The My Music Player has been designed to broadcast, automatically and unattended, a large volume of music and messages. You can update the media with the USB link and a computer, replace easily the media or using ethernet link (FTP upload and download). My Music Player is a cost effective solution for broadcasting customised in-store radio in shops or restaurants. For a manufacturer to squeeze money from the stone that is my CD-player budget, his products would have to be both exceptional and affordable. That last goal, especially, is one most designers try to reach by adopting ever-new technologies: new digital-to-analog converters, new filters, new numbers. Among the many keen descriptions in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's comic novel Good Omens, one stands out.
All of the above are implemented in ways that will be familiar to longtime Audio Note enthusiasts.
There are few things in life more simple than installing a one-box CD player in an existing music-playback system—which is, I suppose, one of the great reasons for the medium's success. Playing a CD was a simple matter of sliding open the bay's lid, placing a CD on the transport hub, securing it in place with Audio Note's chunky little magnetic puck, and closing the lid.
Good review and I'm glad to see equipment like this getting on the test bench and put through its paces.

Add TagInfo:- Just type tag + return- Tags should be in english- Tags should describe what the icon shows or what the icon is commonly used for. The simple, yet robust software will have you enjoying your first playlist within minutes of downloading.
The system reads MP3 and Wav files stored in a hard disk, USB flash Memory or a SD Card and plays tracks in random or sequential mode.
Using the free ID-AL Scheduler software, you can create a grid for each day to control the player.
And as long as I'm reporting from Fantasyland, I'll ask that they also be obsolescence-proof. But there remain a handful of manufacturers who would win the numbers game by not playing it at all, Audio Note UK among them.
According to managing director Peter Qvortrup, "Oversampling is the digital equivalent of feedback, and it causes a colossal amount of damage. Build quality is fine inside and out, with neatly laid-out PCBs and very clean solder joins. Bearing in mind that the player had been shipped to me direct from the Audio Note factory, without benefit of running-in, I didn't expect it to achieve peak performance with the first CD, but excessively rolled-off trebles aren't among the qualities I associate with an untamed digital source. Not that the British firm is against progress per se—but as far as their digital playback gear is concerned, theirs is a decidedly different approach.

All we can really do is to minimize the damage being done in the digital domain." He added that products without digital filtering "will have more of the qualities you associate with analog. The front-panel display, which glows an attractive blue, was about as basic as these things get, although a dimming switch on the CD-4.1x's front panel is a welcome inclusion.
Thus it was I decided to exchange that 5m pair of Blue Heaven interconnects, on loan from Nordost, for a 1m pair I had on hand.
Their digital credo might best be summed up as: The key to making products that sound more analog is not to be found in the world of digital. Output capacitors are Audio Note copper-foil-in-oil types, while the digital-out cable is a length of the company's own AN-Vx shielded silver interconnect. It improved yet again, to a subtler extent, when I replaced the Nordost cable with my own 16-year-old, 1.5m pair of Audio Note AN-Vx silver (which, as ideas go, seemed righter, anyway). Separate power supplies, with separate mains transformers, are used for the transport and DAC boards.
I'm not sure what, if any, output-impedance irregularities John Atkinson's measurements will reveal, but the prospective owner should consider herself forewarned.

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