ShareIf you are just starting out in affiliate marketing then you probably have quite a few questions ranging from what are considered acceptable practices all the way up to how exactly do you go about creating affiliate links on your website. Starting off, many people believe that having affiliate links or ads on a website or blog is spammy or unacceptable but that is simply not true.
Many reputable websites and blogs place affiliate links and ads on their website and within their content. Either way, placing an affiliate link on your website might seem like a complicated process at first but learning how to place them is quite simple. Graphic or image links are typically put in the sidebar of a website either on the right or left hand side.
Keep in mind that affiliate links or images contain a tracking code that lets the affiliate you’re marketing for know that the sale came from you and your website. With that said, when you sign up for an affiliate program, the affiliate that you are marketing for will provide you with the proper html code for text and image links. In order to place the text links and images, you need to first copy the html code you are provided. For text links, once you copy the code that you are provided, you then need to paste that code into your content.
If you use WordPress or another platform that provides you with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor, then placing text links is simple. If you are not using a WYSIWYG editor, then things can get a little more complicated but not by much. If you are placing it on the sidebar and you use WordPress or another platform that is similar, then you can just copy and paste the code into a text widget and save it.
If you cannot do either of the steps above or want it placed somewhere else within the code, then you will need to enter the code you are given directly into your website’s code in the area that you want it to be placed. As you can see, if you are using a text editor, then placing links are simply since the affiliate you are marketing for gives you the code to place. Due to this law do you need to state that you will be receiving commission on a re-direct page that is promoting another website? I am commenting to let you understand of the superb experience my cousin’s girl gained visiting the blog.
I have recently started a website, the information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Great post, you have pointed out some excellent points , I also think this s a very fantastic website. I believe other website proprietors should take this web site as an model, very clean and great user pleasant design . Today we are happy to announce the most interactive, robust and powerful Internet Business training community anywhere…. When we created Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 it started out as a “keyword list” website! People typically don’t like change as was quite evident in the latest update by Facebook Timeline. Wealthy Affiliate, OEP is the only place you need to be, the only Internet business community you need to be apart of, the only place you need to network. Social interaction and networking has been one of the core focal points with The OEP evolution.
Myself and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) are an active part of the community every single day, sometimes too often. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can contact us personally, privately, or within one of the many socially (and open) outlets.
You have access to EVERYONE else within the Open Education Project, meaning you can contact people with expertise in any area. Whether you are running an offline business, an online business, or looking to start a business, you have a homebase for your business at Wealthy Affiliate. When you become a member of WA, and you DO NOT need to ever buy another product or service again.
There honestly isn’t anything you need other than Wealthy Affiliate, and I say this with utmost confidence. If you are not a member and are still wasting your money on training elsewhere (University & College included), you need to reconsider. So massive, that we want to give you the early bird special of the Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME Membership.
Before we get to the price, here is what we are going to be offering to lifetime members of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle or Carson will fly to your house one day per year for a personal training seminar, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Yes, we will roll up to your house, we will hang out with your family, babysit your kids, walk your dog, and most importantly we will help you with your Internet marketing campaigns. Really, you could go to school for 4 years, and $80,000 later you have a piece of recycled paper.
The high ticket price is why we are limiting the membership, many people simply will not be able to afford this and we understand that.
If you contact me within the next 48 hours I am going to offer you a Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME membership for $100,000. If your house belongs on the show hoarders, we will be forced to meet with you at the local public library. Basically, being a good local marketer is the ability to be able to help local businesses get rankings online. Today I am going to walk you through easy ways to find local keywords that you can get ranked under, what keyword metrics to look for, how to get rankings, and why local companies are so hungry these days! Once I have met this criteria, I can easily get content indexed within the search engines, and likely 1st page listing in Google with relative ease. Then I may want to target some of the different regions in the Greater Phoenix Area (you can do some research to uncover these or if you are from the location, it will be easy to come up with the regions in your area).
You cannot see the, but there are also natural search rankings below the last Google Places ranking (7 more natural rankings on the first page).
If I were to write a blog post on my website (has to be related to pizza), write an article and submit it to a site like Street Articles, I could attain 1st page rankings rather easily here for most of the keywords I found. Now, I challenge you to do what I have just done, except I am going to get you to do this with 30 searches…using Jaaxy!
I know many people have been very interested in Jaaxy lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are giving you 30 free searches with Jaaxy.
