How to blog is something that a lot of us old hands take for granted, but for the beginner starting a blog can seem like a daunting tangle of questions and issues to be resolved. Gathering a number of resources from both MasterNewMedia and other useful websites, I have tried to answer here the common questions about starting a blog that most new bloggers have. While it would be impossible to cover everything, you should find here all of the basics, and more, on how to create a blog that is properly niche-targeted and that can be read by someone other than your best friends. In short, a simple primer on "how to blog", that will take you from choosing your subject and blog platform, through to making your blog text stand out and grab the attention of your readers. So dip in, take what you need, and get yourself on the road to being an independent online publisher and starting a blog. You've almost certainly heard the word "blog" before and you might have a rough idea of what a blog is, but as you will see opinions may differ a lot, and some time to better understand and clarify what you are about to embark on, is always a time well spent.
A 'post' is just another way of saying an entry, like an entry in a diary, or a column in a newspaper. Posts are actually arranged in reverse chronological order, which means that when you visit a blog on the web, the latest story will appear at the top of the website, and the earlier ones will descend in order beneath it, by how recently they were published to the web.
Blog posts most usually have comments - a way that readers can respond to what's been said.
Blog posts quite often have a time and date stamp - so that readers know how recent the post is. So there you have it - a blog is an easy way of publishing your thoughts to the web, and here are in their own words 100 different people telling you how they personally feel about what a blog really is. Extracted from The Weblog Project video clips collection, this playlist showcases street people and media pros including Howard Rheingold, Chris Pirillo, Loic LeMeur, Robert Scoble, Marc Canter and many others telling you in their own words "What is a blog?".
Nevertheless, blogging can have a number of benefits, whether it is to help boost the presence of your business online, or just to share and debate ideas with like-minded people. For some, blogging will be like a diary: a historical record of their thoughts at a moment in time.
So whether you use blogging as you might use a photo album, to record your memories, or as a great way of connecting to other people who share the same interests or business goals as you, there are plenty of reasons to create a blog.
For one thing, search engines favour websites that are updated regularly, and blogging is a great way to make sure that your content is always fresh, and thus regularly checked in on by Google and other search engines. In this video, shot for the Darren Rowse Group Video Project., Robin Good explains the reasons behind his decision to quit a well-paid job and desire to be an independent web publisher.
So whether you want to reach out and communicate with fellow hobbyists, give your customers an opportunity to interact with you, or boost your online presence, starting a blog is a great way to go about it.
If you aren't sure about blogging and want to give it a try first, these are nice solutions that will provide you with plenty of options as to how your blog looks and displays your text. The big downside of some of these free blogging platforms is that you can't use your own domain name if you don't pay an additional fee. If you want a greater degree of control over the presentation, modification and location of your blog, stand-alone or self-hosted platforms might be more suitable for your needs. Far and away the two most popular solutions are, which is open source and free to use, or the subscription based MovableType.
Both platforms are highly extensible allowing you to easily add different "themes", designs for your blog, as well as "plugins", which add extra functionality to your blog. Christine Mcivor provides an excellent screencast tutorial on how to get your blog installed on your own domain.
Thankfully the MovableType team has created a useful screencast video demonstration on their website taking you through the installation process, too.
WordPress is very popular due to the fact that it has an enormous amount of open source, free support from its active community, and a huge array of free themes and plugins to enhance your blog.
Nevertheless armed with a good video demonstration of the process, this is not an unmanageable task. Personally, I would recommend a self-hosted solution if you are looking to blog professionally or as part of your business, and a hosted solution if you want to create a blog for fun, or as an experiment to see if you enjoy online blogging. The problem with writing online is that browsers can crash, or your web connection can suddenly cut out, leaving you high and dry.
There are some great free and cheap blog editing applications on the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, so whichever you are using, you can write (and save) your posts without the need to be online. Brice Dunwoodie reviews some of the Windows blog editors over at CMS Wire, and while he doesn't get along with these applications 100%, the most promising of the bunch seems to be Ecto, which is also a Mac application. Linux also has its fair share of desktop blog editors available, and the options have been gathered at Terinea Weblog. There are a good five alternatives listed here to get you started, but unfortunately they haven't been reviewed. Quite beyond the technical questions of how to blog, one question that often gets asked by beginner bloggers is what they should write about.
