AVS Video Editor is a free video editing software that allows the user to edit, move , split, merge, rotate, cut and trim videos effortlessly.
This free video editing application comes packed with a number of inbuilt features and options, making the editing process extremely simple. Multiple Format support: AVS Video editor supports almost all popular media formats including AVI, MP4, DVD, MOV, MKV, 3GP, VOB to name a few among many others. Edit Blu-Ray and HD videos: Editing HD and Bluray videos , opening them on the editor and adding effects to these videos in High Definition, saving them in various formats and even burning them to Bluray disks is possible. Multi Language support and intuitive interface: This editor software can be used in the language of user choice, since support for multiple languages is available. All these features make AVS Video Editor a one of a kind software to use to edit, save and share videos effortlessly. On YouTube except the videos which are viral, many in fact all videos which have more than million views were edited before sharing it online.
You have just completed your video shoot and didn’t want to upload it without editing, but the problem is which editing software you should use to do it, because different software has different capabilities in making look videos great, some are free and some are real expensive. 2) Windows Movie Maker (Windows) : Windows Movie Maker which was code named Sundane, previously known as Windows Live Movie Maker is a completely freeware video editing software developed by Microsoft in September 2000.
3) iMovie (Mac) : I personally use this software for editing videos which I uploads to YouTube.
8) Freemake Video Converter (Windows) : The software can be used to convert video formats, rip video DVDs, music visualizations and more. 9) AviSynth (Windows) : It is a very powerful software for post production, but the main drawback for a layman user is that it is a scripting video editing software.

So those are the lists of 9 best free video editing software that I have shared with you all. Video editors are required to edit and add effects to the videos , in order to make them more concise and specific. The user can add subtitles, change the resolution, mix videos, insert menus, all with simple mouse clicks. The user can edit and save the videos in any of the formats supported, which gives great flexibility to the user.
Download AVS Video Editor and start editing, splitting, trimming, moving, merging and rotating your videos easily. The size of the installer is about 140 MB and it can be run on various Windows Operating system versions including Windows 7, XP and Vista.
So fear not, I will share what are the best applications for editing videos that you can use. Hugo, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Batman and The Wolf of Wall Street”.
The best part of this software is that it is free to download and use and it is an open-source. It is a free and open-source professional 3D computer graphics software which can be used for creating animated films, 3D model, visual effects, art, video games and more. This free video editing tool is one such editing tool that comes with a number of features and tools that enable the user to add a number of effects and edit the videos effortlessly. These videos can also be shared on popular Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and hosting websites such as Youtube and Flickr.

Even a beginner would find it easy to edit videos, save them on disks  and share them online. The software does not only provide cutting, trimming and encoding tasks but also allows users to edit the videos with colorful effects and transitions. It can perform simple non-linear editing tasks, like rotating, flipping, joining videos and also convert videos along with subtitles. It is free to download and use, but for additional premium features you will need to pay a little extra. The software is a fermium, which end users will be charged if they want more advanced features. The software is a professional non-linear editing system that supports all major formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions. The learning curve of using and creating cool stuff with this software is quite large due to its complexity. It is recommended for creators you have the experience of using a professional like software.

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