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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How many small businesses really value a B2B social media strategy as a channel to create awareness and drive customer acquisition? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. While there has been a lot of talk about how social media is a great way to generate new leads for a B2C company, there significantly less attention paid to how social media helps with B2B marketing. It’s very easy to fall into the mentality that just because you are interacting with other businesses that you don’t need the same level of social interaction as with B2C marketing. While Facebook may be huge, it is not always the best way to reach the types of businesses that you want.
If you are an apparel company and your target audience is retail buyers then you should use the same terms and industry phrases that they do. If you need more help with your social media marketing strategy please take a look at information we have for you here.
Some business to business (B2B) marketers are still hesitant about investing in social media. In past years I would have recommended a minimum of three social media sites to B2B marketers: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
On LinkedIn you should set up a complete personal profile as well as a branded LinkedIn Company page. SlideShare has exploded because people find it easier to scan through slide decks (Powerpoint presentations) to get the nugget of information they are looking for, without having to read a blog post or whitepaper or sit through a tedious video. I put the above recommended social media platforms in the order I recommend B2B marketers implement them. If you need help setting up and executing your B2B social media presence, contact New Incite today. Strategic marketing consulting, implementation, and results measurement services for (B2B) technology, manufacturing and green companies. Ensure success in your next corporate web initiative with a strong B2B Social Media Strategy.
Jasmine Sandler has developed and delivered over 100 B2B Social Media Strategy plans and completed the same in corporate business planning projects. Jasmine Sandler’s B2B Social Media Strategy program always starts with a detailed assessment of client needs, competition and the target audience online. Now in its 30th year, SURTEX® is the global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & design where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable. Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a nice to have any more for Artists. Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a useful skill for Artists to have, it is a real necessity.
Event Detailswhile you relax and rejuvenate, explore a new interest, purchase a great find, connect with inspiring Keynote Speakers and re-ignite your inner you. The beauty of gaining clarity on this pillar is that it informs both your positioning strategy and your overall marketing plan. Think about the problem your potential customer has, and brainstorm how you can provide value through your content; then serve it up to them, thereby owning that space. The companies that are most successful at producing excellent content use a marketing services bureau approach to pulling that information out of the heads of thought leaders.
The key to this production model is to make it extremely easy to get the raw material out, whether that’s through an interview, by drafting documents or by creating an outline. It is then up to the marketing team to take that raw material and use it to create the best first deliverable. If you are engaged in a content strategy, it is very likely that you are so focused on content development that you’ve missed one of the greatest content strategy opportunities – content repurposing.
For example, when you interview a thought leader, your objective is to create raw material. Once you’ve mined that raw material, you should start with the highest value output and go from there.
You may feel that producing content is good enough and that once it’s been published, the content will be found.
Create a posting cadence across all of your social channels to alert people to the availability of your content.
Approaching your B2B content strategy by leveraging these four pillars will increase the impact of your thought leadership, and help you achieve your marketing goals. This is unfortunate because social media is a great way for your business to appeal to other businesses. Remember that it will be actual people who you connect with in you B2B social media marketing and that they like to be treated as such.
Are you looking to appeal to someone in their marketing division or a human resources director?

Consider smaller social media sites that specialize in your field or subgroups of larger social media sites like LinkedIn.
Should you be interested in SevenAtoms social media marketing services please give us a call at (925) 566-6969 or reach us by clicking here.
They may view social media as a business to consumer (B2C) activity or they may think that their target audience isn’t active on social media. Now I have to include SlideShare (acquired by LinkedIn in 2012), because this social media platform has exploded, with over 60 million users a month and 215 page views per month by the end of 2013. Post updates about your business on your Company page, including links to blog posts, press releases, product launches and releases, events, awards and other news. You don’t have to do it all at once, so focus on LinkedIn first, then SlideShare, Twitter and Facebook. We can set up your social media sites the right way and do initial messaging for you to get you started.
If you are looking to launch an e-commerce site, social network, online publication or use the web as your primary marketing vehicle, Miss Sandler’s B2B Social Media Strategy program is exactly what you will need to ensure your success. Wall coverings, fabric prints, decorative accessories, bed linens, stationery, giftware, apparel and so much more. As an Artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat. Content repurposing is where you take the raw material discussed earlier and present it in a different way.
For example, you might be producing the content for a blog post related to a product launch. In other words, tweet about it, and post it on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn more than once. Not only can the deliverable be published, but that thought leadership content could be an enticement to get your thought leader interviewed for a podcast, a webinar or even for a speaking opportunity. Follow his insights on marketing technology at the Crimson Marketing Technology Blog and read his upcoming book, Moneyball for Marketing: How Brilliant Marketers Use Big Data and Marketing Technology To Win. As well as understanding the problems your prospects have, it is important to understand where they are going to go when trying to solve those problems too.
With that in mind, we have collected a number of tips that will help your B2B social media marketing strategy be more effective. It is on social media that marketers are able to share content, and content marketing is what helps buyers find you online. In this blog post I will share what I recommend to my clients, including what social media platforms to use and what type of content to share on each.
Ask your management team and staff to share what is posted on your Company page with their connections. Post updates about your company and share helpful content that you and others create that will help your target audience, clients and customers. As of early 2014, there were over 1.3 billion users on Facebook (half of whom are accessing it from mobile devices). If you implement any and all of these, I believe you will get traction (qualified leads) in as little as three months. We can also do the set up and train you on how to use each platform effectively and measure results. The program that will work for you will be dependent on your current status of your business and web marketing programs.
She has acted as Digital consultant on project, hourly, on retainer and is currently working as Strategic Advisor on the board of multiple online publishers.
Indulge yourself with the very best Atlanta has to offer in shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics and travel.
As an artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online. This is different from defining your positioning strategy, and it is also different from determining your value proposition.
Not only do they need an easy way to get the information out of their heads, but they need someone who can take that information and put it into a compelling and coherent message.
It could be a blog post, a presentation or an article, but it’s usually only one of those things, rather than all of them. Post at different times of the day, and spread your effort out over days, weeks and months.
Rather, think of promoting a stream of content that comes from that thought leader and your company. Because their market is usually smaller and more vertical than Business to Consumer (B2C) companies, they often don’t see how implementing a solid social media marketing plan has the potential to help close new sales.The fact is, social media is a pervasive force in society today, and its influence is only growing. Content marketing includes writing blog posts and posting article and other links relevant to what your business does that helps your target audiences. Post slide decks about your company and what you do, as well as helpful content for your target audiences.

