There must be one thing stopping you from promoting affiliate products from popular affiliate product sites like Clickbank or any other affiliate program for that matter: you don’t have a website. As you well know, affiliate marketing is best promoted in websites using contextual advertising. However, contextual advertising will only work if the website has already established credibility and can drive in a huge amount of traffic.
If you don’t have a website that fits with the demands of top-selling affiliate products, you shouldn’t lose hope just yet. Affiliate marketing can also be done in a number of ways that are just as effective when done with a website. After you have chosen your affiliate products of your choice, you should proceed to choosing your targeted keywords.
With the best set of keywords, proceed to writing high-quality articles about the affiliate product. Be careful not to go overboard or search engines will tag your article as spammy and will therefore not come out in the search engine results.
Search engine optimization, or SEO, sounds big and complex, but it’s really just about placing the keywords right so search engines like Yahoo! With search engine optimized articles to boot, it’s now time for you to get your articles out to the public.
In other words, you don’t have to worry about not having a fully managed website as these articles can stand on its own and get the traffic you need to earn a commission. Of course, there are many other submission sites for affiliate products, but why am I mentioning these ones? Once you see your articles published in the article directories of your choice, the next step to gaining profits from the products is getting word out not about the product but about the articles. Another way, participating in forums, is more manageable if you think your email contacts are not interested in the affiliate products you have to offer. For example, if you are marketing electronic devices, you will find a plethora of forums talking about electronics and the varied opinions of people about certain electronic products.
You don’t have to talk in a robotic and hard sell manner; you can just simply give them a piece of your mind and tell them about the affiliate product you strongly believe in. With these three easy steps, nothing should stop you now from marketing affiliate products.
Megan, when a customer click one of your links to the affiliate site he gets a cookie that tells the seller that the customer is coming from your link. You see i come from uganda-africa,so from experience i thought some of these companies were biased towards people from africa but i think that not the case but rather they value affiliates having websites. My question is,how will i be credited for my link when i have not signed up or even recognised by the affiliate network?
The comment has been long but from the good articles i have read on your blog i expect further helpful advice on affiliate marketing without an active website. I want to earn from affiliate marketing but i have not yet got time to be an active blogger,probably your advice will be of need on various ways to earn online suiting international people from less recognised african countries like uganda.
The only problem with this article is the fact that most of the article sites listed don’t accept articles with affiliate links. What if you pick a product that you want to promote but don’t know much about that product. In overall, i would say the keywords in affiliation for the upcoming months are flexibility in choosing the affiliate platforms and combination of networks, as well as the products. The ever increasing coupon business could be holding a niche for affiliates that are willing to work hard for their money, promoting services and other under-promoted products. Also forums may get you some sales, but don’t expect to quit your day job anytime soon. Best Way to Promote Affiliate Products without a Website, is good knowledge for beginners, like me.
A very informative post, but I do agree that it is much easier to make money with affiliate programs if you DO have a website. Five Most Successful Internet Business Models : Are you struggling to find a successful Internet business venture? Make a Residual Income Online by Posting Answers : Whenever you have a question, you probably don’t ask other people for the answers anymore. 5 Most Profitable Products to Sell on eBay : eBay is a great platform of making money online. Nelson on Fastest Ways to Increase Page Rank (PR): Wow, these are great info for us to know more about seo. Adley on Money Making Ideas – They’re All Around You: Making money online has unlimited potential.
Jimto on Fastest Ways to Increase Page Rank (PR): How to increase pagerank has also been my focus for several months now. Jimto on 6 New Ways to Make Money Online For Free: These are some of the unique ways to make money online if I may add.
Look, I know sometimes a particular product might come out that is so popular and in demand it is going to be very tempting for you to want to promote it as an affiliate. If you throw up any type of affiliate product on your website it is going to hurt your credibility. So when you are looking for affiliate products to put on your website, make sure they are good and that they actually deliver on the promises they make. The last thing you want is for people to feel like you are only concerned with making a fast sale. What you want instead is a product known to have high conversions and one that will fit in with the theme of your website.
