How to Avoid Work at Home ScamsSo, you’ve decided to look for a new job that will enable you to leave the 9-5 rat-race and also be around family more. I’ve been in this dilemma many times myself and have also been led down blind alleys, full of false promises. Top 14 Ways to Avoid Work at Home Scams Online1 If it Sounds Too Good to be True, Chances are that it Probably Is. 3 One Page Websites that have No Information on them Other Than trying to get you to Purchase Their Money-Making Opportunity.
6 Fake or Scammy Pictures – Pictures of Cheques, Wads of Cash – Screenshots of Commission Balances.
How will you make money Online?Never Pay For A JobAsking for money upfront is usually a sign that the job is a scam. Watch What Google SaysUse Google to your advantage and be sure to check up and dig about for information, reviews, testimonials and scams, when considering joining up with an online company. It’s All In The DetailsCheck the details and small print of your employment when you do find a suitable work-at-home job. Withholding Information About The Business UpfrontBeing evasive about a job opportunity can be a ploy to entice interest, but I think if it’s legit, then the company needs to be clear and provide all the information needed for you to make an informed decision.
Listen To Others Who Have Gone Before YouFind others who have previously, or are currently, working for the company.
I have been led down blind allies a lot in the past, in my search for a mentor or way to move forward online.
There are so many underhanded and unethical people out there who are very good at making people believe them, it’s easy to get caught up in their lies. I began working online in 2011 because I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted and get away from being an employee. An interesting article has been published by Visual Loop on Tumblr discussing the differences between affiliate marketing and referral marketing (technically, it’s an infographic, not an article). Affiliate marketing is based on financial gain, while (customer) referral marketing is all to do with word of mouth. Affiliate marketing is based on affiliates promoting a company or a product and getting rewarded for purchases made by the customers they help acquire. Thinking about, I believe that if a customer referral marketing program is implemented using the mechanisms presented in the infographic then it will be really very similar to an affiliate program, primarily because there is an almost direct link between generated sales and the rewards offered for that.
This entry was posted in Affiliate Marketing, Partner Programs on 11 February 2014 by Andrei Link. When you promote Empower Network, all products pays a 100% commission (minus admin fees) except Costa Rica Masters ($3500) which pays out $3000 commission. That means if you go ALL-IN and buy all the products at $5125, you get the resell rights to sell all of them. How are you going to convince your newly recruited members that all these digital products really worth $5,125.00?
It’s because if you go ALL-IN and you can’t convince your new members to go ALL-IN like yourself, you will be making a loss of $5,125! The 1% who makes all the money are probably definitely all the founding members and the highly experienced marketers. If you quit empower network, you will lose access to your blog, as well as all the hundreds or thousands of blog posts that you have written will be in turn, belong to Empower Network.  The posts that you will written will remain active on the internet.
And that’s why you see most TOP earners or successful affiliates blog on their personal websites instead of Empower Network blogs. This question has came up quite a few times recently so I thought I would show you guys the differences in affiliate marketing vs MLM. With affiliate marketing you will be taking something you are passionate about and learning how to turn it into a long term profitable business. If you are reading this now then you have likely typed a search term into Google looking for more information on MLM vs Affiliate marketing. You can sign up to be an affiliate for many popular merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, or Target just to name a few. Unlimited supply of products- With access to millions of products you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Unlimited earning potential- It’s your business and you can build it out as much as you want.
Even though this business model shares some similarities to affiliate marketing it digs deeper and crosses into where it becomes associated with some well know pyramid schemes. There’s no training on how to market the product and 99% of the money you make will be trying to get others to join under you and build the pyramid bigger. You will make money when the people you recruited recruits more people, and when their people recruit more people into the company. As you see above you are going to need to recruit a ton of people and hope that they don’t quit. With affiliate marketing you promote products and services to others which is the same as MLM, but you don’t rely on your team or have to recruit people.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to create a long term profitable business online today. It’s also one of the most cost efficient ways to get a business up and running with absolutely no prior experience in marketing.
