By featuring your app across multiple app stores you’ll increase your chance of reaching new customers. Everything begins with a title, and there is no exception for your app page on the Amazon app store.
If the search engine doesn’t pick up any of your title words, the app description is a second chance to grab search results, but it’s also the first chance you’re going to get at describing your application and what it can do for your customers. A description is nice, but unless you have picture proof to back up your stated features, customers are going to feel less secure when downloading your app, and that’s why it’s important to make use of all the image options the Amazon app store has to offer. Amazon has a service that takes a handful of apps from their app store and offers each one per day to customers for free.
The Amazon app store has a few features that work similarly to other app stores, making marketing rather similar, but there are areas that need to be looked at that won’t be necessary when marketing on a different app store, such as the Free App of the Day service. Amazon Books will sell a smaller selection of books, picked using customer reviews and sales from the website as well as popularity on Amazon-owned ratings site Goodreads. The store will also sell Kindle eBooks, and act as a showroom for Amazon’s devices including the Kindle, Echo, Fire TV, and Fire tablets. On the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, Crain’s New York Business is reporting that Google has abandoned plans to open a physical store of its own in New York City, despite buying and renovating a space at a reported cost of $6m. Today is a bank holiday here in the UK, so Mobile Marketing Towers is currently devoid of life while we all dance around the traditional Maypole. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. I aim to keep this case study up-to-date for readers of the books and Smart Insights readers who may be interested. Reach: Amazon's initial business growth based on detailed approach to SEO and AdWords targeting millions of keywords. Convert: Using personalisation to make relevant recommendations and a clear checkout process that many now imitate. We will continue to make investment decisions in light of long-term market leadership considerationsA rather than short-term profitability considerations or short-term Wall Street reactions. The latest example of innovation in their business model is the 2014 launch of the Fire phone.
AWS is less well-known outside of tech people, but Amazon is still pursuing this cloud service aggressively. Amazon performs exceptionally efficiently measured against revenue per visitor, which is one of the key measures for any commercial website, whether it's a media site, search engine, social network or a transactional retailer or offers travel or financial services.
Note: SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is a government agency for which companies have to submit an open evaluation of their business models and marketplace conditions.
By 2008 Amazon was a global brand with other 76 million active customers accounts and order fulfillment to more than 200 countries. In September 2007, it launched Amazon MP3, a la carte DRM-free MP3 music downloads, which now includes over 3.1 million songs from more than 270,000 artists.
The vision is still to offer "Eartha€™s biggest selection and to be Eartha€™s most customer-centric company. Of course, achieving customer loyalty and repeat purchases has been key to Amazona€™s success.
In practice, as is the practice for many online retailers, the lowest prices are for the most popular products, with less popular products commanding higher prices and a greater margin for Amazon.
Free shipping offers are used to encourage increase in basket size since customers have to spend over a certain amount to receive free shipping. Amazon communicate the fulfillment promise in several ways including presentation of latest inventory availability information, delivery date estimates, and options for expedited delivery, as well as delivery shipment notifications and update facilities. According to founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, technology is very important to supporting this focus on the customer.
And while many of our systems are based on the latest in computer science research, this often hasna€™t been sufficient: our architects and engineers have had to advance research in directions that no academic had yet taken. Amazon defines what it refers to as three consumer sets customers, seller customers and developer customers. There are over 76 million customer accounts, but just 1.3 million active seller customers in ita€™s marketplaces and Amazon is seeking to increase this. Members are also encouraged to join a loyalty programme, Amazon Prime, a fee-based membership program in which members receive free or discounted express shipping, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. In its SEC (2005) filing Amazon describes the environment for our products and services as a€?intensely competitivea€™. It believes the main competitive factors in its market segments include "selection, price, availability, convenience, information, discovery, brand recognition, personalized services, accessibility, customer service, reliability, speed of fulfillment, ease of use, and ability to adapt to changing conditions, as well as our customersa€™ overall experience and trust in transactions with us and facilitated by us on behalf of third-party sellers". For services offered to business and individual sellers, additional competitive factors include the quality of our services and tools, their ability to generate sales for third parties we serve, and the speed of performance for our services. Amazon auctions (known as zShops) were launched in March 1999, in large part as a response to the success of eBay. Today, competitive prices of products are available through third-party sellers in the a€?Amazon Marketplacea€™ which are integrated within the standard product listings.
Although it might be thought that Amazon would lose out on enabling its merchants to sell products at lower prices, in fact Amazon makes greater margin on these sales since merchants are charged a commission on each sale and it is the merchant who bears the cost of storing inventory and fulfilling the product to customers. You may have noticed that unlike some retailers, Amazon displays relevant Google text ads and banner ads from brands. Amazon does not reveal much about its marketing approach in its annual reports, but there seems to be a focus on online marketing channels. A common theme in Amazona€™s development is the drive to use a measured approach to all aspects of the business, beyond the finance.
