When it comes to premium computing, two of the powerhouses of the laptop world are Alienware and Apple.
These two machines are for very different audiences a€“ the Alienware gaming laptop is a gaming rig suited to the most hardcore of gamers. By looking at the key stats of each next to each other in this way, it is easy to draw comparisons between both, as well as the big differences already mentioned.
Again there are differences in the RAM that each machine is packing, although this again reflects the purpose that each one was built for. Another big difference here as, predictably, the M17X runs Windows 7 and the Mac has OS 10.8 installed.
Hard Drives : The Alienware has a 500GB internal hard drive which has plenty of space to store all the latest game data and other multimedia files. Disc Drive: Differences are again seen here, with the Alienware having a Blu-ray drive and the Mac having an integrated DVD rewriter.
After a category or keyword has been searched, there are a number of filters on the left-hand side of the site which allow the user to narrow down the results that are displayed so that only those within a certain price range, from a certain brand, or in a certain condition are displayed.
Each product has its own listing page which can be accessed by clicking on that product in the results page.
Seller info can also be accessed from the product listing page a€“ this shows the previousratings that a seller has, as well as a means of contacting the seller to ask about a particular product. See you just missed the piont I think dell could just use a mac perspective when looking at things. I don't know how you can look at a 13 inch Macbook Pro and say that it's in the same size range as a netbook. If you look at all the people hackintoshing Mini 10vs (and other sub-$500 netbooks) into portable Macs, many of them have Macs at home. Originally Posted by William_25 It would be like asking you if Windows was so great why dual boot SL?
Originally Posted by William_25 See you just missed the piont I think dell could just use a mac perspective when looking at things. If I wanted to spend a lot of money, then I would consider a Mac that would run BootCamp or Parallels so I can get my Windows apps. Originally Posted by WolfKeeper Let me know when Apple starts selling that for around $300. I dual-boot SL because I'm a network engineer and I occasionally need a Mac to check things out from a Mac perspective, because in the real world, their stuff isn't as interoperable as advertised. Originally Posted by William_25 I can understand that way of thinking and what attracted me most was the netbook classes portability.

Comparison is a tricky thing because not all similar aspects of a Macbook Pro and an M11x are equal enough to compare. In marketing terms, the term netbook can also be considered to be a name given to any laptop computer designed for a specific type of person or use case - like as small, light and portable notebook within a given price bracket; used as a person's 3rd computer, with minimal power consumption that's only used for email, web browsing and light word processing. Oh, and the lines of netbook were being blurred from as early as the mini 12 - which I think first raised the question of netbook vs. PC World has taken a look at the new MacBook Air for 2010, and compared it with a variety of Windows 7 laptops to see how it performs.
Packing a lightning quick processor, RAM and graphics card, the hefty price tag is warranted given the components. To pick between the two, the customer must first decide what it is they are intending to do with their machine. Again we see that the Alienware runs the OS that supports all modern games, whilst the Mac uses the OS that is best suited to multi-tasking in the areas already outlined.
On the other hand the Mac has an incredible Retina Display that has a resolution 2880x1800 on its 15 inch display.
Whichever is the most suitable, both can be found on eBay in theLaptops and Notebooks section of the Electronics category. Some are Auctions, which work like regular auctions and the other have the option to Buy It Now. Choosing between them should be easier after gaining a greater understanding from this guide. Maybe Apple needs to take a lesson from their customers or Dell, and not the other way around.
If I can get the same portability and size with a larger screen and a internal optical drive with all the power of a full sized notebook then I want to go for it. And by the way, the MBP is much more powerful with a 2.4GHz C2D and the optical drive is nice too. A netbook nowadays is more about the use of minimal power to achieve an acceptable level of performance from the processor and other components - that's why a netbook is generally considered to only have atom. They tested both the new 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air’s, which were compared to the Asus U33jc, Alienware M11x, HP Envy, Lenovo IdeaPad Y460, Dell Vostro 3300, and Toshiba Portege R700. The results show that Windows notebooks with similar prices to the new MacBook Air’s did outperform the Mac equivalent.
The MacBook Pro on the other hand is equally well kitted out but is better suited for those looking to enter or expand into multimedia pastures.
This processor is phenomenal when it comes to performing the most demanding tasks a user can throw at is, so both can easily handle the latest software.

However, 8GB will give the Alienware laptop enough memory to play all the latest-generation games with ease, whilst the Mac needs 16GB to run the many resource-heavy applications it was built for. The latter gives a faster transfer rate and can be upgraded more easily than the Alienware. When shopping on eBay for either machine, customers know they can be safe thanks to the sites buyer protection programme.
The M11x is not for someone who needs that performance and the optical drive, or for someone that wants OSX. Alienware M11x, HP Envy, and more By Daniel Chubb - Dec 5, 2010 Are you looking to upgrade to a new laptop, and thinking Macbook or Windows?
You can read the full results in their article here, and while they confirm that the test was not to show if Mac is better or worse than Windows, we will urge buyers to try and get hands-on with Mac OS X before making a decision. 2010 Macbook Pro, which may seem a weird comparison but it does have valid reasons to some buyers.
The latest Mac OS and the stunning high-quality retina display give this machine the capability to do some incredible graphic and video design work.
The Mac's slightly quicker processor and greater RAM will make it useful when performing multiple power-hungry tasks.
The fact that it is distributed in a more compact WxD form factor makes it infinitely more portable than the MBP.
With more people moving to Mac OS X everyday, you may be wondering why they’re doing this after spending years using Microsoft Windows, and we want to help you discover what’s right for you. The second two videos are relevant for those thinking about stepping into Mac for the first time, while they are comical, it’s a nice update on Mac and Windows operating systems going head to head. We've all seen netbooks so much in the last 2 years that the M11x's size tends to make us want to dub it a netbook with benefits. But you can't tell me that the same volume of wood in a 10 x 2.5 x 10 would be the same to carry as a 5 x 5 x 5.
My issue is, like many others here, that I don't want to lug around a huge laptop when I go mobile.

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