With affiliate marketing there’s no selling involved and people actually come to you looking for more information. I really hope this has helped everyone out and has cleared up any confusion you may have had about these 2 marketing platforms. Check Out My #1 Recommendation It's hard to find any real programs that teach you how to build a business online without draining your bank account.
I’m glad that this post has really helped you out and has cleared up a few things for you about these 2 business models. Thanks so much for stopping by Riaz and sharing your experience with MLM with everyone here. I have to agree with you when you weigh the good with the bad and compare these 2 side by side I’m afraid that AM(Affiliate Marketing) comes out on top.
You can also get started for free with AM with absolutely no risk so this outweighs anything that MLM has to offer. Thanks so much for chiming in on this topic Vanessa and I hope you are doing well in your online business.
It takes time for both of these, but I would stay completely away from MLM unless you are cool with losing lots of money.
I spent a lot of money over the course of the past eight years and I would not trade it for what I learned.
I especially like the focus you put in this article about people learning to build affiliate websites based on THEIR passion. I’m glad that this article has opened your eyes as too the differences in an AM bussiness and a MLM business.
It sounds like you have been a part of both of these business opportunities and you have quite a history in several programs.
I’m so glad that you found out about AM and that you were about to get hooked up with WA. It was really nice of you to stop by and share your experience you have had with both of these business models with everyone here and If I can ever help you out with anything please let me know. MLM can be a very risky investment especially when over 95% of people who join fail to make any money with it. Affiliate marketing is definitely the better route to go if you want to truly create success online in absolutely any niche you can think of.
This article really does break down the pros-cons of MLM vs Affiliate marketing to a very understandable level.I have tried several MLM programs in the past and none panned out for me. People need to know the differences in these 2 marketing platforms as well as what options they have when getting a business started online.
Like you, and many other people, I have also dabbed into MLM as well and I was never able to make a dime with them.
I actually thought this company was great when I first started, but I soon found out that they weren’t any better than the rest of them so I got out right away.
Thanks so much for stopping by Tom and sharing your experience with both of these business models.
But here’s the two BIG reasons that stood out for me and why I did not want to get involved.
1) You’re forced to buy products every month whether you need them or not in order to keep your business going and to get paid and to even qualify for company bonuses. 2) If you read the TOS of many MLM companies they can terminate your business for any reason. Not to mention most of these so called super products are over priced and no better than products that can be found in retail stores for less money.
With affiliate marketing there is no selling, you’re just sharing your hobby or passion and then have aligned yourself with companies that have products related to that passion or hobby. And I know affiliate marketing works because I have been making a full time income online as an affiliate market since 2005. I have tried many MLM opportunities and I wasn’t able to make a dime from any of them. I agree that AM is so much more flexible and room for you to grow your business as much as you want.
People actually come to you instead of you having to go out and find them and I find that absolutely awesome.
Affiliate marketing takes hard work and patience, but the results can be awesome within 6-12 months of starting up an online business. Network Marketing is great fun and also rewarding, but people must be prepared to build teams, attend networking events and work longer to see the big money. MLM can be the same, but it does have a bad reputation because of the likes of Empower Network and other scams. I would say though that affiliate marketing is the better option for any newbie in my opinion, since it’s easier to learn the basics of making extra money. I agree that both of these business models can be profitable if you are willing to devote the time it takes to be successful with them.
One of the many things I like about affiliate marketing the most, is that people are already interested and they come to you instead of you having to go out and find people yourself thats interested.
Thanks so much for sharing your views about MLM as well as affiliate marketing Neil with everyone here and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.
Are you a teenager that’s looking for a few easy ways to earn some spending money while surfing the net?
The comparison chart below highlights some of the key differences and provides accurate pricing information at the time of publication (Nov 2014). It’s my belief the fastest and easiest way to succeed online (or anywhere else for that matter) is to get a mentor, a proven plan, and then persistently take action. So in order to get both great training and some real experience under your belt at zero cost I’d recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. Email marketing is proven to be one of the most efficient methods for affiliates, as once set up it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers that can be mutually beneficial for months or even years.