The content you create for your affiliate website is going to serve as a presale for wharever affiliate product you are trying to promote. You also do not want to lead them on before making them purchase something in order to get a real solution to a problem.
Affiliate marketers will sometimes be so frantic to promote a particular product, especially if it is by someone well known, that they will not do their research first.
If you are really serious about being a successful affiliate marketer and you are going to put your name behind a product you promote, then it may be a good idea to actually invest in those products yourself. You may also be able to negotiate a lower price if you are known to be a good affiliate or once you have reached a certain status.
By focusing only on products that strengthen your credibility and offer actual value, you never have to worry about your reputation becoming damaged.
Subscribe to my blog by clicking here for more such tips and tricks to make money online on regular basis personally. This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing and tagged affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing tips. 2 Responses to What Type Of Affiliate Products Should You Be Focusing On With Your Website? First of all I want you to know that I really enjoy your reviews and though I’ve only been following for a couple of months I think that the content is very informative and interesting.
You do a wonderful job letting people know things that are valuable as well as things to be careful with. Within 2 minutes, you’re going to discover few simple ways to find the right affiliate products to promote.
You can increase your affiliate product sales only if you are promoting the RIGHT products to your audience. Before jumping into the details, I want to discuss the mistakes most people make while choosing and promoting their products. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’re bound to make few dumbest affiliate marketing mistakes. Promoting products you don’t use: Most beginners make a mistake of promoting products they don’t use. Promoting too many products: By promoting too many products you can make more sales and increase your passive income, right? If you randomly start promoting products as an affiliate, you will end up getting zero sales. Survey your audience – Use your email list and ask your readers simple questions like “what’s the one problem you’re currently facing?”. For instance, if they are struggling with traffic, you can promote products like, eBooks written by SEO experts or any SEO plugins that increase website traffic. Surveying your target audience is the simplest way to find the right products to promote as an affiliate. When it comes to online, you don’t really have to invent anything new, just follow the wheel and you’ll succeed. If you spend time on answering the above questions, you will figure out how spying on your competition can actually help you in selling products. Your task won’t complete if you find the right products, you will also have to look for the most profitable ways to reach wider audience to make more sales. Did you know that organic visitors (people who come from search engine traffic) are mostly the hungry buyers?
If they land on your blogs or websites and find the right products they are looking for, they will buy almost immediately. That’s the reason why most successful affiliate marketers focus on increasing their traffic from search engines. I recommend you to use keyword research tools like LongTailPro, Google’s Keyword Research Planner for finding great keywords for your products. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you should first find a marketplace to choose the right products to promote for your audience. ClickBank: Since 1998, ClickBank is the largest marketing network that helps marketers to create and sell digital products. Before start searching for the products on ClickBank, make sure to know the type of audience you have. Step 1: Click on this link to visit ClickBank’s marketplace and select a category where you’re interested in.
Step 3: Find the best products that suit your audience and start promoting on your websites.
You shared very interesting and helpful ways to to find the right Products to Promote As An Affiliate. Before promoting a ClickBank product or other digital product through the affiliate program, buy a product first then read the product entirely. Gravity of a ClickBank product in range between 15 – 30 usually considered as good to promoted. Well, there are thousands of companies out there that are willing to pay you a commission for selling their products.
This website lists all digitally downloadable products such as ebooks, video courses, and software. This is another massive affiliate product website, however instead of digital products, here you’ll find physical products ranging from toys, up to motorized wheelchairs, and everything in between. Starting just a few years ago, software such as Rapid Action Profits have enabled marketers to offer instant commission payments through Paypal. Just try several variations of the above searches, and you’re bound to find plenty of products to promote. I have successfully quit my 9-5 full time job in 2013 and that was the best decision in my life. Ross Kimbarovsky is the co-founder of crowdSPRING, a community of 43,000+ graphic designers that helps small businesses from around the world with graphic design needs.
