Antivirus is the name for a computer program that protects your computer from potential viruses, computer worms, and other vicious programs.  At its core, Antivirus software detects, deletes or disarms viruses that try to attack your PC.
Antivirus software is essential part of every PC, laptop, netbook or Mac that is connected to the Internet. Every day there are thousands new viruses emerging on the Internet and their role is to harm your PC.
If the computers used in your offices are not protected against the online threats your confidential data such as customer database, price list or contracts are at high risk of being hacked. By installing Antivirus software you prevent your computer from getting infected and your data getting lost. Top Tip: Make sure you set your Antivirus software for automatic updates so it’s fresh every day! As an IT support company we have come across vast majority of Antivirus versions that are currently available on the market. We supply NOD32 software ourselves, and install and configure it for you including a 1 year license for ?40 + VAT. Contact UsDo you have any questions, or maybe you would like to talk to us about some of our services and how we can help you? Please feel free to contact us, we have helped thousands of customers and would love to be able to offer the same assistance to you. We want our computers to be very well protected against viruses but sometimes that can't make our PCs crawl.
Choosing the least memory intensive antivirus solution is not an easy task, especially when there are a lot of options in the market, all promising protection at the highest levels with no compromises made towards computer speed.
Although some big names in the industry have managed to create powerful products, that keep the system far away from any attacker, we’ve seen that in some cases the power needed to protect the computer disrupts the navigation experience, which is undesirable, at the least. Before presenting the options, you must first be aware of some key aspects and basic elements.
On the other hand, good developers can optimize the software to consume fewer resources than others, thus drastically downsizing memory requirements and processor load.
Avast scored great in our quest for finding the best free antivirus for 2012, and one of the top reasons for the high score was its low resource usage while protecting the PC.
Microsoft has strongly ramped up their security game and have improved the Security Essentials software over the past few years.

PC Tools AntiVirus 9.1 is the latest protection tool by a company partnering with Symantec and known for its defensive solutions.
Specifically, Anti-Virus 2013 can be considered as a first level defense and a lighter version of more advanced tools, such as Internet Security or Pure. Above all presented, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 is optimized to have a low impact on network activity and other processes overall, like installing new programs, launching web browsers and others.
Spyware Terminator 2012: coming in two versions, one free and one paid, the Terminator is a light defensive solution which will protect you against usual threats. BitDefender Internet Security 2013: one of the best solutions I’ve experienced in a while, BIS 2013 is a highly advanced protection tool that protects the computer pretty much against any known threats.
Irrespective of what antivirus you currently have, you can relatively increase its performance by excluding certain folders with write-heavy operations, i.e files and folders that are writing to the hard-drive constantly. Alex holds an engineering degree in Telecommunications and has been covering technology as a writer since 2009. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources.
There are a lot of free antivirus out there, but most of them are stripped down versions of their paid counterparts. They can cause severe damage such as slow down your computer, damage files, steal or delete stored information without your knowledge. The disruptions and corruption of your files and computer can also result in decreased productivity which in turn can cost your business money and time. However, it’s critical to ensure that the Antivirus software can be updated on a regular basis so it can detect and remove new threats. Firstly, connect your PC to the Internet, start the Antivirus program, and click on the Update button. Across every Antivirus program, the one that exceeded our expectations is NOD32 from ESET which we have been using it to protect our computers and data for the last 9 years. From my own experience, and from those of others, I’ve learned that only some products care about computer resources when implementing defensive solutions.
So, today, we are about to venture and discover the most appropriate antivirus solutions that consume small hardware resources and manage not to slow the computer, at least distinctively.
An antivirus relies on hardware, like any other software installed on a computer, to run and on other elements to process the information.

It’s effective, incredibly easy to use, free to download and is perfectly integrated with Windows operating system. The software is capable of protecting the PC against usual viruses, worms and Trojans, using a rapid updating system and a real-time scan known as IntelliGuard.
But, without question, is a good tool to have and one that treats computer resources nicely, without burdening and slowing the system down. If it finds an infected file, it is safely quarantined, so that it does not infects other files on your computer. Comodo free antivirus includes a mechanism for you, the user, to submit any files you find suspicious to the Safe List.
It is cost-effective Antivirus software with award-winning detection level that can be configured to your needs.
The complexity and the level of the antivirus, describes how much resources it needs to run all of its algorithm.
The PC Tools solution also comes with an advanced functionality tool that allows scanning and removing boot sector viruses. When he’s away from the keyboard, simpler things like hiking, mountain climbing and having a cold drink make his day.
Also, from what we’ve seen until now, it’s one of the lightest protection solution on the market. After being a satisfied customer for the past two years, I consider Kaspersky as the Rambo of all security tools: merciless with its enemies.
It only requires a computer with 256 MB of RAM to function, and a processor with just 300 MHz.
Kaspersky, in general, is able to remove some Windows-files if requested by the user and gets very angry when you try to shut down protection for good, if you don’t know how to do it properly.

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