A company like Amazon could (and did) record every move a visitor made, every last click and twitch of the mouse. James Marcus then goes on to give a fascinating insight into a breakout group discussion of how Amazon could better use measures to improve its performance. It is interesting that Amazon was having this debate in about the elements of RFM analysis (described in Chapter 6 of Internet Marketing), 1997, after already having achieved $16 million of revenue in the previous year.
The a€?Culture of Metricsa€™ also led to a test-driven approach to improving results at Amazon. But today a€?automation replaces intuitionsa€™ and real-time experimentation tests are always run to answer these questions since actual consumer behaviour is the best way to decide upon tactics. It follows that the Amazon technology infrastructure must readily support this culture of experimentation and this can be difficult to achieved with standardised content management. As Amazon explains in SEC (2005) a€?using primarily our own proprietary technologies, as well as technology licensed from third parties, we have implemented numerous features and functionality that simplify and improve the customer shopping experience, enable third parties to sell on our platform, and facilitate our fulfillment and customer service operations. Round (2004) describes the technology approach as a€?distributed development and deploymenta€™.
The automated search advertising and bidding system for paid search has had a big impact at Amazon. He also describes the challenge of techniques for sifting patterns from noise (sensitivity filtering) and clothing and toy catalogues change frequently so recommendations become out of date.
As Amazon grew, its share price growth enabled partnership or acquisition with a range of companies in different sectors.

Analysts sometimes refer to a€?Amazoning a sectora€™ meaning that one company becomes dominant in an online sector such as book retail such that it becomes very difficult for others to achieve market share. Another form of partnership referred to above is the Amazon Marketplace which enables Amazon customers and other retailers to sell their new and used books and other goods alongside the regular retail listings. Finally, Amazon has also facilitated formation of partnerships with smaller companies through its affiliates programme. Amazon also believe that their most effective marketing communications are a consequence of their focus on continuously improving the customer experience.
As well as this Marcus (2004) describes how Amazon used the personalisation enabled through technology to reach out to a difficult to reach market which Bezos originally called a€?the hard middlea€™.
Online advertising techniques include paid search marketing, interactive ads on portals, e-mail campaigns and search engine optimisation. For example, affiliates can use straight text links leading direct to a product page and they also offer a range of dynamic banners which feature different content such as books about Internet marketing or a search box. Amazon also use cooperative advertising arrangements, better known as a€?contra-dealsa€™ with some vendors and other third parties. Our Associates program directs customers to our websites by enabling independent websites to make millions of products available to their audiences with fulfillment performed by us or third parties. Bezos has all but thumbed his nose at every little marketer he designed his company to take advantage of, and then waste as yesterday’s rubbish. Of course the first two platforms to cover will always be the iOS appstore and the Google Play store, but after you’ve covered these two, the third popular app store is most likely the Amazon app store. You can include up to 10 screenshots, and although you may not need to use all 10 of these, make sure to take a screenshot to cover every feature of your application. Signing up to this allows you to get ‘featured’ without needing 5 out of 5 ratings or thousands of downloads. Each book is presented face-out – so customers can literally judge by their covers – with a card showing their current star rating and a review.
And, showing that even Amazon has to consider the problem of customers showrooming to see if an item’s cheaper on Amazon, all prices will be fixed to match the online store.
In it we look at Amazon's background, revenue model and sources for the latest business results. Which while an undistinguished as an Android smartphone features innovation in its 3D dynamic perspective and can recognizeA over 100 million all told movies, video games and CDs to other products. The name reflected the vision of Jeff Bezos, to produce a large scale phenomenon like the Amazon river. Despite this volume of sales, at December 31, 2007 Amazon employed approximately 17,000 full-time and part-time employees. Consider how these core marketing messages summarising the Amazon online value proposition are communicated both on-site and through offline communications.
The level at which free-shipping is set is critical to profitability and Amazon has changed it as competition has changed and for promotional reasons. Each site is closely monitored with standard service availability monitoring (for example, using Keynote or Mercury Interactive) site availability and download speed. We use high-performance transactions systems, complex rendering and object caching, workflow and queuing systems, business intelligence and data analytics, machine learning and pattern recognition, neural networks and probabilistic decision making, and a wide variety of other techniques. Many of the problems we face have no textbook solutions, and so we a€” happily a€” invent new approachesa€?a€¦ All the effort we put into technology might not matter that much if we kept technology off to the side in some sort of R&D department, but we dona€™t take that approach. A good recent example of this is providing the infrastructure to deliver the Kindle a€?Whispersynca€? update to ebook readers. Amazon is unusual for a retailer in that it identifies a€?developer customersa€? who use its Amazon Web Services, which provides access to technology infrastructure such as hosting that developers can use to develop their own web services.
