That's an excellent reason to add audio content or podcasting to your online marketing arsenal. Audio is a relatively inexpensive way to strengthen your brand and separate you from the competition.
All recording is done at Saga Studios in Vancouver, BC under the supervision of engineer and audio consultant Michael Nowak. Michael is an award-winning producer, engineer and musician with over 20 years of professional experience. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search results. We feel that web-based firms need to participate in the community much in the same way as would the local record shop or neighbourhood candy store.

A little known secret in the video world is, audio is the most important aspect of good video.
At Live Event Video Productions, we learned early on that good audio was indeed critical to great video. Today we offer our clients professional audio production services that are managed by our in house team. When you hire us to produce your audio, you’ll get professionally trained, experienced sound engineers who understand the critical nature of audio during a live event. Michael also serves as a juror for industry review panels and sits on the GMA Canada advisory council. That's why we are proud to host community events such as the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair.

Its been documented in multiple studies that bad audio will cause viewers to turn off or stop watching a video faster than anything, especially on the web.
And experience taught us that leaving the audio production to someone else wasn’t always in the best interest of our clients.
We own and maintain our own gear and use only the finest Sennheiser Pro microphones for crisp, clean, clear sound.

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