Capacity - especially to plan and execute effective marketing strategies - is a big challenge for every small business. I suggest you begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figuring out how you'll measure success. Basic Strategy: If you haven't signed up for Facebook yet, you absolutely should as soon as possible. You should do one other thing: search for your competitors and evaluate their Facebook presence. Advanced Strategy: You may already have a personal Facebook account, but how do you extend that presence for your business? Basic Strategy: If you haven't signed up on Twitter yet, you should sign up today and reserve an account in the name of your business. Next, you should spend 15-30 minutes on Twitter's homepage, doing basic searches to become familiar with the type of content available on the service. Advanced Strategy: To truly leverage Twitter, you'll want to learn and use a few more advanced tools.
Although there's more attention focused today on social networks than on company blogs, blogs continue to offer great value for small businesses.
Basic Strategy: At a minimum, you should consider reserving a domain name for your blog - if you don't already have a custom domain for your business.
One easy alternative is to set up a simple blog at Posterous - a place to post stories, photos, videos, MP3s, and files. Advanced Strategy: Now that you've decided to start or improve your small business blog, how do you build an audience for it? You'll also want to consider how you can make it easier for your readers to help promote your content. LinkedIn is a business oriented social network for professionals, and it's huge, with nearly 50 million users from over 200 countries.
Basic Strategy: Once again, you'll want to at least reserve your business name (or your personal name) so that others can't use it.
It might seem counter-intuitive for you to spend your valuable time by participating in discussions on other people's blogs, but the payoff can be very valuable.
Basic Strategy: Identify 2-3 blogs in your industry, or those that focus on small business, and get into the habit of regularly reading the content and participating in the discussions. Advanced Strategy: Once you've spent some time on other blogs and have participated in discussions, you'll find that you've built a level of credibility and trust, based on your participation. Basic Strategy: Yelp, Foursquare, and other mobile social networks can be powerful marketing channels for small businesses. Advanced Strategy: If you believe that your business can truly benefit from a presence on Yelp, Foursquare, or similar networks, you'll want to do more than just register accounts with those services. Similarly, you can find ways to promote your business using Foursquare and similar networks.
Don't forget to also consider how you can improve your use of other basic local strategies. Basic Strategy: There are five simple steps you can take today to begin paying attention to conversations about your business. Advanced Strategy: If you're having trouble keeping track of your various search strategies, you should consolidate your efforts and leverage one of the many applications that will help you monitor the social web. In addition to monitoring, you'll need to decide how, when, and where you'll engage in conversations.

Multimedia (video, photos, audio) is a bit more complicated for many small businesses to execute, but can provide excellent social media marketing opportunities.
Basic Strategy: YouTube has been constantly evolving and adding features that make it an attractive social site for small businesses. Similarly, you could start a Flickr account for your business and post photos of your customers or your products (or both). Advanced Strategy: Advanced strategies using multimedia are complicated and typically benefit from using experienced consultants.
When you consider how you can leverage social networks, think about whether each network provides an audience or a technology solution (or both).
Advanced Strategy: Things get a bit more complicated when you consider that there are many different social networks, and it's tough to predict which of them will become popular and which will fail. Speaking with a common "voice" doesn't mean that only one person should execute your company's social media marketing strategy, but it does mean that everyone who speaks on behalf of your company in social media reflects your brand in a consistent way. One of the best ways for small businesses to leverage social media marketing is to use various social networks in combination with each other.
Basic Strategy: At a minimum, you should do several things today to cross-market across the various social networks you're most likely already using. First, connect your Twitter account to Facebook so that your tweets will appear in your public updates on Facebook.
You'll also want to consider ways that you can optimize the distribution to multiple social networks at the same time.
