Antivirus software helps the user to detect, prevent, disarming and deleting various malicious programs, it is a crucial first step in securing the PC or Laptop.
Avast Free Antivirus 2015 is latest edition of the antivirus released by the company for the users, with some improved features. It is an antivirus having good repo in the market and offers the user a high stage of security.
AVG Antivirus is a speedy and free of cost developed for Windows operating system making the user’s machine to be secure. As the name says the antivirus software is capable of providing an all round security and safety to the system making the user to work on comfortably and easily.
It is an easy to setup and use antivirus software having the core functions for securing and disabling the functioning of the malicious content files present on the system making the performance of the system to be slower. A Geek, Gadget Lover who likes to discover and write about the latest technology surrounding, being a learner he wants to acknowledge and learn more about things.
Virus attack can not only damage the hardware of the computer, but also steal confidential information stored in the computer. When it comes to the race of being the best antivirus programs for Windows, Bitdefender always tops the list. Avira antivirus software is a free software program which plays a key role to remove malware and other kinds of viruses like spyware, Trojans, etc. Antivirus software is must for any computer; especially when the computer is connect to internet most often. It avoids the attack of viruses on the system which will degrade the performance and also make the personal files of the user present in the system to be accessed by any unknown people. It is easy to use and has an effective web protection also with the ability of obstructing malicious sites or servers.
It has all the features of making the system secure and detect the virus infected files present on your computer. It is efficient in performing a good job in cleaning the system from the files which have a malicious content.
Having a light setup it causes almost no burden on the functioning of the system, also makes the performance of system to increase by cleaning the stale programs and making the RAM to fully perform.
The usage of application doesn’t affects the functioning of the system and the RAM is consumed less by the application. Our personal details, systems and files are all at risk unless we take sufficient steps to guard against threats. Some of the features of Windows 8 like fast booting, easy search function and great synchronization of Windows with other apps along with its availability as a touch compatible device have made it one of the best operating systems in today’s world. These antivirus programs are expensive and sometimes users have to shell out a lot of extra money.
While the enhanced version of this virus program comes at a reasonable cost, the lower version or trial one is available for free. The trial version of Avira Antivirus software can be downloaded free of cost from the company homepage; however, the enhanced version which provides more security to the users come for a cost.

With over 150 million users around the world, AVG provides security to all its active users from external virus attacks.
Apart from providing support to Windows 8 PC, Avast also helps to remove virus from mobile devices.
The antivirus can easily detect Trojans, adware, keylogger, spyware, adware, malicious tools installed and auto-dialers. It is also important to install the right antivirus for your computer and invest a small amount to secure your important personal information. The malwares are evolving as days are passing by making the threat on the system; luckily currently we have the latest antivirus out there in the internet and market to protect against the threats. Having the feature of upgrading and updating itself for making itself able to avoid the malicious attacks. It aids the user to avoid entering a virus infected site by giving an alert about the content present on the site. When it comes to anti-virus software there are now a multitude of options on the market.To understand why you need antivirus software it helps to understand its function. However, just like any other operating systems or apps, Windows 8 PC or laptop are also vulnerable to Trojans, spyware and other kind of viruses. The updated version of this antivirus program is extremely fast and does not intervene with the other applications running in the computer. The program is a unique anti adware, spyware program and provides a real time protection to your computer. With modern day users getting more used to online transactions, this antivirus provides much required security to protect them from ID theft and from hackers. Once, the antivirus gets downloaded in the computer, it starts on its own when the computer starts and provides alert to the users as and when necessary.
The trial version of the above mentioned antivirus gives an opportunity to the user to understand the functionalities completely. There are various antiviruses which make a person confused to choose the one for securing the antivirus to secure their system whether a PC or laptop. It is a free of cost software giving you the best to have and make the system secure from the day one use. Hence, it is extremely important that people use best antivirus software to protect their computer from online virus attacks. But to get an enhanced protection from external attacks, the users are required to download full version of these antivirus which comes at a cost. The antivirus also rates the security of websites by displaying the same in the search results. If AVG antivirus is installed in the computers, files can be downloaded and shared quite easily.
Additionally, Bitdefender protects identity theft of the users by encrypting his online shopping and banking details and even social networking login details. It also helps to prevent spams and stops viruses which are transferred via instant messaging.

These include viruses, Trojan horses, key loggers, worms, adware, spyware and a number of other nasty threats that can put your personal information and systems at risk. The website also detects harmful websites and also cures the infected files rather than deleting them.
As far as the performance of this antivirus is concerned, AVG provides faster scanning and thus helps to run the PC smoothly. Just like any other good antivirus, Avast also provides protection against hackers who want to steal the information stored in the computer by creating a firewall. As with any other effective antivirus program, Kaspersky is also available for free trial download and the enhanced version is available at a cost. Antivirus software detects these threats and blocks them to prevent them from doing any harm.Do I need antivirus software?If you are using the internet at all on your machine, downloading or transferring files then you need anti-virus software.
While the trial version is available for free of cost, the paid version provides full access to its functionality. It creates a virtual environment so that the risky sites and apps do not harm the computer. It also provides remote assistance so that a trusted user can take control of the computer and solves the problems.
Still, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a virus and it’s best to protect your machine.Can I rely on pre-installed software?In many cases antivirus software may be installed on your laptop or PC when you buy it. A full systems scan once a week is recommended on top of updates.Is Free Antivirus software any good?There are several examples of free antivirus software that have excellent reputations. These include Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast!, AVG Free and Sophos Antivirus for Mac. If you are thinking of going for free software then the most important thing is that you research around the software to find out what it defends against and how effective it is deemed to be. Online reviews from other customers can be a good way to determine effectiveness as well as reviews and ratings by reputable tech websites. Again, the most important thing is that you update your software regularly, as in every day, to avoid threats.
Overall it is important to invest in a robust protection, comparing different products and features.Why pay for antivirus software?When free software performs so well and offers sound protection you may wonder why anyone pays for antivirus software at all.
The key difference in most cases is that the software you pay for has additional features that increase protection. These could include identity theft protection, parental controls and tools to analyse how your systems are performing. With free software you will likely be on your own if any problem comes up but with software that you pay for there tends to be telephone support to help you through any queries or emergencies.Whether you go for free software or choose to pay, the most important thing is that you keep it regularly updated and stay vigilant when it comes to online security. Don’t download unless you trust the source, be wary of links in emails and conduct an antivirus scan on your computer every week to ensure maximum protection.Do you like this post?

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