While this will obviously depend on why you are blogging in the first place, one piece of advice you should definitely consider is trying to find yourself a niche. Unless you are writing for your family or a couple of friends, the best way to distinguish yourself and build a readership is to focus on a particular niche topic or interest. Whether that's creating glove puppets or PHP programming, the way people will find your blog most commonly will be through a search engine, and they will be searching for something that they want to know more about. You don't want to get sucked into a net of gazillion sites about the same thing because chances are you're going to fail. The more people who value or trust what a blogger has to say, the more people will link to and recommend her blog. There is bound to be something that you are passionate about, that really motivates you, and that is in some way unique to you. So you have a niche, you've found somewhere to host your blog, and you've set yourself up with a desktop editing application. Well, it might be worth thinking about the way that you present your content, and how you can make it truly jump off the screen and grab your readers attention. A lot of beginning bloggers will write something more appropriate to an essay than to a blog post. The title to be built must be thought as of a label to your article in the unlimited virtual library that the Internet is.
Inside newspapers the reader is already captive and searching, within the page, for items of possible interest. On the web, readers often don't get the chance of applying background understanding to the interpretation of the titles they are presented with. This is just one of several essential pieces of advice that Robin gives on titling for the web. Once you have a great title the next thing worth thinking about is what happens when your reader actually arrives at your website. In actual fact, a lot of readers will disappear from a site in seconds unless they are captivated and encouraged to stay. Muhammad suggests that you have ten seconds to convince that reader to continue and dip into your full post. Robin Good provides some excellent tips on writing for the web in his post Information: Beginners Blog Design. Robin finally suggests that the use of images in your posts is an all but essential component that will really help to grab the attention of your readers. With a bit of time on your hands, it's quite possible to find royalty free images, cheap stock photos or free photos and graphics to include in your blog posts.
Garr goes on to list both cheap and free resources you might use to track down great looking images.
Robin Good has also compiled a very extensive resource on where to find royalty free images, with the benefit being that this is updated regularly. Once you have a great looking blog up and running, you might want to start thinking about other things, such as how you can spruce up your blog design, start making money with your blog site, or making sure that you promote your blog content to as many people as possible. Robin Good's RSS Top55 is a constantly updates list of RSS and blog directories that you can submit the RSS feed of your blog to further building your readership.
I wrote this article on how you can use microblogging platform Twitter to publicize your blog.
Bill Hartzer explains how you can use a "ping" list of blog directories every time you post to increase your visibility on the web. Robin Good and Livia Iacolare have also pulled together this collection of blog monetization options for MasterNewMedia. Mashable published a list of 100 tools and resources to help you choose the best strategy to make money with your blog. Originally written by Michael Pick for MasterNewMedia, and first published on November 4th, 2007 as "How To Blog: Publish Your First Blog To The Web" - illustrated by Robin Good - updated by Daniele Bazzano. Techniques for paint applicationThe most basic supplies (brush, acrylic paint and paper) can be used in a variety of ways.
I love reading your articles, but I wish you’d stop putting the pictures above the sub-heading and text associated with each image. I agree also, but I think using a thin line, or adding a thin rule, to separate the items in question would work better for both parties. I have recently picked it up again because it’s good therapy putting your feelings on canvas. Good luck to you and I hope you find the right way to be comfortable so that way you can have good results on what you are trying to do.
Alice, it is very normal for artists to go through dry spells, or even have a painting that does not finish the way you want it to.
In this exercise below you are only using your first three fingers to get the sound for these exercises. If you are having trouble using the bow with this exercise then each string can be plucked.
In 1999 began training with Michael Jen.  Michael’s unique approach and attention to detail was different from the Jiu-Jitsu he had experienced in his earlier training.
In 2010, when the first Smash Gyms opened Mario immediately became a leader in the gym and helped many people in different programs.
Beginning Monday February 10th 2014 Sam "The Ram" Spengler will begin teaching beginner friendly MMA Fitness & Self-Defense Classes at the new San Jose Smash Gyms.

As a veteran PE teacher, wrestling coach, athlete, and role model Sam Spengler has contributed to the East San Jose and Evergreen community in many ways. In our quest to develop the best jiu-jitsu program for our students, the Thursday 5:30pm class is now going to a BJJ core fundamentals technique class.