They were promoted heavily from the home page, category pages and individual product pages. The strategy to offer such an auction facility was initially driven by the need to compete with eBay, but now the strategy has been adjusted such that Amazon describe it as part of the approach of low-pricing. As with eBay, Amazon is just facilitating the exchange of bits and bytes between buyers and sellers without the need to distribute physical products. This seems in conflict with the strategy of focus on experience since it leads to a more cluttered store. Amazon (2011) states a€?we direct customers to our websites primarily through a number of targeted online marketing channels, such as our Associates program, sponsored search, portal advertising, email marketing campaigns, and other initiativesa€?.
Marcus (2004) describes an occasion at a corporate a€?boot-campa€™ in January 1997 when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a€?saw the lighta€™. As the data piled up into virtual heaps, hummocks and mountain ranges, you could draw all sorts of conclusions about their chimerical nature, the consumer.
Marcus (2004) describes how the a€?Creator Metricsa€™ tool shows content creators how well their product listings and product copy are working. Matt Round, speaking at E-metrics 2004 when he was director of personalisation at Amazon describes the philosophy as a€?Data Trumps Intuitionsa€™. Amazon has achieved its competitive advantage through developing its technology internally and with a significant investment in this which may not be available to other organisations without the right focus on the online channels. Our current strategy is to focus our development efforts on continuous innovation by creating and enhancing the specialized, proprietary software that is unique to our business, and to license or acquire commercially-developed technology for other applications where available and appropriate. Pages such as the home page have a number of content a€?podsa€™ or a€?slotsa€™ which call web services for features.
SEC (2005) states: a€?We use a set of applications for accepting and validating customer orders, placing and tracking orders with suppliers, managing and assigning inventory to customer orders, and ensuring proper shipment of products to customers. He gave many examples of data driven automation including customer channel preferences; managing the way content is displayed to different user types such as new releases and top-sellers, merchandising and recommendation (showing related products and promotions) and also advertising through paid search (automatic ad generation and bidding). Sponsored links initially done by humans, but this was unsustainable due to range of products at Amazon.
The campaign calendar used to be manually managed with relatively weak measurement and it was costly to schedule and use. Round (2004) describes how Amazon relies on acquiring and then crunching a massive amount of data. The main challenges though are the massive data size arising from millions of customers, millions of items and recommendations made in real time.
In addition to developing, communicating and delivering a very strong proposition, Amazon has been able to consolidate its strength in different sectors through its partnership arrangements and through using technology to facilitate product promotion and distribution via these partnerships. It found competition with online so expensive and challenging, that eventually it entered a partnership arrangement where Amazon markets and distributes its books online in return for a commission online.
Such partnerships help Amazon extends its reach into the customer-base of other suppliers, and of course, customers who buy in one category such as books can be encouraged to purchase into other areas such as clothing or electronics. A similar partnership approach is the Amazon [email protected] program which enables third party merchants (typically larger than those who sell via the Amazon Marketplace) to sell their products via Amazon.
Internet legend records that Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon was chatting to someone at a cocktail party who wanted to sell books about divorce via her web site.
This then creates word-of-mouth promotion which is effective in acquiring new customers and may also encourage repeat customer visits. Bezosa€™s view was that it was easy to reach 10 people (you called them on the phone) or the ten million people who bought the most popular products (you placed a superbowl ad), but more difficult to reach those in between. For example, a print advertisement in 2005 for a particular product such as a wireless router with a free wireless laptop card promotion will feature a specific Amazon URL in the ad.

We pay commissions to hundreds of thousands of participants in our Associates program when their customer referrals result in product sales.
Although marketing expenses do not include the costs of our free shipping or promotional offers, we view such offers as effective marketing tools. As a retiree I am unable to risk all my little spending cash on such a wild fantasy in hopes I will create a sustainable, reliable income flow with Amazon. There may not be as much competition on the Amazon app store as there are on the other two, but you’ll still need to market your app page correctly, because without an optimized app page, you’re only going to limit your customer potential. Don’t add descriptive words like great, awesome, or incredible because that will only make potential downloaders feel as if you’re touting your app and being biased to how good it actually it is.
Include features of the application that customers may be specifically searching for, as well as the complexity and depth of the app.
Once you’re on the Free App of the Day area, you’ll get a huge boosted amount of downloads, and if your app is good, there’s no doubt downloaders will share with their friends as well. Yes, well thata€™s maybe true, but this case goes beyond the surface toA review some of the a€?insider secretsa€™ of Amazona€™s success. This ambition has proved justified since just 8 years later, Amazon passed the $5 billion sales mark a€“ it took Wal-Mart 20 years to achieve this. Technology infuses all of our teams, all of our processes, our decision-making, and our approach to innovation in each of our businesses.
