Kingdom ComeThe run and gun game play that makes up the bulk of the game in single and multiplayer is hardly rare, but there are two reasons it works so well in this game. The first is the fact that almost the entire world can be blown to pieces as you move through it. Battling through a jungle base, shooting up all the exploding barrels, chucking grenades around, blasting walls and roofs apart and spraying the bad guys with automatic gunfire creates a gaming experience reminiscent of Arnie and his team in Predator going to work on the guerrillas.
While the single player is engaging enough and substantial enough to while away a few evenings, when it comes to Battlefield games the main event is the multiplayer and Bad Company 2 does not disappoint.
From the PC users perspective Bad Company 2 is a breath of fresh air in this regard as it is clear that from the ground up this part of the game has been made with PC gamers in mind. As with earlier Battlefield games there is a class system and a degree of persistency to it all.
In multiplayer the lack of an ability to hit the deck, coupled with the ability to level the map and the availability of some seriously mean vehicles means that things can be frustratingly lethal a lot of the time.
The destruction of the game environment is hugely satisfying and there are plenty of grenades, rockets or explosive barrels lying around to help out. If you hide behind something and the enemy sees you, chances are ita€™ll get destroyed, if you see an enemy in cover (or even if you just think you see an enemy) then a good course of action is to dig him out with grenades and rockets.

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Although there is no health bar and you heal over time, the destruction of cover means you have to keep moving, particularly as you cana€™t lie prone.
All the menus are designed to be used with a mouse, therea€™s a server browser, dedicated servers, all the kind of things that wea€™ve been used to and happy with for years until developers told us we didna€™t need them. Rush and Squad Rush are objective based and, along with Conquest, offer the more traditional Battlefield style of play.
The Squad Deathmatch mode might sound quite unappealing at first, however if you and your friends are hating the world due to the perceived failings of your random team mates in an earlier game then Squad Deathmatch allows you to play without randoms cramping your style. You can play as Medic, Recon, Engineer or Assault class, and you can level up both your character and weaponry over time.
Trying to attack a target which has had all its surrounding cover destroyed and which is protected by enemy snipers is frustrating and difficult, but generally teamwork will prevail. Not only do the maps and levels look amazingly well detailed and rendered, but you can smash them all to bits, leaving detailed and well rendered wreckage.

It could be argued that this destruction adds an additional tactical layer to the game, as key positions can be completely levelled and defences or cover for attackers flattened, but ita€™s not uncommon for the map to simply get razed in the chaos of the fighting anyway. Without the ability to shelter almost anywhere from fire you can suddenly find yourself in real trouble if youa€™re taking fire. Though the squads are smaller than in earlier games this means that co-operation and co-ordination is easier.
While Battlefield 2 introduced this system as merely a means to unlock some shiny new guns Bad Company 2 makes the whole thing rather more involved, allowing players to tailor their equipment and set up for their play style. Rewards are greater for the winning team, which further acts an incentive for people not to obsess over their kills-to-deaths ratio and get stuck into the fighting. This usually means that your best, indeed often your only way to survive a bad situation is to kill everybody who is attacking you in double quick time. As in earlier games there is an array of vehicles to be had on each map, everything from ATVs to gunships and tanks are provided, although usually not in the large numbers Battlefield 2 players may remember.

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