Content marketing means simply creating lots of value on your website by writing high quality blog posts, articles and features.The objective here is to give people a reason to visit your site – and content is the main reason we visit any website on the net.
At the same time though, your content is what’s going to demonstrate your knowledge and you’re know-how. You can use this in order to build trust and authority such that any products you recommend will be more likely to be taken seriously by your audience.This is also what will encourage people to sign up to your mailing list and what will make affiliates want to work with you. Make sure that your content is long enough to offer real value (around 1,800 words according to research) and that it is unique and engaging. You can’t write articles that are derivative and old hat and expect people to rush to subscribe to your mailing list!Another tip is to make sure that you are putting in the time and effort to create as much content as possible.

The former lets you place your adverts alongside specific searches right on the SERPs (‘Search Engine Results Pages’), the latter allows you to show ads on users’ home feeds.The great thing about both these types of advertising, other than their pay per click nature, is the fact that they let you carefully target a very specific type of visitor.
Seeing as you pay for each click then, your objective is not to get as many people as possible to go to your website but rather to make sure that only the people most likely to buy from you see the ads and click on them.On Google AdWords, you accomplish this by targeting phrases that only your potential buyers would search for. So if you’re selling a book on getting abs, you might target phrases like ‘how to get abs’ but use Google’s ‘negative keywords’ tool to filter anyone who uses the term ‘free’ (seeing as they’re not looking to buy anything). You would then put the price of your eBook right in the description alongside your ad so that only people who are likely to buy from you will consider clicking it – thereby improving your ROI.On Facebook you can do something similar by targeting your readers based on their age, their sex, their location, their job, their hobbies etc. This means that if you’re selling an eBook on wedding planning, you can target specifically women who are engaged.

Again, this greatly reduces the number of people who will click your ads who won’t be a potentially relevant customer.Once more, your key to success is to think of all this when you choose your product.

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