And if you have additional resources to share or other helpful advice that's worked for your small business (or thoughts about things to avoid), please take a minute and leave a comment. One of the best ways to monetize a website or blog is to set up an affiliate marketing partnership.
For the purposes of this article, I am going to pretend I own a blog that teaches people how to play the acoustic guitar.
Unfortunately, while Amazon has almost always been the #1 most popular affiliate program online, ever for profitable affiliate products, there are some drawbacks. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some other affiliate programs and see what else is available in terms of highly profitable affiliate products. The final way I usually search for a profitable affiliate product is to perform a simple search in Google or any other search engine.
As you can see, the entire first page of Google is filled with profitable affiliate products and guitar based affiliate programs.
One that I really like on the first page of results is the Guitar Center affiliate program. If I personally had a blog or website about learning how to play the guitar, I would probably choose a few different profitable affiliate products and see what gives me the best results.
I would also find 2 or 3 ClickBank products to promote both on the site and through my email marketing campaigns. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, so you might as well try promoting affiliate products using other techniques. Basically, these are sites that contain a repertoire of articles of different topics ranging from dating to housing options.
These websites have a Google PageRank of at least 5, which is credible and strong enough for search engines. You just have to get to the forums where issues related to your products are being discussed. One way around this is to utilize a link to a url of your own and have it redirect to your affiliate link when clicked.
It’s not too hard to make a website these days, and even easier to hire someone else to do it.
Today I felt like giving some affiliate marketing tips to you instead of regular product reviews.
Even though the product might be good, it might not be a good fit for your particular website.
Instead you want to concentrate your affiliate marketing efforts only on products that will help to boost your credibility and your web presence. With this being the case you must make sure whatever you put out there will strengthen your credibility otherwise you will have to constantly re-create yourself. This makes it seem as if you don’t really care about their problems and as a result they cannot really trust anything you say. Conversions are usually much better than high commissions, because you will be able to build a much bigger customer list.
If your content is good enough, then people will purchase a particular affiliate product you are promoting because they feel it is going to be an extension of your existing content. If you are trying to build a long-term brand you definitely cannot afford to promote such products.
Seeing as how you are an affiliate you should be able to get these products for half the price.
Purchasing the products first and reviewing them yourself is the best way for you to determine if the product is really as good as it claims to be. As you build your reputation your conversion rates will soar and pretty soon being the first to get in on the best affiliate products will become much easier.
I have learned very many things from your reviews and always look forward to the next which I read and take to heart.
This is what many crocked people online don’t care about in scamming people with blah blah info out there. Avoid them to become a successful affiliate marketer to increase your overall passive income.
Even though if you’re promoting the products you use, if they don’t belong to your target audience then there’s no use of promoting them. You can use social media sites like Facebook and twitter or you can also use tools like Qualaroo on your sites to get answers from your audience. Most bloggers are successfully making money by selling products by following what worked really well for others.
If you want to increase your affiliate sales, research profitable keywords for your products first.
Fortunately, using marketing places like ClickBank, ShareASale etc, it’s really easy to find and promote the right affiliate products on your websites. Did you know that for every 3 seconds, a product gets sold out on ClickBank and there will be around 30,000 transactions occur each and every day across 190 countries. It’s also a great marketplace for bloggers and marketers who want to find the right products to sell. Promoting the right products is really not a rocket science, you just need to know your audience wants and needs.
He has a passion for helping newcomer bloggers make their blog noticeable and money making.
Here I write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Make Money Online for over 50,000 monthly readers. This may be a better fit if your niche doesn’t exactly have a lot of digital products for sale. For most digital products, if your website is up and running, the product owner will likely give you a review copy for free.
In this post, I'll offer 10 suggestions for how small businesses can supercharge their marketing efforts by leveraging social media. Once you've outlined your goals, let's look at 10 great ways you can begin to leverage social media for your marketing efforts. Facebook now has over 300 million users, and while that seems like an outrageous number for small businesses to be targeting, Facebook offers a very powerful platform on which to build a presence. While you might ultimately tweet in your own name, you'll want to have the option to tweet from a business account.