Chris is one of the most honest and well liked people in this business, and his teaching style is very enjoyable and easy to understand through step by step high quality video. CFM is very much targeted at people who would want to base their marketing on list building and email marketing. Mark also offers AffiloJetpack which is 5 done for you niche websites (engines in CFM speak) which include over 90 pro written emails including your affiliate links (this is the only part you’ll have to edit) to the best selling products.
There are 18 profitable niches to choose from within AffiloJetpack for $997 including all hosting and the training required to ensure you profit from your websites. The only other thing you need is to buy the domain(s) name for each site and an autoresponder service (Aweber is the recommended).
AffiloJetpack is aimed at both beginners and advanced marketers who want a lot of the work done for them and don’t mind paying for it. Finally Mark offers AffilioTools a tool suite which at the time of writing is officially in Beta testing.
AffiloTools is valued at $67 per month in some of Mark’s sales literature, but is currently free with Affilorama Premium membership. If your a beginner I would suggest starting with Marks free Affilorama membership and making sure you really gel with Marks teaching style because the next step is likely to be the $197 AffiloBlueprint, or maybe even the Jetpack! Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – Kyle and Carson co-founders of WA do things a little differently from most training and mentoring services. Kyle and Carson would make a lot more money themselves if they moved to a traditional scaled pricing structure. My only critique is that it offers so much training it’s daunting when getting started. It’s great training, an awesome community of members, and a fully transparent pricing structure.

This website is designed to give you all the knowledge, sources, resources, support and interactive training you need in building a successful online business whilst you build as you learn . Internet marketing has been around for a long time now and more and more companies are setting up internet marketing affiliate programs for people to enable us to grow a business online by selling their products or services especially since the economic down turn in order to salvage what business they had left. Now by no means am i telling you that this is an easy overnight earner, lets be clear on this, it’s definitely not hard but it will take passion and determination and consistency as like any other business would take. The simple fact is that there is a lot of persuasive scam artists and programs crawling the internet that a lot of us can get drawn into quite easily to be honest which is why the internet is still a negative entity for a lot of people. Now as mentioned there are lots of scammers out there which i cover in more depth on the topic “types-of-online-scams hence why i advise give yourself a chance because it is purely the negativity which is judging such a statement but why do we disregard such potential opportunity by at least not doing the due diligence on it for ourselves. The harsh reality which we all know is that the average person these days is only in an average job clinging onto zero contract hours, no scope for promotion or pay increase wrapped up with no quality of life.
Have you ever heard that 5% of the population own 95% of the global wealth, a sickening figure so Why so much poverty and financial struggle if this is the true way of life. I think back now to my hardship days as a result of the recession and honestly give thanks because it led me to see the real light.
The thought of serious riches, life changing and financial freedoms were just a dream back then, a one day type of dream.
It is extremely important to have the right capable hosting provider in place for your business. Wealthy affiliate if you are joining as a newbie holds and contains great hosting services and really have nothing to worry about here in terms of security and dedicated hosting. For some of you advanced guy’s who need to and are using CNAME records you will know yourself that in terms of hosting facilities you may need to look elsewhere and for an expert service. GoGeek Plan: Perfect for people with e-commerce and large sites and more geeky developments such as staging and GIT integration.
Recruiting acquisition: Recruiting people into your business to do what you do (your downline). Because the majority of people these days are skeptical about growing an online business and making money over the internet (rightly so too) It is important to know that not all is negative and that there are some good charms out here.
Whilst the affiliate marketing industry is a HUGE industry and a lot more accepted in terms of making money online, It is also wise to open your minds up to the cog works of MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) companies too, because honestly there are some really good legitimate ones out there.
I myself am part of two MLM companies (yes i do get around) that are very credible and completely lucrative and MLM companies as a whole (the reputable ones that is) bare much bigger long term financial gains than the affiliate marketing industry which in itself is a HUGE business, but for the purpose of this post i am not here to try and get you guys to join my business, i have separate marketing strategies for those projects, i am here to expose you guys to some good potential financial gains and self development via the content of this website by feeding you completely legit and valuable information and sources to broaden your horizons for online and self success. Whilst these two industries are very lucrative and have made numerous millionaires and wealthy individuals right across the world i want to share with you the distinct business models between the two. Below are some of the terminologies for those of you who may be new to Affiliate Marketing. Campaign: The running of your promotion, so if you are promoting say a skin care product your campaign is basically how you go about promoting that product ie advertising online campaign, word of mouth campaign, leafleting campaign etc.
