They have compiled a list of 5 mistakes that you really need to avoid doing in your B2B sales if you want to stand any chanv=ce of success in your field. Global upswing should lift Canada in 2014: Larry MacDonald What is a mortgage loan? 90% of brands say they measure social engagement, but only 15% of CMOs say they can quantify social ROI. People Resonate with Visuals:A IBM created unique personas on their website based on the needs and characteristics of their audiences.
People Like Themes: IBM created a€?rethinka€™ messaging customized to each of the personas they created that represented audience roles and their interests. Lee was up next to teach the audience how they could leverage social media like IBM to increase their lead gen and successfully attract new customers.
A DJ is trying to take a group of people in one place that dona€™t know each other, a little uptight and a little shy from one place and move them to a place where theya€™re dancing and having fun. Twitter saw an opportunity to help B2B marketers bring in more leads without spending more, and turn those leads into meaningful engagement in a shorter amount of time despite the challenges of distracted users that take multitasking to the extreme. So they introduced lead gen cards that show up in Twitter feeds making them clear and convenient. Now that you have all the data, youa€™ve connected with this person on social, how do you nurture?
It has always been Sales that is responsible for the revenue, measuring how leads move from one stage to the other, with the ‘Funnel’ as the foundation. We start with the traditional Sales Funnel, which is basic and is focussed on showing the transformation of leads to customers. Today, a website plays a significant role in the overall marketing plan; in fact, for many companies, it is also a transaction platform. The Website Sales Funnels are different from the other funnels in this list, because they measure the activities performed by the visitor on the site before they are even considered a Lead.
In all of this, I would like to highlight, one factor that stands out, it is the absence of marketing influence. Here is where Marketing Automation players are coming in and positioning their product as either a funnel builder or as a means of becoming a part of business revenue as opposed to the business cost. At the very beginning of the funnel, marketing plays a vital role in Lead generation, by creating awareness for a product or service and bringing a Lead to the site. Most of these leads, though live, are not active and sale ready and hence they need to be nurtured. Why the marketing funnel is important is that it clearly defines marketing’s role in the revenue generation process, it shows how involved marketing is in the sales process and how integral it is to the process of converting Leads to customers.
Marketing until now has always been considered as a cost center, however the entry of Marketing Automation platforms has ensured, companies are able to measure the ROI for their marketing activities and marketing stakes a claim as part of the revenue.
IN THIS BLOGWe share our collective wisdom - based on many years of experience and insight - about marketing automation, sales processes, and lead management. So, all B2B marketplaces of the late 1990s and early 2000s like Onvia had the value proposition that price of the goods are the most important criteria for the B2B market. However, they had to learn the hard way (most disappeared from the market) that this is not the case. Yes, customers are very price sensitive but not for the single price of a good but for TPP of it. That’s what the guys from Mercateo, a German B2B marketplace had to learn over the last ten years. But over time they discovered that the price for a good is just one part of the total equation. Then you define what benefit you create for your customer and how you solve the job-to-be-done. You can either start with pain points or gain points as Alex has shown recently in a post but you should always ask what job you solve for your customer. Maybe for these reasons, many people think social media marketing cannot work in B2B like it is in B2C, or does not work in general. ADP: Developed a content marketing campaign to connect and engage with their target audience on a ADP solution using white papers and a diagnostic assessment tool. CISCO: Has long been engaged in social media activity, often running campaigns alongside its ongoing engagement strategy.
CROWE HORWATH: the public accounting firm used 48 pieces of content in 4 different topic areas, this campaign targeted C-level prospects in financial institutions with $1 billion or more in assets across the buying cycle. LOGICALL: A company that focuses on inbound and outbound customer management solutions, uses content assets such as emails, microsite and ebook, Logicalis developed a thought leadership effort that supported sales teams by enabling custom messaging based on the prospects interaction with the campaign.
OPENTEXT: A software solution for enterprise information management, created a personalized new customer onboarding site offering a variety of assets (white papers, checklists, product pages, ebooks, case studies) and content to welcome new clients and provide upsell, cross-sell opportunities. OPTUM: A health services business, created an integrated marketing campaign to support the launch of a new solution, support sales and build thought leadership.
RS COMPONENTS: The electronic product distribution company created a specific social hub, spanning four different languages, having the purpose of being a collaboration and engagement hub for Electronic Design Engineering.