People over-complicate finding keywords…making the process much more difficult than it has to be. So ideally I want a keyword that has a good amount of traffic (the higher the better) and low competition (the lower the better).
First, I take a keyword in which I am looking for keyword ideas for (whether it be articles, website content, etc), and I dump it into Jaaxy, the keyword tool that I use.
Note: Google no longer provides this information and no other keyword tool gets at this piece of data as efficiently as Jaaxy does! If you get a #1-3 ranking in Google under a search term that gets 50 clicks per month, you are going to probably get a good number of clicks to your page. I usually recommend aiming for over 50 clicks in Jaaxy, the higher the better obviously (assuming it has limited competition). I have literally spent a minute and one search to find these great keywords, in a niche I know nothing about. In less than 5 searches, I am going to find as many easy ranking keywords using Jaaxy as possible, just to prove the how easy keyword research is when you only have to focus on Traffic and Competition. If you’re a rookie at internet marketing and  trying to get your own website up and running one of the most challenging aspects can be driving visitors to your site.  One accepted way to do this is to write articles and submit them to an article directory such as Street Articles with a couple of links to your site embedded within the text which some readers will choose to click on. If that resonates with you,  you should stop worrying because help is at hand through Wealthy Affiliate.
I’ve taken part in a challenge (more than once) and I wanted to share with you the top ten benefits that I think are to be gained from signing up to take part.
These challenges are delivered by email on 30 consecutive days with step by step instructions on the tasks for the day.  Everything is written in non technical language which can be understood by everyone including those with little experience. There is a comprehensive range of back up resources (written or video) that show you how to do particular things eg how to buy a domain name and how to set up a website. Alright there isn’t literally someone holding your hand, but the fact is that there is lots of support and encouragement.  Encouragement comes from Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate) in the daily emails that drop into your box for 30 consecutive days as well as the support that is available from them and other members of Street Articles through the active and engaged community where you can build your network and connections with other authors. Although a lot of people only do keyword research when they have something specific to write about – taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge will help you get in the habit of carrying out regular keyword research.
8.    Establish your expertise as a niche writer – You may in the future want to outsource some of your  article writing, but by taking part in the challenge you will understand what goes into writing regularly and successfully and it helps to establish your expertise in a single niche or several niche areas. I don’t know about you, but I believe in lifelong learning.  The great thing about taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge is that you learn so much not just about the art and discipline of writing articles on a regular basis but lots of additional information and networking with other Street Articles authors. Believe me the benefits of taking part far outweigh any doubts you may have about your writing skills.  Are you up for the challenge? Each and every year, most people throughout the world sit down and create a list of one or more New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. Does you losing 15 pounds or does you getting a better job have a positive impact on anyone but you?
Are your resolutions this year going to POSITIVELY impact the life of someone that you DO NOT know?
If your answer is no, then we want you to at least consider our new way of addressing a New Year. Our goal this year instead of changing something that we are doing, we want to have a positive impact on a few people’s lives that we don’t even know. Someone that has no idea we may cross their path now, but they will be better off because of the relationship. Helping someone else this year instead of helping yourself could be instrumental in changing the world in a positive way. We are living in a world of constant war, economic pressures, negative news, and an abundance of other negative “stuff”, that the positives are overlooked.
If you could simply help one or two people in a positive way each and every day or even throughout the year, think of the viral effect of this. It is similar to the coined phrase “paying it forward”, however it starts with helping someone that is in need. We could all in some degree benefit from change, but what if we helped each other achieve this change. We know this is ambitious for me to collectively think that this could change the world, but even if we are the only ones that takes part in this, then we know it has made an impact. Way we are going to change someones life for the better #3: Continue pushing the existing community to help 10,000’s (hopefully 100’000’s) get an education in the Internet, to better their lives from a knowledge, financial, and long term perspective. Way we are going to change someones life for the better #4: Have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis. If 1,000 people have a positive impact on improving someones lives, these 1,000 people that benefit from this may go on to impact another 1,000…which in turn could equate to 1,000,000 people over time. Could you imagine if 1,000,000 people went out of their way to have a positive impact on 1,000,000 other people’s lives. Could you imagine if every single person in a country went out of their way to help ONE person in one way or another. We are going to hold myself accountable to achieving what I said I am going to achieve and I will be reporting back on all of it later on in 2012. We are going to make sure if it takes money (it doesn’t necessarily need to), that it is not going to some big corporation, rather the actual person that needs it.