Banners: These are basically like bill boards but you get them to post online and social media platforms to advertise advertise what you are promoting. Conversion rate: This is basically how much interest from your product has been converted to a sale. Affiliate: Someone who joins a affiliate Network program and sells products usually online for a commission.
Pros: With the right mindset and determination anyone can earn a lot of money in this industry whether a part time venture for extra cash or taking it on as a full time work from home business. If you are promoting a service there can be room for recurring monthly earnings from each customer as apposed to a one off sale if you are promoting a physical product like a hair conditioner or something. Cons: As much as there is big financial gains as a affiliate marketer and i am involved in a couple of affiliate programs myself (as i said earlier i do get around) the only downfall is that with the physical products more time than not the sale is usually what us industry guys call a OTO (one time offer) so sales are not repeat business unless a customer comes back to your site specifically.
The model of a multi level marketing business is somewhat different to the affiliate marketing industry model. I hear and see these stories numerous times throughout each and every year simply because of the circles i move within so to me this isn’t at all a shock attack or nothing unbelievable. This model put simple is basically a franchise business model but with out the ridiculous thousands of pounds of initial investment as it is with a traditional franchise business. Unbiased, the fact reality is that the MLM industry has retired and made more millionaires and wealth in abundance world wide than any other traditional business or industry in the world, but does take time, serious commitment and hard work. MLM businesses are very doable and ridiculously lucrative (if with a sustainable and reputable company) but a lot of work particularly in the first 12 to 24 months but if you are successful within this time and making good money it does get easier. There are a few simple steps that will see you well on your way to building a sustainable business once you are off the ground.
What you make reinvest back into your business( buy more stock, technology, knowledge, office furniture, suits, vehicle if needed etc) if you can afford to pay yourself too then all the better. MLM businesses require a lot more dedicated time to reep the real rewards and high end earnings.
Guy’s as a quick throw it at the page example can you see where i am going with this.
Below is a list of a range of Network Affiliate Marketing companies that have hundreds and even thousands of affiliates earning revenue through the sales of these companies products and services. Before we get going lets get you used to some terminologies for those of you who may be new to Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate: Someone who has joined a Network affiliate program to sell products over the internet for a commission. Note:  Whilst all of the companies below are legitimate established companies, no one in any way is guaranteed an income. Pros: Linkshare is very much a reputable company with a very user friendly interface (easy screen layout and navigation) and over 1000 advertisers and so there are plenty of products to choose from and get promoting.
Pros: Well established and known as the biggest affiliate company for digital products namely ebooks, tutorials, software and membershipsites. There has been a higher number of complaints in recent years than usual more regarding their systems although this is a small percentage compared to the amount of affiliates on their platform it. Pros: Also well established and known as a big competitor among the the affiliate network industry. Pros: Well established and known as a big competitor among the the affiliate network industry. Your mindset is probably the most powerful and essential key to being successful in any form in life.
Some people are naturally born motivated and on a mission to strive whilst others not so much. What we tend to take for granted is how truly receptive our minds are to situations and how our environment and the type of company we keep and how we see life in general plays important vital keys to our successes. Every single person on the planet at some point in life whether a child or adult regardless of how many times we were knocked down, left right and center has achieved something in life that they really wanted regardless of your current situation.
Lets take a simple example like your driving test, (for those who drive) look how many vehicles are on the roads indicating how many people have passed their driving test, that would have been a vision and a dream at one point that you put effort and energy into to achieve and obtain your driving license especially for those of you who took multiple tests to pass.
