Preserving the privacy of personal data and keeping important documents away from prying eyes are serious endeavors and should be treated as such, because a weak security layer can be easily bypassed and this may result in having the sensitive data exposed. There are numerous ways in which someone can encrypt and hide files, so it is basically a matter of personal preference when opting for one solution or another. The utility that is delivered with a selected range of laptops is the one going by the name of ASUS Data Security Manager. In order to achieve this, the program makes use of so-called vaults in which the information is stored safely. The software offers users the possibility to add a hint to the passcode, so it may be more easy to recall it in case it is forgotten.
Insofar as the vaults of ASUS Data Security Manager are concerned, they are simple containers in which one can put documents, videos or music files and they can be normal or hidden. To conclude, this solution may prove effective to some users, but most of them would certainly prefer a dedicated app, with more advanced features and that integrates seamlessly with the system. Actually ASUS Data Security Manager is the software and you can get the high security with the help of that particular software. Tags: asus, ASUS Data Security Manager, Data Security Manager, Data Security Manager download, download Data Security Manager, free ASUS Data Security.
In February 2014, thousands of Asus router owners found a disturbing text file saved to their devices. On Tuesday, the US Federal Trade Commission settled charges that alleged the hardware manufacturer failed to protect consumers as required by federal law.
The action should serve as a wake-up call, not just for other router makers, but entire industries tied to the so-called Internet of Things wave that's adding Internet connectivity to refrigerators, watches, and other everyday devices. According to the complaint, Asus password protection was often easy to bypass, either by supplying a vulnerable router with a special URL that was supposed to be accessed only after credentials were entered or by exploiting cross-site request forgery or cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Further ReadingHackers hijack 300,000-plus wireless routers, make malicious changesDevices made by D-Link, Micronet, Tenda, and TP-Link hijacked in ongoing attack.According to the FTC, the vulnerabilities allowed attackers to gain unauthorized access to 12,900 Asus routers in February 2014.
The FTC complaint said Asus failed to perform penetration tests on its products to test if they were vulnerable to common attacks on the Internet.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Asus has defended its response to Kyle Lovett's AiCloud vulnerability disclosure, claiming it does its utmost to protect customers. Asus has responded to claims that its recent-model routers are insecure, following the release of updates to all affected models that closed vulnerabilities in its AiCloud service.
The company's routers were accused of running in an extremely insecure state by security researcher Kyle Lovett, who discovered flaws in the AiCloud service that allowed attackers to gain access to supposedly private files or even execute remote code directly on the router. Lovett chose to go public with his findings following what he claimed was a lack of urgency on the part of Asus' security team.
Days after Lovett released his finding to the BugTraq security mailing list, Asus responded with the release of patches for its most popular router models - a release cycle that has seen all AiCloud-enabled routers now updated with security fixes that solve the flaws highlighted by the researcher.
The company also denies leaving its customers in the dark regarding the flaws in AiCloud, as claimed by Lovett. Lovett has, however, pointed the finger at a larger problem - and one not just related to Asus routers.
Lovett is particularly scathing of Universal Plug 'n Play (UPnP,) a feature of modern networking devices designed to make the sharing of media files simpler. As for Lovett's criticisms - in which he claims a response from Asus only came after he had made the vulnerability public - Asus claims to be working on being a proactive protector of its users too. As for staying safe, Lama has some simple advice for Asus customers - and, for that matter, anyone with a home network, regardless of hardware vendor: 'Upgrade firmware regularly. If you use an Asus router, particularly one of the ones highlighted in Lovett's vulnerability disclosure, we'd recommend taking Lama's first piece of advice to heart right now and updating your firmware to receive the AiCloud bugfixes. That would be because ASUS work closely with DD-WRT & OpenWRT to create their firmware from what I hear.

