HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. The default player control is actually skinned pretty cool IMHO right out of the box.  Of course as with most audio players you have many more skins you can choose from their Website.
Also, like in several media players you get a album cover and lyrics window.  This is an example of the album cover screen. Of course there are also visualizations included in the program and several more you can download. Another cool feature is the ability to record Internet Radio with several options including several formats. Overall I am pretty impressed with Jet Audio and its capabilities.  It loads fast and has a ton of options. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. MPfm has a lot of common features with other music players, such as gapless playback, support for most popular sound formats, tagging, etc.
Turn your tapes into digital files and listen on your computer, iPod, iPad in the car, or in the palm of your hand! You can listen to digital music files on your computer, load them onto your portable music player, or record them onto a CD and listen in your car. In addition to converting your tapes, Tape Express Plus has an audio output that enables you to listen on the included headphones, or connected to your stereo or other speaker system for hours of enjoyment. 1X-AMP has several funny skins as Hi-Fi System, Tube Amp, Jukebox, Gastro Player with extra large buttons, Dolphin, an equalizer and various sound effects such as echo, reverb, tempo, pitch, and tone adjust, 3D Sound, and a bass and treble control.
1X-AMP is a professional Audio Player which manages all your MP3, WAV and WMA media files onto you harddisk.

Convenient management of your whole music library, easy creating of your own playlists and music output with custom made sound effects.
The program is able to read in automatically all additional informations about the CD, such as artist or title from an Internet Database and renames all generated files. Furthermore, you can search with the program for lyrics of your favorite artists and titles.
If you're looking for more power, front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs make it easier to connect an array of external amps and subs. On October 1, 1982 Sony introduced the CDP-101, the first Compact Disc audio CD player on the market at a retail price of about $900. Later the compact disc standard was expanded to include CD-ROM for use as random access computer data storage. Tape Express Plus is a portable, handheld USB tape player that works with all kinds of tapes.
Its portable design fits in virtually any bag and enables you to play and transfer music anywhere. This powerful yet easy-to-use program guides you through transferring your music via iTunes. 1X-AMP is a professional audio player program which helps you to manage fuss-free all your audio files on your entire hard disk, such as single MP3, WAV and WMA files or complete CD albums. The program can be set up so that it is permanently in the background and is then therefore always ready for use when you want to play music or read CDs. You can use the USB input to connect a compatible MP3 player or thumb drive loaded with music files. Whatever you listen to, you can tweak the sound to your liking with six separate bands of tone control and a loudness boost.
In contrast to the analog audio playback products up to that time, the Compact Disc was digital, reconstructing sound from a rapid stream of 1's and 0's stored sequentially on the disc.

It has an easy-to-use USB connection for sending the music on your tapes right into your computer where it's instantly turned into a digital file. It runs on battery or USB power when connected to your computer for easy operation wherever you go. After installation, you can automatically search for all music files on the complete harddisk, in selected folders or subfolders. Make your own disco evening, create individual playlists for the whole evening, turn the knobs and adjust your sound with the desired effects.
AIMP2 key features include skin ability, plugins, audio grabber, audio converter,  recorder, 18 band eq, playlist and more.
This first player was designated CDP-101 rather than the more likely CDP-100 in reference to an alternating binary string like 101101101. In the late 1990's this inexpensive media allowed optical storage to eclipse magnetic media like floppy and ZIP discs for backup and transportation of data. Dual decks, automatic crossfading, beat matching, karaoke, gap killer, large media library support, drag & drop management, album cover support and much more! Create easy several playlists for every mood as "heat up" for the Party beginning or "chill-out" for the comfortable end of the evening or for the right background music in your restaurant, bar or coffeehouse! AIMP2 is available in most languages and is considered by many to be a better audio playing software alternative than Winamp.

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