Now, the first thing VERY first thing that is vital to do in order to give yourself just a chance to build your confidence, is as cold as it might sound as i fully understand that depending on your personal circumstances and situation in life, is to get rid of anything and anyone negative around you. As you get fully confident knowing that you WILL achieve your desired goals there are more advanced strategies for when you get to the point where you feel like you can do literally anything. The best way you want to build a sustainable online business is through a recurring income basis. For both recurring and non-recurring businesses there is some very good revenues to be earned. Another angle is subscription websites where customers will pay a monthly subscription fee for various material that is good engagement and educational. In this article, I am going to explain why multi-level marketing is a waste of time while affiliate marketing is a real and sustainable business as long as you have a great business plan. Before you go any further, check out the same exact training course I used to become successful online.
If this looks very similar to a pyramid scheme, that’s because multi-level marketing is about as close as it gets while still keeping things legal. So basically, when you’re at the bottom of the pyramid, you are basically sharing the majority of your commissions with those higher in the pyramid. First of all, understand that owners of MLM networks are usually very good marketers themselves, only a large number of them are also pretty unethical. Even if you do manage to get high up on the pyramid, you are NOT running your own business. That’s just one of many ways affiliate marketing gives you far greater leverage than any MLM network. The same can be said for both multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing – the majority of those who get started never earn a single dollar.
Choose The Right Niche – In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, you must go after the right industry. Have A Diverse Marketing Plan – Once you know the product or service you will be promoting, you need a diverse marketing strategy.
Know How To Re-invest – When your affiliate business becomes profitable, it is important to know how to re-invest back into your business. Without treating affiliate marketing like a legitimate business, you will not create a legitimate business and you’ll be doomed to fail. This information is enough to know about the difference between affiliate and multilevel marketing. The Internet is a great tool for researching and seeking out potential opportunities but how do you tell if that gem you’ve just discovered is legitimate or not? An established company will not ask you to pay for a work-at-home position, unless of course, you need to invest in materials or a startup kit for a direct sales business. Genuine companies will have your tasks laid out in a clear and detailed manner ready for you to begin.
I think more people should know about avoidings scams online, it is so hard to get trapped by them. I found it quite hard to spot them at first, but now it is so easy if you just follow these guidelines. There is no such thing as a surefire way to become rich overnight on autopilot without doing any work!
At first the title “Affiliate vs Referral Marketing” did not make sense to me – after all, affiliate marketing is based on referrals from affiliates’ sites – but after a minute or so I realised that it’s about customer referral marketing and it’s really important to understand the differences to avoid confusion and lost customers.
In an ideal scenario, your customers are so happy with your product and service that they are eager to recommend them to others even if they are not paid for it. Both products have different focus and intentions which in my opinion, it’s highly unfair to compare against each other. Assuming if your new member joins under you and bought ALL the products, you will earn up $4,625.00 (minus admin charges) per member.
But if all the training courses were so good and worth so much ($5,125), the average income earned should be higher than this, isn’t it? In this post, I’m going to explain these 2 marketing platforms, and show you which one is going to work better for you in the long run.
This varies from doing research on a particular product or service first, before they buy it, to doing research on a company to see if they’re legit or not.
You are simply helping these companies sell more products and you get a commission every time the people you refer buys something.
The only thing that keeps this legal, and from not being labeled as a pyramid is that the company usually has a product or service that they use to get you to join. In my experience with MLM over 95% have been borderline illegal and I ended up losing a whole lot more money than I ever made with them. You are relying on the other people that’s higher in the pyramid to do the selling for you. Instead of creating a downline like you do in MLM, you will be creating a long term business that you can grow as big as you would like. It has been around for close to 20 years now and it’s a multi billion dollar industry and growing more each day. When you are involved in MLM, it’s your job to go out and find people interested in what you have to offer. Since they are already interested, all you need to do is help them out by providing them with quality information and point them in the right direction. If there was anything I wasn’t clear on or if you have any questions for me I would love to hear from you.
Here's the program that has helped me earn a full time living online and I was able to quit my full time job in just 10 short months. Although I did make some sweet cash, all of those are from friends which I convinced to join. If I were going to try something like affiliate marketing, I would create a niche website first, then market to these people. This is the basic idea of how affiliate marketing works.I love your strategy you got for getting started with marketing products online. I think you would have a much better experience with AM and have much more long term success.

This article is the best explanation for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing that I have ever read.