XEROX: Created a targeted “Get Optimistic” campaign to connect with 30 top accounts and partnered with Forbes to create a magazine that offered relevant business tips.
If you need more convincing, you can download my complimentary eBook, 166 Case Studies Prove Social Media Marketing ROI. Over the course of their lifetime, a loyal customer is worth far more (and is less expensive) than a new customer. At Right On Interactive, our client success team works with organizations to improve their customer sentiment, renewal rates and upsells. To learn more about customer lifecycle marketing, read our ebook, What is Lifecycle Marketing? What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?Learn about Customer Lifecycle Marketing and how it can create engaged relationships for your brand.

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The new age of marketing means that you have to target what searchers and your prospective customers care about most. They then gave the personas a human face because, after all, people resonate with human photos. They designed them to be easily shareable with ready-to-go tweets, and built-in images for Facebook and LinkedIn shares. Users no longer have to click away from Twitter and be taken to your site to fulfill an action, it can all be done in the Twitter Lead Gen Card. Most people dona€™t use corporate email addresses for that, however therea€™s still opportunities for nurture there and people still respond to follow-up emails. Log in to the Twitter advertisement interface, and from the drop down choose the option that says create new lead gen card, and youa€™re good to go. Continue to improve, redesign, and personalize your marketing efforts so it’s not just a one-and-done initiative.
We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This ‘Funnel Diagram’ over time, has been recreated and modified in different forms to enable a better understanding of the conversion process. It is a measure of investment versus return, but it also defines the stages and processes involved in this journey of effort converting to results. This funnel is focused on the customer and his progression from someone interested in a product to someone who uses and promotes the product.  It highlights the different stages of a Lead’s journey and how a company can provide the right information and motivation to the potential customers to move onto the next stage of the purchase cycle. This funnel focuses on how prospects behave in the different stages of the buying cycle and how you can create demand for a product during these stages.
It is no surprise that we have a Website Funnel that shows how online visits transform to customers and the different stages of this process.
Source of the visitors, their level of engagement with the content on the site, their reaction to different calls to action on the site and their interaction with the company – via form fill or request form before the sale is made, are all qualifiers which decide if a Lead is worthy of entering the Sales Funnel.
But, that is changing with advent of marketing automation; increasingly marketers are looking at the funnel and either thinking of ‘How I can actively participate in it, or how I can have my own funnel’.
Once on the site, the Marketing Automation platforms capture the Lead info and help with the prospect list building process. This is where marketing initiated drip campaigns ensure that the lead stays engaged.  Marketing collaterals like Whitepapers, Research Papers, Case Studies etc. And yes, if you survey customers what is important in their decision to purchase C goods, the price will be on top. So they offered everything economics told them what to do in a price sensitive market: Make auctions, offer pool buying for larger quantities or make requests for proposals. While theoretically, the TCO is a great measure, in reality other factors play an important role, particularly in a world where quarterly results count. The campaign generated over $1 million in new sales opportunities with several deals closed within the first 3 months of launch.
To demonstrate the extent to which this has impacted the company, it launched a new router using only social channels and saved an estimated $100,000. Content tactics included: executive briefs, case studies, infographics, checklists, Q and A, and Brainshark video.
The results of the campaign generated 1,700 leads, 125 webinar participants, 5,000 views on Slideshare and $1 million in new business.
They identified their target audience and monitored social media platforms for relevant topics and conversation. After the release of tools such as Sales Navigator and TeamLink, LinkedIn’s own sales team began seeing significant results.
With a target audience of about 2,000, nearly $8 million in new pipeline business was closed. The content marketing mix included: advertorials, display ads, email, direct mail and a campaign website. One of the centrepieces of the site is the free tool store, which includes a free design tool that’s been downloaded more than 60,000 times and the site itself gathered more than 45,000 members within its first 12-month period.
It’s about actively managing customer relationships to increase engagement while making sure the customer is taking full advantage of the company’s services. In recent years, the strategy and relationship management utilized by B2B marketers to convert business prospects into customers has become a discipline in its own right. If you need any affirmation of this, check out this post about Forming Lasting Customer Relationships. Our team of lifecycle marketing consultants work alongside organizations that are just getting started on their customer lifecycle marketing journey as well as those who are up and running with lead and customer nurturing campaigns designed to move their contacts through their own lifecycle. But at SES Chicago, theya€™re known for their ability to generate leads from sociala€”something B2B companies dona€™t necessarily always do well. Michelle Killebrew and John Lee bridged the gap in their presentation with an IBM case study on how B2B companies can leverage social media for lead gen. They also included videos on their site that were tailored to the different audiences, making content relevantA andA visual. They took it a step further and put social sharing widgets in email so readers can click to share even from emails.A When it comes to mobile, easy clicks are extremely important to users. We have to move our customers and our searchers from a place of inactivity to one of activity that they enjoy.