Despite this, a year after its launch it had only achieved a 3.2% share of the online auction compared to 58% for eBay and it only declined from this point. However in 2011 Amazon revealed that worldwide media sales accounted for approximately 17% of revenue! These other initiatives may include outdoor and TV advertising, but they are not mentioned specifically. The important point was that this was the start of a focus on metrics which can be seen through the description of Matt Pounds work later in this case study. For each content editor such as Marcus, it retrieves all recently posted documents including articles, interviews, booklists and features.
He explained how Amazon used to have a lot of arguments about which content and promotion should go on the all important home page or category pages.
These involve testing a new treatment against a previous control for a limited time of a few days or a week. This makes it relatively easy to change the content in these pods and even change the location of the pods on-screen.
Our transaction-processing systems handle millions of items, a number of different status inquiries, multiple shipping addresses, gift-wrapping requests, and multiple shipment methods.
The automated programme generates keywords, writes ad creative, determines best landing page, manages bids, measure conversion rates, profit per converted visitor and updates bids.
In most cases, Amazon purchased an equity stake in these partners, so that it would share in their prosperity. The Amazon retail platform enables other retailers to sell products online using the Amazon user interface and infrastructure through their a€?Syndicated Storesa€™ programme. Similarly, in the US, Borders a large book retailer uses the Amazon merchant platform for distributing its products. The search facilities in the search engine and on the Amazon site, together with its product recommendation features meant that Amazon could connect its products with the interests of these people.
As previously mentioned, the affiliate programme is also important in driving visitors to Amazon and Amazon offers a wide range of methods of linking to its site to help improve conversion.
If your app is a paid app, you’ll have to accept you may be losing out on profit, but if it weren’t for the Amazon FAD opportunity, you probably wouldn’t be able to receive as many downloads at the same volume anyway. There are also internal performance service-level-agreements for web services where T% of the time, different pages must return in X seconds. He went on to explain how web-based business gave Amazon an a€?amazing window into human behavioura€™. For each one it then gives a conversion rate to sale plus the number of page views, adds (added to basket) and repels (content requested, but the back button then used). He described how every category VP wanted top-center and how the Friday meetings about placements for next week were getting a€?too long, too loud, and lacked performance dataa€™.
The system will randomly show one or more treatments to visitors and measure a range of parameters such as units sold and revenue by category (and total), session time, session length, etc. Amazon uses a flowable or fluid page design unlike many sites which enables it to make the most of real-estate on-screen. These systems allow the customer to choose whether to receive single or several shipments based on availability and to track the progress of each order. Again the problem of volume is there, Matt Round described how the book a€?How to Make Love Like a Porn Stara€™ by Jenna Jameson received tens of thousands of clicks from pornography-related searches, but few actually purchased the book. So there are now to new version, customers who shopped for X also shopped fora€¦ and Customers who searched for X also boughta€¦ They also have a system codenamed a€?Goldboxa€™ which is a cross-sell and awareness raising tool. It also charged them fees for placements on the Amazon site to promote and drive traffic to their sites. This arrangement can help customers who get a wider choice of products from a range of suppliers with the convenience of purchasing them through a single checkout process. In return, Amazon leaflets may be included in customer communications from the partner brands.
I have good mailing lists for sale and i want to create a email campaigns with my data for promote amazon affiliate products. Kindle apps are now available on Apple iOS, Android devices and on PCs as part of a a€?Buy Once, Read Anywherea€? proposition which Amazon has developed.
They say: a€?while costs associated with free shipping are not included in marketing expense, we view free shipping offers and Amazon Prime as effective worldwide marketing tools, and intend to continue offering them indefinitelya€?. Marcus says: a€?Gone were the fuzzy approximations of focus groups, the anecdotal fudging and smoke blowing from the marketing department. In time, the work of editorial reviewers such as Marcus was marginalised since Amazon found that the majority of visitors used the search tools rather than read editorial and they responded to the personalised recommendations as the matching technology improved (Marcus likens early recommendations techniques to a€?going shopping with the village idiota€™).
The new features will usually be launched if the desired metrics are statistically significantly better.
Similarly, Amazon charged publishers for prime-position to promote books on its site which caused an initial hue-and-cry, but this abated when it was realised that paying for prominent placements was widespread in traditional booksellers and supermarkets. Amazon does not use an affiliate network which would take commissions from sale, but thanks to the strength of its brand has developed its own affiliate programme. Amazon has created a tiered performance-based incentives to encourage affiliates to sell more Amazon products.
There are also longer-term effects where some features are a€?coola€™ for the first two weeks and the opposite effect where changing navigation may degrade performance temporarily. Amazon also finds that as its users evolve in their online experience the way they act online has changed.

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