For example, if you are operating a small gift basket business, do some searches for various terms and phrases such as “gift basket,” “gifts,” “gift basket business,” etc. If you're comfortable enough to set up your own blog, that's generally the best way to proceed - although this requires a bit more technical knowledge (many hosting providers offer a 1 step easy setup for blogs that will automatically install WordPress for you). There are pluses and minuses to all of these options - you should take some time to compare them and do what makes sense for your business.
For example, install helpful plug-ins, such as a TweetMeme button, which makes it easy for people to retweet your posts on Twitter. Similar to the way you might start exploring Facebook and Twitter, you should look around on LinkedIn to see how your competitors are using the service. For example, you can encourage your customers, clients or vendors to give you a “recommendation” on your profile.
Find some groups that have a connection to your small business and become involved in the conversations.
Remember that it takes time to build a reputation and establish your credibility, and you can't always expect everyone to come to you. You should consider reaching out to the blog owners and asking whether they'd allow you to guest post an article on their blog (kind of like this post). Since you're looking to attract more readers (and more potential customers), either option works well for that purpose. You should at the very least register accounts on the popular services and get to know them. For example, you can add your business to Google Maps, or update your listing to include additional details.
If you have a TV display in your store connected to a computer, you can display the people who are checking in.
For example, many small business websites are optimized for specific keywords or subject areas, but are rarely optimized for local searches.
Google Alerts are free email updates from Google search results about any topic you're interested in tracking. In August, Facebook rolled out a real-time search engine (the search box is on the top right of any Facebook page).
You currently can search Twitter for real-time results (if you're not logged in, just go to Twitter's homepage).
I use and like BackType, which is a real-time search engine that indexes online conversations in thousands of blogs and social networks.
I have not personally used these services, but they appear to be held in high esteem by knowledgeable people who have. It'll be very difficult for you to engage in conversations everywhere, so you should spend some time learning the various networks and deciding where you should focus your efforts.
Although you don't have to produce videos to participate on YouTube, you should consider whether simple videos can help your marketing efforts. Flickr offers a place where people can share photos with others, but also has discussion groups, many focused on local markets, that offer additional opportunities for you to market your business. One effective way to leverage video, for example, is to create content that has the potential to become viral. For example, YouTube provides both a huge audience and a solution for uploading video files. Do a search for your company's name on Google right now — if you also have a Twitter account with the same name, odds are pretty good that the Twitter account will appear very high in the search results. For example, are you using a Gmail email address when you can very easily be using a custom email address with your company name as your domain? Use a service such as namechk or KnowEm to see whether your username is available on dozens of popular social networks and if it's not, to see which username could be registered across all social networks.
You'll also want to make sure that your brand speaks with a common "voice" across the social networks. I recommend you read Shel Israel's recently published book "Twitterville," for excellent tips and stories focusing on how large and small businesses can develop a consistent voice in social media.
LinkedIn allows you to publish, in your profile, synopses of the most recent blog posts on your blog. I like and use the TweetMeme retweet button on my blogs to make it easier for users to tweet about the blog posts.
I hope that the strategies I've outlined above provide a starting point for you to explore how you can leverage social media marketing for your small business. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Before establishing a partnership, you should research the market and find out what the different commission payouts are. I’m also going to assume I already have some traffic coming to the site and all I need to do is find profitable affiliate products to promote.
They have thousands of profitable affiliate products and services you can promote and all of your payments can be handled and distributed in one place. Heck, if you take a close enough look, you’ll see Walmart is even using a paid Adwords placement to attract new affiliate partners. You basically have to sprinkle them throughout the articles with about 2 to 5% keyword density. Further, it will establish your credibility as a writer and therefore create a connection that will compel your reader to buy your affiliate products.
