Cheque, and I'd highly recommend opening a US dollar bank account because they only pay in USD. They only send out a cheque once your earnings reach the $100 mark so you only pay the fee whenever you reach $100 in sales.
So do you have an American Account - is it possible to open one remotely without citizenship? I get paid by check and they do not charge the $15 processing fee for affiliates outside the US. It's a problem, my country charges insane ammounts to cash a cheque, for a $100 cheque we get charged around 80 euro. I got my first Amazon cheque, for September, in the middle of December, took 3 weeks to get here from the States.
Bank of China do lodge foreign cheques, so, having a Bank of China account, I thought there'd be no problem.

And yeah, what I did was walk into my bank and luckily they let me set up a US Dollar account attached directly with my chequing and savings accounts. I'm not sure how UK banks work, but I'm sure there must be a bank over there that will let you open an account in US dollars. I get a lower rate than the current exchange rate but saves me waiting time than depositing it on a dollar account and wait 1 month to clear. Our US Payment Service is about to get better, stay tuned for a big announcement in the next few days. That way you can do the conversion on your own terms, and not suffer an extra charge at the bank when they do the conversion for you. It's a pain in the ass but the solution would be to setup a US bank account, I beleive there is a UK bank that can help you with that. Since 1992, Judy has worked with and coached hundreds of healthcare IT professionals in their search for new opportunities.

I'm not sure if changing the payment threshold reduces the fee you have to pay as I haven't tried it.
I can deposit my USD cheques directly into my USD account, they clear instantly, and I'm free to do with the funds as I wish. Prior to her move into executive search, she spent seven years in social work and four years employed by the Council of Girl Scouts, providing training and support for their volunteers.

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