Encourage immediacy with things like a€?download nowa€?, a€?sign up nowa€?a€¦emphasize the now.A The trick with these is they dona€™t actually get the download.
Consider emailing 24 hours later with relevant information or other things they may find useful.
The Sales Funnel signifies how the funnel entry, where large volumes of leads enter the system, becomes narrower with the passage of time.

Since the funnel also looks at after sale behavior, it helps companies to plan in advance their strategies for retaining customers and converting them into advocates.
The number of people who are aware of the product is significantly high, while the final number that actually makes a purchasing decision is insignificantly small. So if you lower the cost for the process and make the life of your customer easier, better and thereby cheaper, you can charge more for your product. Yes, at the beginning they also followed the crowds and the market analysis that B2B will be a huge market like 180 other B2B market places did in Germany alone during the new economy hype. Think about Krinners Christmas tree stand and the badly solved job to put easily the Christmas tree straight up. Think about it, how badly a business will perform if it claims that it has the best customer service in the world, but then treats its employers badly and you feel this on the hotline or in the shop. The company trained their sales team to nurture online relationships and drive prospects to team members’ websites.
The successful campaign earned a 23.5 lead to conversion rate, 475% increase in website traffic, 2,500+ resource downloads, 28% increase in YoY blog followers and $52 million in contract value of new business with less than $ 1,000,000 invested.
The statistics reveal even more: in 2012, B2B marketers were spending 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, and 54% said they will increase their content marketing spending in 2013.
A client success manager must build strong relationships with their clients and become their trusted adviser. B2B marketers are increasingly looking beyond closing new leads and towards increasing the value of customer relationships over time. Always plan out your content and your messages, be thinking of the offer after the offer after the offer.
Marketers also need to watch their audiences to know whata€™s resonating and what isna€™t and respond accordingly. Take your best tip, your best fact and put that herea€”make people want to read and look at the rest.
Create multiple images for each image you promote so you can see which one works and which doesna€™t. These tend to be opened more often and have higher click-through rates than traditional emails. Those Leads which show an interest in buying from the company are sent proposals and quotes and if the offerings meet their needs, the prospects, who have so far traversed the funnel, become the new customers for the company. That is the purchasing department and it is their job to negotiate the price of a purchase. The plan including sprucing up the website, integrating a blog and social sharing, and offering some valuable content by free download.
Portuguese and Spanish) rather than country and aim at achieving a split of 20% promotion material vs. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.
With so many marketers competing, you will need to define a content strategy that works for you. Businesses are focusing on the role of client success in building customer loyalty, customer advocacy and even referral business.
Theya€™re the ones who have to act on it, engage with it, and share it so cater it to their preferences. C means not critically important to the firm and therefore the firm usually shops around among different suppliers for a good price. But the costs for the internal purchasing process can easily be 150 to 200 Euro for the traditional process according to Karl Czech from RWE purchasing. The campaign increased web traffic by 119%, traffic from social media by 4800%, lead conversions by 3900%, quote requests by 500% and new qualified sales opportunities by $3.4 million. We’ve hand picked 100 content marketing tools and sites that will assist you in your efforts. It’s no secret that happy customers refer other customers, and they are your best leads.
Integrate with marketing automation so they get the asset automatically emailed to them with no lag.
So if you see the total price of purchasing (TPPs), you immediately see where your value proposition should be based upon.
A great client success department can make a world of difference in maximizing a customer’s lifetime value. Within one easy application,  you can manage your content ideas, editorial team, production process and deadlines. With DivvyHQ, it is possible to organize and successfully execute your demanding and complicated content marketing initiatives. Scribe delivers the exact content marketing process that helped Copyblogger evolve from a simple blog into a software company with 100,000+ customers – and it will work for your business, too. Intigi helps marketers find, curate, and share engaging content so they can build their company’s thought leadership and increase qualified website traffic. The site offers educational resources to help you navigate how to get started or improve your content marketing efforts.
HubSpot Academy : superb resources, including ebooks, hot to articles, webinars, and much more.

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