You want the articles of your affiliate products to appear in the best article directories, don’t you?
Choose snippets of the articles that are interesting, slightly redo them in a more conversational tone, include links of the products, and then send it to a mass of people online. While a website will have to be regularly maintained and renewed for domain registration, articles will stand the test of time and will give you passive income. For example, a product about SEO becomes irrelevant very quickly, because it changes almost every day.So, the content that you have created is obsolete when the product becomes irrelevant.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
What good are such products going to do you if they are virtually impossible to convert or if they have high refund rates? Seeing as how you already got them to buy something from you once, it will be much easier to get them to buy something from you the next time around. You do not want to follow what others have said about teasing people before offering up something of real value.
Instead you only want to focus on products that will strengthen your credibility, not hurt it. But your review has allowed me to turst in FMS and even in Mr Walter Green himself because of your open mind to say the truth about your own experience with the system. For instance, if you have a marketing based website, by promoting health related products won’t give you any sales. Then, use those keywords sparingly on your blog posts to increase your overall search traffic. Are they looking for Internet-based products or any specific plugins to solve their problems?

Make sure to do a proper keyword research for the products before you promote, analyze what your competitors are promoting and survey your audience to know what they are expecting from you. You just need to sign up to their affiliate program, get your special affiliate link, and then promote the link on your website.
This is a great place to start, because from my experience, digital products such as these sell very well, and usually pay 50% to 75% commission on each sale!
The thing I don’t particularly like is the fact that commissions usually range from 1% to 15% per sale. If not, then you’ll need to go into your WordPress editor, and actually paste raw HTML code into the sidebar template. For each suggestion, I will discuss a basic strategy - for those who simply want to get their toes wet, as well as an advanced strategy - for those who want to spend a bit more time and go a bit deeper in their social media marketing efforts. Be aware, however, that if you reserve your company name for your personal account, you won't be able to use it for your Business Fan Page (more on those in the Advanced Strategy), so you may want to create a Page before registering your company's name. You can register a Business Account - which is designed for a very simple presence on Facebook.
BusinessWeek's recent profile of 20 ways businesses use Twitter might give you some ideas about how you can leverage Twitter for your business.
You should also search for the names of your competitors to see whether they're on Twitter and if they are, how they're using it. Desktop clients give you more flexibility and more control over your Twitter strategy than you'll have on the Twitter website.
Don't be afraid to experiment with plugins to add to the functionality of your blog, but keep it simple. Recommendations are useful because they'll make you and your business more credible with new customers. Answer questions when you can, and help to establish yourself as knowledgeable about specific topics related to your business. This is a nice way for you to get in front of a bigger audience, and many blog owners will invite guests to post from time to time.
It allows users to "check in" by cell phone at a local venue and announce this via other social networks such as Twitter.
If you have a restaurant or a retail store, for example, you'll want to get to know Yelp pretty well.
You can encourage reviews by running promotions or discounts - offering free appetizers, for example, to a customer who will write a review about their meal at your restaurant (or to one who already wrote a review), or a small discount to a customer who hires you for carpentry work and mentions that they found you through Yelp.
You can offer specials or discounts to the person who visits your location the most (this is similar to frequent buyer cards that many businesses have used for years).
If you have a gift basket business, you'll want to be sure that users searching for gift baskets in your geographic area will find you.
For example, I track, among other alerts, the names of our competitors, the name of our company, and certain other terms I believe are important to my business.
Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that provides detailed and very useful information about your website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. One effective way to take advantage of Facebook search is to search for your company's name to see who is talking about your company and what they're saying. For example, truVOICE provides keyword monitoring of the social web with an emphasis on blogs and forums, while Radian6 pulls in a lot of information from the social web, analyzes it, and provides consumer sentiment ratings for your brand. Looking at your website analytics data — if you own an online business — will help a great deal because it'll help you to better understand where your traffic is coming from. For example, if you're already posting videos to your blog, you can upload them to YouTube to reach a broader audience, and embed the video content in your blog posts.
