This post started life in my series on hexagonal architecture, but it got too unwieldy & not directly related to the topic so here it is in all its own glory.
This post is now a brief introduction to my understanding of test automation, the test automation pyramid & testing quadrants and is used as a reference for the hexagonal architecture series. I subscribe to the idea of the automation pyramid (taken from James Crisps post on test automation). This makes them the most cost efficient way of testing of individual or closely related classes, but obviously they do not provide enough coverage to satisfy the development team of the confidence of the code. The top of the triangle sees the acceptance (GUI) tests, of which there are the fewest number of tests in test suite. You can see examples of the Business Facing tests on the top half of the quadrant (the top half of the pyramid) & the Technology Facing tests on the bottom half of the quadrant (the bottom half of the triangle).
Its another way of visualising the test levels & I find it compliments the pyramid quite nicely.
The image (& therefore the percentages) was taken from James Crisps website (clicking on the image takes you to his site). Unfortunately his site is unavailable at the moment, so I can’t see why he chose those percentages.
Its good to know alternatives to models as you never know where your next testing challenge will come from!
It’s good to know alternatives to testing models as you never know where your next testing challenge will come from!

Regarding the referral count: 1 so far, and I suppose that was you ?? I hope you liked the post! This website is intended to provide a general introduction to automated parking systems, which are also known as robotic or automatic parking garages or Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems (AVSRSs). From a driver’s perspective they simply park their vehicles in a parking module, somewhat similar to pulling into a single garage, and are guided to the correct parking position by sensors via a display sign.
Since there is no requirement for ramps, driveways and personnel access to the parking areas, automated parking can typically park twice the number of vehicles in the same volume as conventional parking.
Whether used in a hospital or in the field, the new AED Pro® is designed to perform in any environment. A mini-load automatic storage and retrieval system handles loads that are typically contained in small containers, cartons or totes. A mini-load system lets you store more material in less space - especially material in totes.
The image above shows the test levels in a pyramid shape & demonstrates the relationships between amount of tests at each test level in a test suite.
Because they are the main tool for driving conversation between the development team & business stakeholders. I also find that the test pyramid presents a good guideline for testing graphical applications. Automated parking is the automated storage, or parking, of vehicles with no human intervention.

The drivers switch off their engines, all vehicle occupants leave the parking module, and the parking module door is closed to secure the module. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser for some features of this website to work correctly. The AED Pro provides the ruggedness,portability, and advanced functionality that professional rescuers and services require from an AED.The Most Rugged, Full-featured AED for Professional RescuersDesigned with advanced capabilities, the AED Pro supports Basic Life Support as well as Advanced Life Support professionals.
The tests are generally examples of the requirements as specified by the business stakeholders so they get a feel for stable the code is.
The technology used to do this is typically based on automated warehousing and there are several different technologies used in automated parking today. When drivers return and request their vehicles, their vehicles are returned to a parking module, usually facing the correct direction, ready to be driven away.
For such tests, it pays off to not have too many of them, and rather have intermediate Integration tests that don’t go through the GUI.
When the AEDPro is in manual mode and CPR chest compressions are being performed, See-Thru CPR is activated.

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