Cho'na Bene was a Myneyrsh male Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. After Bene ambushed forces led by Vader in an area known as the Howling Ruins, the Sith ordered a purge of everything Jedi-related on the planet. A Force-sensitive Myneyrsh male, Cho'na Bene was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, eventually ascending to the rank of Jedi Knight. Bene led the other two Jedi in instigating an insurgency against the newly formed Empire, and many of the local population supported them, joining their cause. Twelve days after the capture of his fellow Jedi Knight, Bene set up an ambush for Imperial forces in the area known as the Howling Ruins. Vader withdrew to the city of Vaklin Zenith, hoping to draw Bene out by keeping the captive Jedi Knight in the Imperial command center there.
Amongst the ruins, the Jedi found the bodies of the Temple steward and a pair of Tuk'ata Nobilis, a tame breed of Tuk'ata, that had lived in the temple.
The Jedi managed to escape from the caverns, but not before inhaling large amounts of gas, and made his way to Vaklin Zenith, where he encountered Djon, a Ryn supporter of the insurgency. Cho'na Bene had white eyes, black hair, and blue skin, wearing darker blue markings on his face. Bene was greatly sadden by the deaths of the steward and the Tuk'ata Nobilis at the Temple of Imperfect Repose. Several months after the end of the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Bene began an insurgency against the Galactic Empire on the planet Vaklin along with two other Jedi.
The purge included the destruction of a Jedi sanctuary known as the Temple of Imperfect Repose, under which Bene was hiding.
He served the Order and the Galactic Republic in their final decades, before the latter was replaced by the Galactic Empire. In response, Imperial forces quickly descended on the planet, led by the Sith Lord Darth Vader and supported by the Imperial Security Bureau. Vader, who was out searching for Bene, led a patrol into the ruins, and at approximately 0930 hours local time, the insurgent forces attacked.

The bait did not work for Bene himself, but other members of the insurgency made a rescue attempt shortly after the ambush in the Howling Ruins. As Bene grieved over the corpses, Vader emerged from the ruins and confronted him, revealing that the reptilian Jedi had given up his comrade's location before his death. In battle during the insurgency, he fought using mainly hit-and-run tactics, often trying to draw his opponents into areas where he would gain the upper hand.
He believed, despite Vader's attempt to erase the memory of the Jedi on Vaklin, that the Order would live on as heroes in stories. He also appeared in the next issue of the two-part story, which was released the following year. Imperial forces led by the Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived to confront the uprising, and Vader quickly defeated both of Bene's Jedi companions. When Bene came out to observe the ruins, he found Vader waiting for him, and the pair engaged in a duel.
In around 19 BBY, several months after the end of the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Bene was among the few Jedi who survived Order 66, the betrayal of the Jedi Order and the execution of many of its members by the Grand Army of the Republic as the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge. In the drawn-out conflict that followed, Bene and the reptilian Knight witnessed Vader kill the Jedi Master on a Twelve-bladed satellite of Shrokaan by exposing him to the void of space.
Armed with blasters, the insurgents fired down on the Imperials while Bene remained hidden, watching.
The attack was unsuccessful, resulting in the deaths of the entire assault force and the captive Jedi; however, it did result in the Imperials briefly withdrawing from the surface of Vaklin to Imperial starships in orbit while the center was repaired.
The pair fought briefly until Vader disarmed the Jedi, who fled into the caverns beneath the temple, taunting Vader as the Sith followed.
Almost two dozen civilians witnessed the Jedi's humiliating death, which was all part of Namada and Vader's plan to discredit the Jedi.
He also claimed that as long as Vader maintained his obsession with hunting Jedi, they would never be forgotten and Vader would never be content unless he showed compassion and left the surviving Jedi.
The Myneyrsh, however, managed to evade Vader and continued to lead the insurgents in harassing the Imperials.

Bene led Vader under the temple to a pocket of azetal gas, above which they fought until Vader gained the upper hand.
The Jedi waited until Vader had been pinned down before emerging, killing a pair of clone stormtroopers who were trying to aid the Sith.
The locals viewed the fallen insurgents as martyrs and celebrated what they saw as an Imperial loss.
Bene drew Vader into an area filled with stone columns, which stood above a pocket of highly flammable azetal gas, preventing Vader from using his lightsaber.
Without Bene to lead them, the Vaklin insurgency began to deteriorate, and within a week, their activity had dropped to only seven percent of what it had previously been. Instead of killing the Jedi, Vader left Bene amongst the toxic gas, which he inhaled large amounts of before escaping. While the blasterfire kept Vader occupied, Bene took out soft targets within the patrol, destroying a 74-Z speeder bike and a TX-130 Fighter Tank. This attack drove Vader to try and reduce local support for Bene and his insurgency.[3] The Imperials began removing all traces of the Jedi Order from Vaklin, destroying commemorative statues and sites associated with the Order and even banning certain names shared with famous Jedi. The people of Vaklin's enthusiasm for the Imperials slowly increased as the Empire showed them the benefits of an Imperial presence. Weakened by the gas, the Myneyrsh made his way to the city of Vaklin Zenith to seek aid from the insurgents there, but before they could help him, he was shot by Imperial Security Bureau Major Oniye Namada. The destruction of the tank acted as a signal for the rest of Bene's insurgents, who hurled pyro grenades at the remaining Imperials to cover a retreat.
As they did so Bene claimed Vader's attempts to erase people's memories of the Jedi would never work so long as Vader himself obsessed over them and was a slave to his hatred.

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