Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! We know that the 4th generation Apple TV, and the 6th generation iPod touch would be very welcome during WWDC this year, although it is the former that is far more likely. Apple Pay was first announced during the iPhone 6 event last September, and in that time we have seen increased support, along with improved features over the months. There have been a few rumors in recent months suggesting that some sort of Apple Pay UK release could be coming, yet the days, weeks and months have rolled by.
Apple needs to be careful here, as most iPhone and Apple Watch users outside the US see this as favoritism, and that the Pay service is just low on their list in terms of an international rollout, but would you agree with this?
You've likely heard about the cavalcade of new products coming from Apple this fall, but here are a few important details you might have missed during the company's press event on Wednesday.

Coral reefs are widely known for their stunning array of color, shape and forms of life, making them a model for extreme biodiversity. Cook was adamant that he originally promised a 2014 launch.“I didn’t say in April you would see them this year or in first half of next year,” said Cook.
There are so many products and services we would love to see announced next week, with the UK launch of Apple Pay being high on the list. However, the problem is, it is only the US that has benefited from this service, and the likes of the UK, Canada and other countries are having to play the waiting game.
However, there is a renewed hope, as the launch expectancy of this payment service during WWDC 2015 is now higher ever – but is this just wishful thinking?
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