When you think of affiliate marketing, do you think of a 22 year old guy sitting around his house with his mother in the background nagging him to clean his room?
But if you don't feel like playing it staight, feel free to do business with this guy at faux company ClickAMax because if you do over $300,000 a month, he'll give you a free $100 gift certificate to Hooters. A lot of people that are just getting into PPV ask me what PPV network they should use or what’s the difference between the different networks. They do accept them in special cases, but usually only from English-speaking countries such as US, CA, AU, and UK.
I’m from Israel and got accepted, but I heard this claim before so I guess this is probably the case most of the times. Yes, but that one has been tested by quite a few affiliates (including myself) who have installed the software and seen the pops to spy on the competition.

Trafficvance is a contextual advertising system that connects advertisers to motivated users. They always approved my campaigns the same day within the coming hours, and if any one was disapproved they give the reasons so that u can update it and send it for approval.
I decided to put together a handy comparison chart here so you can see which one is the best for your particular situation. Really depends on the referral, I had a super strong referral from a network CEO, guess that helped.
I heard so much recommendations about Media Traffic and it seems that things are not as rosy any more.
When you create an account with Trafficvance, you create a free account and provide a URL for your offer or landing page.

Every segment of marketing has its sleaziness and while this representation may seem over the top, we've seen plenty of these guys wandering the exhibit halls at all kinds of conferences over the years.
We've also seen plenty of legitimate companies following the rules and playing it straight. Except for the fact real affiliate marketers go to the Playboy Club and the Hugh Hefner Suite instead. Your site will be delivered directly to consumers as a full-page ****pop-under*** ad targeted by those specific keywords or domains.

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