Explore how our tracking platform could be a cost effective solution to support your clients affiliate programs.
Providing affiliate software solutions from simple one site programs, to large 20+ site private networks. Finally A Software Program Powerful Enough To Predict The Winners And Losers So It's Always A Sure Bet For You. There simply must be an easy way to track and identify profitable ads and affiliate programs without all the painstaking and mind numbing research, blood sweat and tears, and money wasted. X-Ray Domination was $1500 with only 1000 licenses to be sold, and Undercover Profits is going for a steep $300 per month, a car payment in and of itself. Have you been told that affiliate marketing is easy money?  Maybe that PPC is 'point and click' cash?
Because the reality is that finding quality high converting affiliate products to promote is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Sure everyone wants you to believe that their program is converting at 10%, but given that conversions are deemed good at 1+%, these are few and far between. Yeah, the stuff under the hood is powerful and complex, but at the most basic level, it's all about querying affiliate programs and PPC campaigns, based on criteria you select.
You see what Google does, right?  Well, just think of this as 'googling' for very specific money making information. Allow yourself to imagine rolling out of bed at the crack of 'whenever you feel like it', and strolling casually over to your home office, a mere 20 feet away.
You turn on your computer and check your affiliate stats, grab a peak at your ClickBank account, and see that you have generated thousands of dollars since you went to sleep.

All thanks to a sweet little program you use that predicts with no uncertain terms, which affiliate programs and which PPC campaigns will make you money. It doesn't allow for mistakes, and lays out profitable affiliate programs and PPC campaigns quickly and easily, every single time. And forget about the headaches of fleshing out your own profitable ads, because this baby tells you exactly what to do in order to replicate their success.
And while AdSpyPro is powerful enough to generate floods of cash for you, it is so simple to use that you'll have it mastered in no time.
You log into your copy of AdSpyPro to create a campaign of the keywords that you'd like to track and spy on.
AdSpyPro then tracks those ads for the length of time that you've told it to, and gathers up all kinds of juicy competitive information for you. And this proxy component keeps your IP address below their radar, allowing you to remain stealthy and wealthy. This is your 'campaigns at a glance', and the tools to manage all of them, where you can edit, create, change the network, and even remove keywords. You can see how many days the keyword has been tracked, number of ads found, whether it's active, paused, or completed, and so much more.
We could go on and on about what's under the hood, but there's simply too many devious and tenacious competitive spying tools inside to list in one letter. With AdSpyPro in your arsenal, you are the General, commanding your intelligence spies to crawl the web and find out where the money is. And not only am I willing to hand you the software that does all of this for a fraction of what the other guys are asking - I'm not going to be satisfied unless you are 100%.

When you make the decision to put AdSpyPro into your arsenal you've made the decision to have your software find money for you. All it takes to put this power in your hands is for you to click that "Order Now!" button below and enter your credit card details for only $27.
Less than a night on the town or a meal for 2, and this software will be generating profits for you for years. Now the amazing thing about this is that this is the first time I have ever used CRON and the whole thing went like clockwork and I already have it working. Our Home and Micro business affiliate software packages are designed to work within your budget. We provide complete, functioning, fully customised affiliate programs that are tailored to your individual business needs.
Help your customers be more successful, and realise the true benefits of affiliate marketing. With 4 service levels Budget, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced we cater for full service corporate requirements and cost cutting small business needs. The software is $397, then they will charge you $97 a month (first month free) for Google Cash Automator.
The submit the keyword price edits manually, then you have to log in to Google and approve them.

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