Self improvement is something that you should always be doing and should not be waiting until January to do anyways. If you need to quit a bad habit, improve a skill, become more educated, or focus more of your time on your family, DO IT NOW. We are hoping that you take part in this and if you are willing, please leave a comment on “How you plan on helping others out this year”. I know this is not the typical approach of a review, but who said that “typical” is the right way to do things.
I know there are a lot of people out there with a lot to say about WA, positive and negative and I wanted to invite everyone here to help create the most elaborate Wealthy Affiliate review on the net. It may seem strange that Carson and I are approaching a review of something we own, but we think that this would be the most powerful way to deliver our thoughts on our services, what we like about Wealthy Affiliate, what we know we need to improve upon at WA, and where we are headed with the Wealthy Affiliate community.
And of course, your AWESOME feedback will definitely help this review out, so please be sure to leave your comments if you are an active member of the community or have been an active member of WA at some point in the past. Most people don’t know this because they do not have an idea of our vision and as an outsider, it may appear that Wealthy Affiliate is just another one of those “make money products”. Wealthy Affiliate has been a full time investment, passion, and has driven us to help 10,000’s of people since 2005, when the community started as a simple keyword tool site.
Believe it or not, many of the decisions along the way have lost us a good deal of revenue in the name of providing more value to the end user.
I am always connected to the community, in fact…you can find me and Carson hooked into WA from your nearest Starbucks on our coffee breaks. Because Wealthy Affiliate is not a product, rather an open community, it evolves with the times. What we do do however, is when we realize a weakness or someone brings it to our attention, we actively work to improve upon it. That led us to develop our WA Chat system, an instant way for people to communicate within WA.
Over the years we have written “millions of words” in support and helped people that never thought success was possible to achieve success online. Wealthy Affiliate is going to continue to evolve into a far more social animal, a community that spurs ideas, activity, and leads to greater collective successes!
The technology driving the Wealthy Affiliate community is a very sophisticated and powerful engine…something that has been 6 years in ongoing development.
3 Step Website Installation - Building a website is NECESSARY, but very easy using WP Express within WA. Tools for interacting efficiently and building a following - We have a variety of systems within WA that allow you to create and build relationships with fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate, many of which are currently operating million dollar online businesses in many different facets. Training infrastructure, delivering YOU what you are looking for - Our open source training model allows people to create resources as they see fit, interact within the training, and to comment on training inadequacies.
Leveraging research tools to increase your reach - We continue to build onto existing research and keyword tools within Wealthy Affiliate, improving their practicality for the “new age” of the Internet. I could spend another 5,000 words explaining systems that are within WA, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.
WA is never stagnant and every year we roll out no less than 50 updates within the community. Carson and I would love for you to provide your feedback, comments and opinions on the WA community. Make Money with Trusted Globle brands amazon,Plipkart, Snap deal etc, even you don’t have any product you can sell directly with above site products, you get the excellent commissions . Time Sensitive Offers (BUYING) – One of the things that I picked up that I thought could be applied to the affiliate industry is the use of time sensitive offers. Offer Conditions (BUYING) – Another thing that could work with purchasing websites (like they do in Real Estate) is putting restrictions or conditions on your offer.
Holding Back Offers (SELLING) – One common tactic used in the real estate market is to hold back offers. Anyway, I am sure there are some other things and I didn’t really plan to write this post so most of this is off the top of my head. Life Update… Well I have spent the last month or so getting settled into the new condo.
Affiliate linking or marketing can be done easily, without making your website readers feel spammed and it can be done ethically. Sometimes they are quite easily recognizable and other times an Internet user may not be aware of them right away. The exception to this is when the graphic or image is a banner ad, which are typically placed near the top of the website or near the bottom (right above the footer area).
Due to this, simply placing anchor text links or linking a graphic will not work for affiliate programs because it will not provide any tracking.
This is to ensure that you are using the images that they want you to use and it will also ensure that both text and image links will properly be tracked to make sure you get the money you deserve when a person clicks on one of those links and purchases a product or service. While simply placing an anchor text link with a simple URL will not work, it will work when you take the code you have copied from your affiliate since it includes the tracking information. All you need to do is highlight the text that you want to link to your affiliate product or service and then click on the closed link box in the editor.
You will need to place an html anchor text link within the body of the text using the words that you want to use in order to link.