You can also consider setting up your own Internet radio talk show using BlogTalkRadio, which is another way to use multimedia to speak directly to your customers.
While I don't believe you can set out to make a viral video (an incredible amount of luck is typically involved), there are a number of things you can typically do to build awareness about your small business using viral video (these strategies are beyond the scope of this post). Flickr can also provide both an audience and a technology solution, but not for every business.
This means that having a consistent username across the various social networks is very important. This application will automatically update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent blog posts.
I also use the ShareThis tool to enable readers to quickly share content on multiple social networks. For example, if you're posting videos on YouTube or Vimeo, you can blog about those videos on your company's blog.
In this article, I will go through step-by-step instructions on how I choose new profitable affiliate products to sell on a new website or blog. The only real negative side to ClickBank is the number of poor quality products and services in the system.
When I go to page 2 of the search, I’ll see a bunch of additional programs I can choose from.
After a couple months of revenue, I would then replace the Guitar Center program with Amazon, then compare the two. Now that you’ve seen the process with a real-world example, it’s time for you to go out there and do the same thing for your niche! By submitting your articles to these sites, you are publishing your articles in the web free of charge and without any website! The buyer finds out about the product through you, but how does the seller know that it was you who brought him the customer? A particular product may not deliver on its promises and may be crafted in a very poor fashion.
As said, i will confirm my deposit within one business day to start enjoying in my turn the benefit from FMS.
How can you build trust and write convincing product reviews about the products you promote without actually using them? You need to make sure to keep your audience in mind while choosing the right products as an affiliate. If your visitors find that you’re promoting too many products, they simply don’t care about your business.
This way you will be able to promote products that exactly match your audience needs and wants. Once you understand your target audience, your next step is to use ClickBank to promote the right products.
That way you will not only be able to find the right products to promote as an affiliate but you will be making their lives better. Some affiliate programs offer various tools you can use such as banners, article content, pre-written emails, pay-per-click ads, and more. If you are selling high priced items such as greenhouses, or high end electronics, then it may actually be a great choice. This is way more powerful than just grabbing stuff off of their salespage like some people do, plus you’ll make more sales as a result.
There are other ways to monetize your blog, such as selling banner ad space, and Google Adsense, but I don’t recommend either one unless you are getting well over 1000 unique hits to your site per day. These tips are based on my experience leveraging social media marketing for my company, crowdSPRING.
There are many limitations on such accounts (read the FAQ here), however, so you'll most likely prefer to have a Business Fan Page. Twitter has put together a simple guide to help you understand what Twitter can do for business.
And don't forget to search for your small business name - your customers may already be talking about you!
Among other things, you'll be able to pre-define searches (so that you can monitor certain keywords, including your business name) and group people you follow so that you can minimize the noise and focus on the real content.
For example, some months ago at my company, we decided that we wanted to write more about small business issues, so we've been writing original posts focusing on issues affecting small businesses. If you're a roofer, for example, ask your customers to recommend you after a successful job. There are many small business and general marketing groups that will be very useful resources for you, and if there isn't a group that interests you, consider starting one. One strategy for identifying good blogs is to use Guy Kawasaki's Alltop, which is a directory of popular blogs across many different subject areas.
Agree on a topic in advance and provide a draft of your post sufficiently in advance of the publication date to give them an opportunity to review. There are many excellent blogs and it might take a bit of time to build your reputation to such a level that you'll have opportunities to post in the top blogs. You can set up a business account on Yelp (no cost), which will let you answer questions about your business, track how many Yelp users view your business page, add information about your business, and announce special promotions.
