This charming Indian shawl features glass bead and sequin work along with a beautiful fringe making it the perfect winter accessory. An example of aari embroidery which resembles a chain stitch the intricate motifs are created by using a needle with a hooked end.
Generously edged in Canadian blue fox fux, this warm yet lightweight shawl goes with casual or evening clothes for a fine fashion finish.

Sequins, beadwork, yarn applique, and 2""fringe add rich embellishments to a colorful design.
Fernando Cano creates vibrant patterns as he knits the scarf in shades of plum orange green and brown.
Alpaca has been prized in the Andean region for centuries thanks to its warm and lightweight fleece.Brrrrr!

The bright red shawl has sparkling silver sequins woven right into the material so that they are visible from both sides.

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