Allan Morgan is a full-time artist living in the border country of Herefordshire and Powys. Having spent many years living close to the coast in the past, Allan regularly returns to this subject matter. The Rainier Fruit sales desk serves as Allan Brothers' primary sales agency and has been serving the sales and marketing needs of Allan Brothers' growers since 1995.

Born in 1952, Allan studied art at both Swansea and Coventry Art Colleges, graduating with a B.A.
Rainier Fruit has proven to be a great alliance partner with a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns and sales professionals. With this sales team, Rainier Fruit is dedicated to serving customers with integrity, and understands the value and importance of solid vendor-customer partnerships.

In addition to its sales team, Rainier Fruit has retail and food service specialists on staff to visit customer sites, assist with training seminars, market analysis, customized promotions, and business development, along with many other services.

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