If you remember the early 90s, you can probably recall the craze of large tape recorders people used to carry on their shoulders, and Sony’s Walkman line for more discreet music listening. Xion Audio Player’s power lies in its customizable interface, which can be easily skinned from a PSD file.
Another great feature regarding the UI is that you can customize the skins from within the app, provided the skin itself supports this feature.
The Choose Skin window – which can be accessed by right-clicking the app and selecting it from the context menu – allows choosing custom skin packs. With its powerful feature-set, customizable skins and top-notch audio output, Xion Audio Player is unarguably a strong contestant for the title of the best audio player for Windows. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Xion Audio Player, es un reproductor de audio y video que trae consigo los codecs para reproducir todo tipo de archivos sin ningun problema. Una funcion que resaltar es que trae integrado el sistema de mensajeria instantanea Windows Live Messenger para que puedas compartir con tus contactos lo que estas escuchando.
For instance, the default skin of Xion Audio Player lets you specify custom color for the skin.

Simply click ‘Get More Skins’ to download additional skins from the internet that have been created and uploaded by other users on Xion Audio Player’s website. The Settings tab houses most of the generic settings like auto application update and start up mode. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Even the default skin looks pretty decent to say the least, and seems to be inspired from WinAmp. Apart from skins, the application also support visualizations and plugins, though not in an impressive way as skin packs. The Player tab, on the other hand, allows you to control UI opacity and scale its size between 10% to 500%. Though if you’re an avid music listener who still prefers the old ways of keeping an offline music collection, and are on the lookout for an elegant media player for the purpose, try Xion Audio Player.
Another interesting bit about Xion’s UI is that it sports separate applets for equalizer and playlists etc. The compact audio player is designed with many advanced features, and its fully skinnable interface is also something to brag about.

Speaking of Equalizer and Playlists, you can set custom equalizer settings or choose among the predefined genres like rock, flat, pop, dance etc.
And if you have multiple audio devices on your computer like a dedicated sound card or multiple audio connectors, you can specify which one to use under the Output tab. Visualizations (Spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope), advanced and varied Skins, On Screen Mini Controls - take control of dAP, anytime anywhere, Built-in Music Collection database, Track Preference Playback - your favorite tracks are played the most!
Small and fast - modularized: only components use are loaded, Selective Playback - listen to the tracks you want to hear.
ID Tag editor - edit Artist, Track information, Auto Volume Normalization - no more fiddling with the volume knob, all your tracks will be the same volume, Playlist Editor, most played, newest and previously played, Quality Graphic Equalizer (16384 order filter) - digitally enhance your music, Widest codecs available, plays practically every audio type (by Default dAP plays Wave, Audio CDs, Mp3, Ogg & Midi).

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