonstration site to illustrate how the data feed file can be used.
If you don’t feel up to the challenge, employ a PHP programmer or web designer experienced in PHP, or other database languages.
Depending on how many products your merchant offers, this may mean transferring some large files so make sure you have a good internet connection. It sure looks like one of our units, but I couldn’t see any mention of ECU in the post?
It is for sure that refreshing the product feeds will remove the old data from the database and will insert the new products into it from the datafeed. Or what other (sucessful)ways do you recommend while playing around with the product feeds?
Whenever a feed is imported (ideally via a cron job), store the date of the update against each product. Working in a small niche should make it a bit easier to set up some automated categorisation rules. I neglected to mention that in addition to data feeds one should compliment the feed with additional content, ensuring key pages have unique titles, meta descriptions, page headings, image alt tags and all main on-page elements known to effect search engine ranking. Obviously there are occasional restrictions – and it’s best to explain how you would like to use the feed to the supplier before integrating in your software to ensure you are not breaching any conditions.
If you’re using feeds from multiple sources the only answer is to write an import script for each source.
On the Pro version, you can make them visible to the SE’s, which could open up the doors of duplicate content.
I think the key is to also use csv import plugins like CSV 2 POST which has other niche tools to help manage the whole thing like content re-writing etc.
For the last 3.5 I've managed to earn a full time income without doing much work at all whilst raising my children.
That’s $4,000 + $2,500 = $6,500 monthly income if you set up 10 relationships in a month for us. Data feeds are particularly important for affiliates selling a lot of product from the same merchant. Rather than your affiliate link simply connecting the customer to the merchant’s homepage and risking losing the sale, they find exactly what they want on your site and click directly through to the product order page.
Now imagine you only have to create one product template page, and the data feed automatically, and dynamically, creates all the product pages.

There are also pre-written data feed pages which you could install and customize for your own site. This makes the automatic updating of simply downloading the latest feed and importing not easy.
In many cases Google traffic completely dried up and it seemed like a filter that marks the site as a thin affiliate site – even though I have plenty of normal content.
When the import script has finished, query all products with a date prior to today’s date.
You could set up general rules to apply to all datafeeds, and merchant specific rules for those with exceptionally messy data. These page elements should be built after careful keyword research related to the products in the feeds you are using. One successful strategy I have used is by writing software that will go in and populate a customized CMS type system. That’s why we offer the ability to add custom descriptions to merchants feeds, meaning you still get the automatic benefit of updated product information, deeplinks, product images etc, but can rank for your own unique content. Setting up the product pages was a proper pain in the backside and I ended up spending around 8 hours work in excel just getting the product feeds how I needed them. As you can see above you do not have to do anything manually as this Clickbank plugin does for you everything. But before you can start using data feeds you need to know what they are, where to get them and how to use them.
If they don’t offer a data feed there’s no point proceeding any further other than approaching a new merchant.
It goes without saying that building high quality links back to your deep pages is essential. You simply add the keywords or keyword phrases that you want to build your Clickbank affiliate website around and the plugin automatically gets the Clickbank products and generate ultra targeted posts. If you then totally quit doing anything, you’ll still get the $2,500 recurring from the first month you sold and then another $2,500 recurring from the second month which is $5,000 recurring and not lifting your finger again.
Focusing on one niche is a faster and more effective strategy to get into affiliate sales using data feeds.
If a product becomes unavailable from the original feed merchant, I simply edit the affiliate link to forward the visitor to a new merchant. That means you keep $400 for the setup and make $250 monthly recurring without doing anything else except being the face of our company in your city. The data feed can be used to supply in-house software with the key, up-sell elements for an affiliate site like price, image, product name and the basis of a description (covered in more detail further down my reply).
I originally saw it out of the scope of this post to go into the above points – my apologies, and I hope this clarifies my statement.
I’m happy to clarify any of the points just made further, if anyone has any questions.

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