Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the long term the business plan will be referred to and adjusted, and used to measure the success of the business.
The business plan should describe all aspects of your business, how targets will be achieved, the financial workings, the owners and employees. The executive summary on a business plan template is the mst important part as it will be read first by potential investors and other interested parties.
The key points of your business should be presented clearly in a way which engages the reader and makes it easy to get a picture of your proposals.
Ensure the important points of your business plan are highlighted, and all aspects are covered.

The financial projections are one of the most important parts of the plan and should include how much capital is required, at what stages it is required, what security is available, how borrowing and investment will be repaid, and where income will come from. A business plan template can be aimed at various audiences including those internal and external. It may be used internally to assess threats and possible problems, to structure the finances, ensure development is targetted, and to check on progress towards the main goal. Externally it may be requested by banks, investors such as venture capitalists, grant providing organisations, potential partners and even purchasers of the business. A business plan changes as the business grows and develops and may be targetted to the needs of different audiences. Take the time to find a business plan template that will deliver the best long term planning in marketing, sales, income projection, expenditure, target market, products or services, and time scales.

It can make or break an application for funding in that many business plans are rejected after only reading the executive summary.
It must both inform and interest the reader and encourage them to seek further information from the rest of the plan.

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