That was back in the day where there were weekly team meetings, weekly coordinated product pick-up (not very convenient for a single working mother). Around nine and a half years ago 2 guys decided to start a website called Wealthy Affiliate. No spam allowed, experts online from all over the world, a community of people helping each other.
It was actually close to 20 years for me as well searching for an online business opportunity that was legit. Out of all the companies I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that has actually helped me build a very successful business online. I have also been involved with a number of these programs in the past and I didn’t get anywhere with them. I really do appreciate you dropping by and chiming in on this topic Joanne and I hope your business is doing well. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn everything you need to know about running an AM business. I wish you lots of success in your online ventures and if you ever need any help or have any questions please let me know.
As a matter of fact and as I have stated above I ended up losing a lot more money than anything else. They usually wait till you have built up a pretty nice residual income for yourself before they pull the plug on your campaigns. When you are involved with MLM you are in no way creating a long term business that will grow over time. You can get started for FREE and your monthly cost are really low compared to other business models out there. I haven’t been making a full time income from AM nearly as long as you have Leo but I have been doing this for 2 years now and I love it.
However, I am both an online affiliate marketer and an offline network marketer, so I see things from both angles. I have tried many MLM opportunities in the past, and I can see how the right person could make money with them. You can create success for yourself a lot faster this way and actually feel good about what you are doing because you are helping other people out.
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I created this website in 2013 because I was sick of living paycheck to paycheck and letting someone else tell me how much money I could make.
With 2 Free Websites as well this is the idea platform to try online business with zero cost.
My recommendation if you're looking to list building and email marketing as your main strategy. The other two programs are both very good but their communities are like ghost towns in comparison. That situation is if you are considering using list building and email marketing as your prime strategy. Both WA and Affilorama are massive training resources covering everything you’ll ever need to know about affiliate marketing.
The engine is the core of your online business and is a system for turning visitors into loyal email subscribers. This training is aimed at intermediate marketers, with advanced paid advertising training, and a lot of product development training.
This is a lot of money, but if your interested the 60 day money back guarantee is rock solid. The idea is that it’s a one stop shop for managing your website, keyword and competitor research, content rankings and social media performance. Network and training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate are Primary Gamers in helping people to succeed online and have an immense success rate. This website caters to a very specific crowd – those who have never made money online, but want to.
As long as a legitimate product or service is being promoted by the network, it is a legal pyramid. If you only promote the product or service in the network, you will hardly make any money at all.
Until you recruit a ton of other people, you will never be able to earn a full-time living. Unless you have a ton of friends that are willing to basically work to make you money, it will take you a long time to recruit enough people so that you’re high enough on the pyramid to earn any decent commissions. There are no teams involved and you can work directly with legitimate companies like Amazon or Ebay. They offered a higher commission percentage than many other potential affiliate partners and so I gave them a shot. One with enough competition so you know it’s profitable, but without so much competition that you are competing with too many people. It won’t make you an expert, but it was designed specifically for those of you who are just getting started. I understand your great discussion also I advise multilevel marketing is better than affiliate marketing.
You may still want to reward them for this but using a more subtle mechanism, perhaps based on the reinforcement theory of motivation, for example,  positive reinforcement with a variable ratio or variable interval schedule. Hence, I think this topic is most appropriate for me to voice out, in a fair and neutral way. If someone signed up under you and you didn’t activate your Affiliate Account, your commission will be passed up to someone above you. Most people who joined this community are often newbies or intermediate marketers who wants to learn and advance their Internet Marketing knowledge. You have to beg your friends to join under you so that you can build the pyramid bigger for the guys at the top, making them more money. If you have to work that hard and only the people above you are profiting from your efforts, then you might as well work for yourself and reap the rewards.
I would set up a review site on the latest and greatest product or program to hit the universe and promote it with Gusto!
I knew there had to be something out there because I was so sick of working the 9-5 and not being about to enjoy life due to being overworked and underpaid. AM has changed my life in so many ways that I can’t count them all and this can be a reality for anyone who truly wants to be successful online. I agree with you that it does a good job of draining you of your time, energy and money and will leave you with nothing in the end. I just never knew how, and I didn’t have the right training or help and support to enable me to get started.