If you are using a WYSIWYG editor to place links within the content and you want to place an image in the content with the link, then you would follow the same steps as above, only you would paste the affiliate link into the image information. Just remember that most affiliate programs require that you cannot change the link code in any way or they will ban you. It gets a little more complicated if you are not using a text editor or some type of widget but you just need to know how to place a link to begin with which is not hard at all to do. Lucky me I found your website by chance, and I’m surprised why this accident did not took place in advance! She learned many things, not to mention how it is like to have an excellent helping style to let the others very easily have an understanding of some complicated subject matter. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.
Since then it has evolved almost daily and become what it is today, the #1 Internet Business training platform anywhere. If you have been involved with Internet Business in the last two years you will have seen the landscape completely change and evolve. Imagine having 1000’s of friends in the Internet Business niche that are there for you, regardless of the time of day.
You can now interact with other members, engage in any training that interests you, get help on any topic from the experts, and ask questions or post your ideas in an open discussion and get feedback.
We have been known to burn the midnight oil, helping members until the early hours in the morning within Live Chat and within our Training dialogues. This is a place where you will learn what you need to know to start a business, find more business, and scale a business. This is going to continue setting off a shift in the Internet Marketing industry, one in which is going to continue keeping Wealthy Affiliate as the top place to learn and share Internet business information.
Although I cannot let you in on the full details yet, I can tell you that it is going to be massive. This is probably the most INSANE offer we have ever done, and it is going to truly offer an unbelievable amount of lifetime value. We think so too, that is why if you act today we are going to slash this price drastically, in fact by 50%. You have your entire life to work out your business and you have access to the top training online, how could you not succeed? We accept all forms of payment, including gold, old houses that you don’t want, cash (please make sure the bills are no smaller than $20’s), and we will even accept a vehicle in exchange (nothing worth less than a Aston Martin please). You have lived well past the average at this point and we can only support the average, please you are probably going a little crazy at this point anyways.
A good deal of the opportunity in local marketing starts at the point of keyword research and domain research as local business are willing to pay a good deal of money for your help. If you don’t have access to Jaaxy, I suggest you sign-up for the FREE trial (full access to system, and 30 searches for free).
Note that Jaaxy provides much more realistic data than other keyword research tools and even Google’s keyword tool because it uses data from all search engines.
My motto is that it is “better to be ranked first page under a keyword with very little traffic, than 2nd page under a keyword with lots of traffic”.
I am competing with very few sites and a targeted content piece would likely float page one under any of these terms with relative ease. This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches (local or otherwise) and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done here. If there is too much competition, there is no point in getting rankings in the first place.
This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done on these niches here. One of the many services available to members is taking part in a challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days. I spend about 20 minutes a day and find that the research I do is invaluable in writing articles or blog content every day. This is what we have been told to do and over the years we have just grown accustomed to think of a New Year as a reason to set new goals. Sure some of us need to shed a few pounds, earn a bit more money, quit smoking, or make more time for themselves, but these are all SELF CENTERED GOALS.
You don’t have to take action on it, but at the very least, can you please spend a second and read what we have to say? Instead of my usual “ME” goals that are typically self centered, and based around self improvement, we are going to be moving my goals to “WE”, meaning others.
In fact, people tend to do less “positive” because they feel that as a single person, they cannot make a difference. Sometimes it is much harder to change yourself, whereas others can have a changeful impact on your life with relative ease. We think that going forward we are going to do this and we think you should consider doing it as well. What an unbelievable place this would be to live, to grow up, to raise families and to co-exist with others. There are tax incentives to donating money, but sometimes this forces us to donate to charities that are loaded with administrative entities that suck up a good deal of your donation. If you know of anyone that may be interested in helping others, can you please share this (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog, Email). Since then, we have allowed it to evolve in a flexible manner based on what our “members” want from us. Yes, we do treat WA like a business, but our considerations for improving our service, providing new tools, resources, technologies and training are driven by what will make the community better, not what will make us MORE MONEY.
It is like any other educational platform, you go to school, you have friends to hang out with, you have your teachers that can provide you with lectures, you have labs (tests) that you can do (taking action on what you learn), and if you ever get stuck, there will be MANY people there to give you a hand. When something changes in Google or when a new shift in the way we do online business happens, you will know about it. We would only be lying to ourselves if we said that we were the best at everything or that we “know” everything. We have the resources and the technical knowledge to do just about anything when it comes to making the WA community better, and we are always working on new developments in the background to make Wealthy Affiliate a better place.