Anytime Google adds something to its index that mentions my company or the other terms I'm tracking, I receive an immediate email notification with a link to that item. When we run social media campaigns, we'll often attach tracking tags to those campaigns so that we can properly monitor them in Google Analytics. In several months, you'll be able to search Facebook updates directly from Bing, which will be integrating Facebook public updates into Bing's search results. Every day, I receive emails from BackType with links to comments that include the keywords I'm monitoring. A good resource to learn about paid social media monitoring tools is Mashable's post Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For. If much of your traffic originates from Twitter and Facebook, for example, you'll want to spend more time on those services. YouTube has also been adding more comprehensive activity updates for its users and has made pretty powerful analytics tools available so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your video content.
Once you've created good content, you'll want to distribute it using as many social networks as you can. While your customers might not be on Flickr, you can still use Flickr as a place to store and tag your photos, and then distribute those photos to other social networks where you prefer to invest more time and effort.
But they won't find you if your brand is scattered across social networks using different usernames and profiles.
At a minimum, if you haven't registered your company name on the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), you should do that today.
Social networks differ in significant ways from one another and present unique challenges for interacting with customers and potential customers on those networks. Then, you can tweet about the blog posts on Twitter (which I assume is integrated with your Facebook account). If you refer someone to the site, anything they purchase for the next 30 days is eligible for a commission.
These websites list thousands of products for you to promote, and you’ll only need to sign up to one site to promote many products. A Business Fan Page lets you create a page where customers or fans of your business can register as a “fan” — expanding the presence of your business (because your updates will also flow to their pages). Once you become comfortable with the content that's already available and how your competitors are using Twitter, you can begin thinking about a strategy for how you'll leverage Twitter for your business. You might also consider using a web tool like Twitterfall, which will allow you to define (and color-code) various custom searches that you can review from time to time, and also to follow trending topics.
Think about your expertise and more importantly, think about the things that you're interested in writing about. You'll find such recommendations useful - particularly since your LinkedIn profile will come up high in search engine results. That doesn't mean you should wait, though - make opportunities for yourself and offer to guest write whenever you can find a new audience. Similarly, you'll want to sign up with Foursquare to take advantage of local advertising opportunities. This is important because without such data it will be nearly impossible for you to evaluate the success of your social media marketing efforts. Without these alerts, I would be unable to monitor so many blogs, and my ability to respond to posts about my company would be very limited. Let's review some strategies for making sure that your brand is consistent across social networks.
For many small businesses, their user accounts on social networks will be the highest ranked pages in search results.
This way, you've taken one piece of content and found a way to leverage it across multiple social networks. Learn which networks are best for your business and find ways to leverage combinations of those networks to make your marketing more effective.
From guitars to training DVD’s to guitar accessories and whatever else you can think of, so you will not only earn commissions from profitable affiliate products that you are specifically targeting, but you will get some cheaper products as well. The two main ways I like to promote affiliate products is through review blog posts, and through banners in the side bar. For example, I use Twitterfall to identify helpful graphic design and industrial design resources to share with the crowdSPRING community. A blog requires a long term investment of time (and resources), and you don't want to be stuck writing about things that bore you.
I recommend that you read Chris Brogan's post from last year discussing the elements of a good LinkedIn recommendation.
If you want to participate in blogs focusing on small business issues, you might start at Technorati's list of the Top 100 Small Business blogs.
I recommend you read How To Guest Post To Promote Your Blog from blogging expert Darren Rowse.
Using Foursquare, you'll be able to push promotions to potential customers who're in the vicinity of your business. But analytics are important for another reason: they'll tell you which sites are sending traffic to your site. On top of that, when you refer someone to Amazon, you receive a commission for 24hrs on anything that individual buys.
As you can see, I have several banner ads on the right side of this blog that go to products I recommend.
So, maybe I sent them over to Amazon because I was recommending a guitar, but they end up purchasing something completely unrelated like a grill.
Here’s How You Really Get TrafficHow Not Comparing Yourself With Others Will Help You Succeed Add a Comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. I like to promote products that I believe will help my readers, or ones that I personally use in my business.

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