I thought I would make it clear as to which business model is your best bet when trying to create a long term profitable business online. People get sucked into these programs thinking they are gonna make a million dollars in a couple weeks.
Here’s one person in particular who was a member of Ameriplan (A MLM company I got mixed up with) who actually had this happen to him.
Any success that you do have with it is going to be short lived and you are setting yourself up for failure down the road. Another thing I like is that you can start out in absolutely any niche or topic of interest and build a full time business doing so. Thanks so much for stopping by Leo and sharing your thoughts with everyone here on these 2 business models. For me personally, I ended up losing more money than I ever made with them and I wasn’t interested in joining a team and recruiting other people. On this website, I review many online opportunities, expose the latest scams, and share tips and tricks that I've learned along the way.
5 done for you websites (need your own domain, hosting and autoresponder) with 3 pages (Squeeze, Thank You, and Download) and 5 emails to get you started.
Done correctly email marketing is proven to be the most profitable and scale able online business model. Apart from the scam companies that put people off there are also a high number of individuals who due to their own lack of effort and wrong attitude and mindset to the business have not been successful in this industry and so they tarnish the industry as a scam (to cover up their own failures basically) even in the reputable companies and whilst there are a lot of scam MLM companies out there or ones that make far fetched claims, there are a distinct few that are very credible. One of the first things most new internet entrepreneurs look for is the best way to earn money online. In most cases, you will be recruited by someone who is already a part of the network and be on their team. So, what most MLM companies do is find a product or service to promote, then create the network around promoting that.
It can be a full-time job just recruiting others to join the network, let alone selling the product or service you’re supposed to be pitching and earning commissions on.
But if you want a more stable and legitimate long-term BUSINESS (one that you actually control) that takes the same amount of time to be successful, affiliate marketing is a far superior option. First of all, with many of these networks, if you do sell the products or services you’re supposed to be selling, they get most of the commission. You get to work directly with the company you are marketing for and earn all of the affiliate commissions they offer. Finding a program that offers a truly great product or service while also providing great commissions to affiliates is key.
It’s your job to recruit other people into the business and get them to join your team. You need to invest more money to be able to get paid on multiple levels like I have mentioned above. I would definitely recommend Affiliate Marketing any day as it’s a more trustworthy and legitimate way to build a business online. One of the many things I hate about these companies is you are forced to buy into these ridiculous overpriced products that you don’t need just to be able to move up to the next level. The fact that anyone can take a hobby of theirs and turn it into a full time business is absolutely awesome I think. Once they buy all these ridiculous products that you need to level up thinking they will make more money this way, they get disappointed when they don’t end up making any money at all. Some of these commissions can earn you anything from 6% to 50% on a single product or service sale. They are the smart ones because everything i speak about here they knew decades ago which is why they are where they are today. Provided this is put into practice with the aim of eventually thinking positive and driven on auto-autopilot.
What makes a pyramid scheme illegal is when no product or service is offered – you would just pay to be a part of the network while recruiting others into the network to earn commissions. Also understand that these unethical marketers have a way of brainwashing others to go out and recruit more people. Plus, you can easily drop one affiliate for another, or go with multiple affiliate programs.
Even though Amazon pays a smaller commission percentage, they are able to convert my referrals into sales at a MUCH higher rate, ensuring me a higher check at the end of each month.
The more people you recruit, and the more people your recruited people recruit (that was a mouthful, I know), the higher commissions you will earn on ALL sales.
Rest assured, you’ll be told more than once to go out and recruit your closest friends and family members. Selling that product to earn others higher in the pyramid a commission or spending their time trying to recruit others? You’ll get special access to a marketing system or get improved products to sell or get discounted newspaper ads or something else that will draw you in. Just take it one day at a time and in just one week, you will have officially launched your biz. I’m talking about a long term repeatable business in a niche I love…Great job and I look forward to your future posts!
In other words, you’re nothing more than an employee and they can drop you at anytime. When your marketing package doesn’t drive profits, they will keep trying to up-sell you until you finally quit.

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