The "deluxe" version of Asus cards typically denotes a multimedia-geared product where the "pure" series was a more stripped down, performance oriented offering.
Unfortunately my capture software couldn't catch the video input (from my Canon ES190 camcorder) that should be where the pink window is but that's where it should be. Although I don't see any use for this feature in my daily routine, I did secure my lab for a couple days to see what happened after hours when I was gone. ASUS Data Security Manager is a security utility bundled together with some ASUS notebooks and computers.
Nowadays, many branded systems, be them portable or not, bundle software of various sorts and some include protection programs, an example in this respect being ASUS notebooks.
The main purpose of this tool is to make sure a set of selected files are accessible only to the authorized users.
Nonetheless, the first thing one has to do is create a user inside ASUS Data Security Manager and assign a password to that account, so no one else can access that secure area. An important trait of this particular utility is the ability to disconnect the user and have the system logout after a period of 3 minutes in which no activity is detected.
Unfortunately, perhaps due to the encryption method used, if the user plays some multimedia files from their corresponding safe locations, some glitches may occur in the playback. The settlement resolves a complaint that said the 2014 mass compromise was the result of vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to remotely log in to routers and, depending on user configurations, change security settings or access files stored on connected devices. Over the past few years, researchers have uncovered a litany of security defects that make it possible for such devices to be remotely hijacked by attackers. FTC attorneys also challenged password advice provided in Asus manuals, which in one case suggested users secure files accessible on a router with the user name of "family" and an identical password.
They allowed users to plug a hard drive into the router to make files accessible to other connected devices. At least one user whose router was hacked reported being the victim of identity fraud after hackers accessed personal data attached to the device, the complaint alleged. It's almost certainly the case that scores or even hundreds of Asus competitors make the same omissions.
When a router is the first - and, in many cases, last - line of defence for a home or small office network, that's a serious problem. In routers, it is often used by client applications to allow a hole to be poked in the Network Address Translation (NAT) system in order for devices outside the network to communicate directly with an internal device.
Tbh, I think these open source router firmwares are so good that others should just follow Asus's lead and build off them too. In the case of the V7700 Deluxe, the GeForce2 is still the heart of the graphics solution but it has been augmented with video in and out hardware as well as the software to support it.
You get the board, 3D Glasses, composite cable, S-Video cable and composite to S-video converter cable.
If you wish to refresh your memory with what it looks like, please refer to the V7700 Pure driver interface pages .
The other window in my screenshot above is the log of the videos taken (one such video was taken in the sample screenshot). Unfortunately there are no spicy stories to share, as my janitorial staff was very professional when servicing my area in the evening time.
Under the agreement, Asus will maintain a comprehensive security program subject to independent audits for the next 20 years. Often, the hackers can use their position to install malicious code on the devices or to surreptitiously monitor the comings and goings of the owners. Asus marketed the services as a "private personal cloud for selective file sharing" and a way to "safely secure and access your treasured data through your router" even though the services had easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities. During the previously mentioned hack a month later that compromised 300,000 routers from other manufacturers, the attackers used their access to change security settings. Tuesday's settlement should serve as a wake-up call for all of them to secure their devices or face decades of federal oversight.

Sadly, many UPnP implementations are badly secured, Lovett claims, pointing to research he has published and that of other security researchers. On top of all this, Asus has thrown in their 3D Glasses to give users the full VR experience.
Where things get interesting, however, is the bundled software that makes the multimedia aspects of this product shine. The system took a measured 4-second length of video (that I specified) and two snapshots every time motion was detected during those late night visits without a glitch. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.
One of the best advantages is you can get the service of that particular software with no fee, but it is only for 30 days.
A month after Asus users received the ominous message, researchers uncovered evidence that more than 300,000 home and small-office routers made by D-Link, Micronet, Tenda, TP-Link, and others had been compromised. What's more, in the case of AiDisk, the service relied on a file transfer protocol implementation that didn't encrypt data as it traveled over the network. One such change included modifying routers' domain name server settings that translate human-friendly domain names into the numerical IP addresses used by computers.
The quality of the hardware provided is just as good as what we seen in our V7700 Pure review (including the same speed memory) except that you'll notice that we now have an abundance of video connection on the backside. Included with the bundle is Asus SmartDoctor (same as V7700 Pure), Asus Tweak Utility (same OC utility as in the V7700 Pure), Asus Video Security, Asus Digital VCR, Ulead VideoStudio, and Asus DVD. Keep in mind that you need to have some type of video camera input to allow this program to work. If you satisfied with that particular software then you will be able to continue the same software to protect your data. Such changes can cause connected computers to visit malicious imposter sites that steal passwords or install malware rather than the official destination created by the site owner. Asus tend to be quite regular with firmware updates, and Merlin's customisations means that I have no need to switch to DD-WRT. You have VR-out, S-video in (converter cable included allows you to use composite in through here as well), VGA-out, S-video out and composite out. Two of the utilities in this list have already been examined in our old review but the other software is new to us so let's review what each of them does. You can configure the program to take pictures of capture a certain amount of video every time motion is detected within the view area (or defined space within the picture) of the video device. It improves System Security and productivity by consolidating user passwords and network accounts within a single data unit called User Identity. The one thing I did note is that the computer hosting this software cannot be left as a secure station with the software loaded alone. First you have to install the ASUS Data Security Manager into your system to get the service. Really you will get high security with the ASUS Data Security Manager compare to other data security software’s. With multi-Factor authentication, all private data is available only to its owner, ensuring end-to-end security built on consistent, solid and manageable ASUS platforms.
This feature might work very well for a small business as a low cost security system since the program not only captures video but also has the options to execute external programs, send an email, or even make a phone call.

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