There are almost 700 million Twitter users sending 58 million messages a day, so use hashtags (some examples are #marketing #CMO #socialmedia) so that you get found in all the noise.
Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social Branding as well as the CEO of a 12 year old Social Media Agency, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online.
This means that people who curate your content today will pay attention to content you produce in the future.
B2B is not insulated from the movement, as evidenced by more and more marketing budgets incorporating social. Don’t just put your presentations up on SlideShare as you presented them, but add a narrative as necessary so that viewers can get maximum value.
Hashtags are one way people search through the volume of messages to find Tweets that are relevant and find the people and businesses that are sending them. Post updates on new hires, awards, photos from trade shows, speeches, company events, sports teams, community and charity activity on Facebook. Using the example of the raw material that turned into a blog post and was then repurposed, here are some ways to think about promoting that content. If you don’t want to be left behind, you better get out in front of it, right?A good place to start is to develop a well thought out social media marketing plan. After all, without implementation, there is no social media marketing success because there is no social media, right?There are two critical things to consider when developing your implementation strategy:What – Developing a plan of quality content which delivers a clear message is critical. You want to be known as a company that is highly knowledgeable about both the problem and its related solutions.
Once that water has passed, no one is going to see it again, so when your readers revisit the waterfall, you want to present them with material they may have missed before. One way of approaching your social strategy is to incorporate traditional marketing plan elements into your B2B social media plan.1. Too many companies keep all their marketing information limited to boring, non-human product and service details.
I am pretty sure race diversity studied millennial quality; maybe not gender equality,Always has been! Keep in mind that social media is a conversation tool that can lead to a relationship with a potential buyer. We can’t see the people behind the products and services, but the people are often why we buy and why we keep coming back! In my experience using Facebook to showcase the people who work for you and who are your customers and vendors increases engagement and helps build relationships with all of them.
The point here is that you should put just as much energy into repurposing as you put into creating the original content. Integrate thought leadership, industry news and other conversation factors into your social media posts.Where – Which social media channels do your potential and current buyers frequent?
Planning what you want to achieve will help you continually determine if you are on the right track.2. Remember that your buyers are not some mysterious entity existing somewhere in your marketing funnel. Assess Your SituationGood old SWOT factors play into a great social media marketing plan, as well as they do in any traditional marketing plan. They are people, and a lot of people are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social channels these days.
Having a consistent and strong presence in these places can help you connect with those people.LinkedIn is a particularly important social medium for B2B businesses. Knowing these can help you with developing strong social media marketing action items that will lead your business in the right direction among social channels.3.
Analyze Your MarketAs a B2B company, you likely already know your market and customers quite well.
Think about the kind of time (and when) they spend online and where they are most likely to be exposed to your marketing message.Social Media is a great way to gather data or build an audience for your upcoming or established product, brand, or service.
You could integrate social media poll results in your analytics to get a better picture of how your audience is perceiving you product, service, or company.
You can use this data to make your business to business marketing strategy even more effective. With good analytics, you should be able to determine how successful your social media marketing plan is. From there, you can decide what changes you want to make to continually improve your results. Yu will be able to track engagement levels for specific posts and determin what is resonating with your audience.All social media strategies should be considered long-term, as awareness and brand engagement takes time because it builds on relationships and trust.

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