People were complaining because sometimes there was a delay in getting responses via the forum or through Private Messaging (we respond to every single question we are sent within WA and have done so since 2005!).

Now people can log into the Wealthy Affiliate members area for their first time and watch conversations going on, join in on conversations, and most important, get answers to their questions RIGHT AWAY!
One is instant notification of new techniques and training, keeping our resources updated to the minute, and improving the social interaction within Wealthy Affiliate.
Ultimately, we are there to facilitate your learning and to share our experiences with you.
In 2012 you can earn an opportunity to meet Carson and myself in Las Vegas, paid by us simply by partaking in the community experience, sharing your experiences, and helping others out in the same way they help you. With a vast programming team improving on our services and rolling out new updates almost daily, our services, tools and overall technology at WA are only going to continue to get better. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is diverse and covers a wide range of topics, but of utmost importance, it is current.
This includes understanding Google competition, understanding social metrics, and being able to decipher other web pages in an efficient way. I just want to say that if you can dream of it and you can request it, we can provide it and WE WILL provide it. Basically what I mean by this is putting in an offer, but telling the person your offer expires in X # of hours. Almost every real estate deal will have some kind of condition on the offer, so why not do the same with virtual real estate (or domains). Basically this means you set a sell date, and allow everyone to present their best offer anonymously.
There are those of course who do affiliate market with less than good intentions and therefore, it gives the rest of the industry a bad name. A text link is where a portion (one to a few words usually) is turned into a link and an image link is when an image or graphic links to the affiliate’s page or product. I think that I just ignore or smash or finally dismiss a model that I think is rooted in vintage balderdash, you know? I tell you, I usually get annoyed when folks discuss issues that they clearly do not know about.
It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?
Ive been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a ton of fine info and loved the method youve structured your site.
It gives members the most power they have ever had to learn, to teach, to network, to interact, to engage, to share, and to succeed.
The Open Education Project allows you to network, regardless of the time of day, with people that share interests, are interesting, and are willing to help you achieve your goals. We have released free training over the years and here are a few of the “free courses” we have launched that you can enrol in for, FREE!
But there is a reason for this, we are limiting the lifetime memberships to only 100 people. I don’t know how anyone could refuse our offer…you would be crazy to miss out on this one. You could sure use some help getting some rankings in Google under the terms that are relevant to your niche. It then processes this data through the “traffic accuracy algorithm” to give you more realistic data. Therefore, competition should be the first metric you look at when doing keyword research, then traffic.
If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to pay a small charge for unlimited access.
If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to get access to unlimited searches. We are going to go to ground ZERO if we have to and deliver my help to the person, not the organization.
The more people that take action on this, the better place this world will be for all of us. That is why we created it and that is why we have maintained the longest standing and most successful service within the Internet Marketing niche. We have close to 1,000 total resources, so we cannot say we teach ONE thing, because we teach 100’s of different techniques you can utilize to earn money online. Oh ya, and improving the speed, tools, and existing services that are already included in Wealthy Affiliate. It runs on the fastest servers available and we limit the number of domains that go on our servers to 20% of that of regular web hosts, allowing for quicker website loading times and greater efficiency. Platinum members get unlimited installs, some people run their entire local marketing business using WA hosting and manage 30+ client websites within WA.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
This way you put the pressure back on the seller to either accept your offer (if it is the highest at the time there is a good possibility this will happen) and risk losing it, or holding out for a better one.
This way you can come in with a good offer and ask the seller to take the site off the market if he accepts, but also give yourself some time to do some due diligence on the property you are buying to make sure there is nothing funny about it. This can create bidding wars back and forth as the seller will then usually try to work with the top 2 offers on price. Many have embraced this law and have done a good job at making their disclaimer’s reflect the issue, while other websites are still trying to get away with a little too much.
They both work the same way, the major difference is that one shows up as text and the other shows up as an image or graphic. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and rolled out everything without complication. Many thanks for supplying those warm and friendly, trustworthy, explanatory and even fun tips on this topic to Ethel. I guess having something useful or substantial to give info on is the most important factor. I’m trying to run my very personal blog however I believe its too general and I must concentrate on loads of smaller topics.
Wealthy Affiliate is the only community that we believe in and are passionate about, why would we promote something else.
Typically if you come in around the amount they are looking to get, but a bit lower usually you will get the site you want and save some money doing it. Sure, its annoying as hell from a buyers standpoint and it might discourage some, but this could also lead you to making a lot more on the sale of your property than you had planned. Other than that I have been trying to get some other projects going that I have been working on for a long time. I can certainly relate to that, as I have built such sites during the early phases of my internet marketing endeavours. Everything included so you can just focus on creating your business online, earning money, and earning lots of it! QSR (Quoted Search Results) is a metric native to Jaaxy that tells you exactly how many competing pages there are in Google.
I find that far too many people on PAL and other forums have the worst approaches to both buying and selling their sites. Then get someone to build you a decent template that you can reuse for several sites (this will be the most expensive part but it is a one time cost and the more you spend the more you will get in return).
People post offers in a thread (which is now visible to any other potential buyers) and give the seller an endless amount of time to make a decision. A typical affiliate site will usually provide a review of such a product with affiliate links, and if a visitor makes a purchase or takes action through these links, the site owner earns a commission from the vendor for the referral.
For me personally if I am going to commit to a purchase I want to know if I have it almost immediately, which is why I like using this approach.
Then I have a few more sites that I will be developing further down the road which include a real estate site, a local furniture store site and a site about local restaurants. I am really just trying to dabble in a bunch of different industries to see what works and what doesn’t. One of the other interesting and emerging trends associated with such affiliate sites is the user clickthrough rate (or CTR) in organic search results. You want to build unlimited websites without needing to know code…you want state of the art hosting, you want email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and to host many sites (that you could potentially sell)?
Over the years, many marketers have realized the power that exact-match domains have held with search engines like Google, and were heavily exploited for affiliate-type sites.This has somewhat impacted the way exact-match domains are now perceived by many people and they will be hesitant to click on such sites when they show up in the search results, as they are commonly regarded as low quality.
To demonstrate this a little bit more, let’s take a look at a search term like “cheap office supplies”. In terms of other content, there are links to two other articles which are somewhat related to weight loss.A quick look at the SeoQuake toolbar reveals just six pages of indexed content, which is common amongst affiliate sites of this nature. It is interesting to note that many of these articles are also optimized for several weight loss-related keywords (eg “Jenifer Hudson weight loss”).So, where are the affiliate links? They are nicely positioned alongside many of the rating-based product reviews inside the weight loss products category.
Additionally, the visitors only see AdSense ad units as they navigate to deeper and individual posts within the site—not on the landing page.Another key attribute commonly associated with a high quality site is the use of relevant categories to carefully group similar posts and content.
Categories make it easier for users to find related information, and encourage them to stay on the site longer. Additionally, a Facebook Like box is also positioned on the sidebar, with a significant number of fans for a site of this nature.
That said, the actual revenues are possibly a lot higher as we are not even considering any sales through email marketing and long-tail traffic.As you can see, there is a lot more work involved with building such a site, but no doubt this particular site is likely to earn significantly more revenues in the long run.
Even ten to 20 pages can often be enough—as long as the information you provide comprehensively covers your chosen niche or topic, and is not just one or two biased articles with affiliate links.So which model are you more likely to choose now for your next affiliate site? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.Anshul Dayal is the author at Nichsense Niche Marketing blog offering cutting edge niche marketing strategies for starting a real, sustainable and profitable online business.
If you'd like to guest post for ProBlogger check out our Write for ProBlogger page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our community.
Although, the purpose of the post is to demonstrate content, quality and structure more than the platform itself.
My current site is a personal finance blog, and it is headed towards the Authority Site route.
I have about 85 posts so far and at least 60 of them are longer pieces with at least 500 words. Absolutely agree with you about the quality of affiliate sites and that is one of the main reasons why we as Internet Marketers often find ourselves playing catchup with search engines like Google as they go out on a mission to weed out thin affiliate sites. I ve added also a privacy policy part to make the customer more new site parisians paris will talk about my country, paris, i will try to promote few things on it. Thanks for the article, we all should aim for quality content to please not only search engines but the visitors at the first place.
So, if you write TONS of content based on these keywords, eventually you will get a LOT of traffic. If the site has unique content and not being hit by Google then it should have been in the top.
What is more interesting, I have started the process of converting one of my sites into a better content site which is the way to go in my opinion.

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