Now that you’ve learned all about half steps and whole steps, you are ready to learn the formula for building the 2 most common chords, Major triads and Minor triads.
It’s easier to remember all the major chords by counting up 4 half steps for the distance between the first 2 notes. Use these patterns as guidelines, making sure to change a few of the notes here and there each time you play them. Use only the chord tones at first and then try to add non-chord tones as you get more comfortable with how they sound.
While you’re playing, make sure that your fingers are relaxed and not lifting up from the keys. Practicing scales not only helps give you more control over your fingers, it helps you understand harmony and improvising better.
With just 10 minutes a day on the Chord Master 5000, you can be on your way to the perfect chord shapes you’ve always desired… JUST KIDDING!
The reason they are so helpful is because you practice finding the chord 8 times in each arpeggio in multiple different situations.
While the right hand is rolling the chord, the left hand will start moving to the next highest C chord, crossing OVER THE TOP of the right hand. Left hand then hits a single C note on the top when the right hand is finished and you play the opposite direction (from right to left). With my private lesson students that I teach in person, I ask them to play their 12 major chords and 12 minor chords in 30 seconds each and this is the exercise that helps them get up to speed!
Here is a country piano lick that would work for any part of werewolves of london or sweet home alabama. To take this to other keys, you really should know the major scale for the key you want to play it in so that you can use FLAT3, 3, 8 to find the notes. IF you don’t know the major scale, the trick is to find the third of the chord or triad.
Even though some of these are simpler, when I’m trying play and sing at the same time, I’ll use these simple patterns the most! It should take you 10-15 minutes if you are a beginner to learn the patterns in the video really well.
REALLY focus on making the transition to each chord smooth and be able to switch between the variations with ease!
Try to use your pinky, middle and thumbs only on this song to play the chords and the bassline. If you use these mnemonic devices or memorization tricks, your reading will become much quicker.
As easy as makeup is to purchase, understanding the basics of applying it can be bewildering  – especially if your skin has been sensitive to most cosmetics for much of your adult life.
Primer: This is applied to the eyelid first, and allows an eye shadow color to look more vibrant and to last longer.
Brushes: In this tutorial, the makeup artist recommends having 2-4 brushes for a basic eye look. Applying the midtone shade: Switching to your fluffy blending brush, dab the midtone and begin to blend the color lightly, starting above the crease and applying the color to the eyelid, between your highlighter shades. Contouring: Using your smudging brush, add your contour color (2-3 shades darker than your skin tone) to the very tip of your brush. To soften your color, use your clean midtone blending brush to brush over the colors you’ve applied (you shouldn’t need to apply any additional color).  To complete the eye look, mix midtone and contour and apply just under bottom eyelashes to meet the highlighter color.
And, if you’re feeling adventurous, take the matte black and apply it on the outer edge, as close to the base of the top eyelash as possible. We love these eye makeup beginner tips and tricks, and it’s a great start for someone who wants to end up with a beautiful blend on their eyelids. To watch the full video and see how she applies each shade and with what technique, you can visit the post here. If there’s someone on your list who’s resolved to become a runner in 2014, we’ve got you covered.
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In the simplest definition of the term, then, a blog is a log of your thoughts, ideas, useful links, photos, videos, or the latest news.
I can't think of anyone who can't benefit from knowing more people, never forgetting a thought again and improving on their thoughts with little or no effort.
Just as you might have a choice about which word processor or web browser to use, there are also a range of different online blogging platforms available to you. Some are hosted online for you, while others require you to host them on your own web server. While this won't bother some people, and it is possible to hide, professional users might prefer to have their blog hosted at their own domain.
You log in to your blog, create a new post, just as you might write an email, providing a subject line or title, and then a body of text beneath. His personal favorite, and the one I have personally found best in my own blogging is Ecto.
Linux users would be very welcome to add their personal recommendations to the comments of this post. Rather than writing a blog about football or basketball, why not write about your local team, about basketball sneakers, about the lifestyle of a particular football player. Here are a few pieces of advice that make sure that you leave a lasting impression on your readers. Because that's what will make a reader that finds your content through a search engine decide whether to visit your website or not.
The reader is searching for your content and will only get to it, if a most appropriate, serious and well thought out label is attached to it.
Of course, you want your titles to be snappy and maybe even funny, but if this is at the expense of ever being read, it makes perfect sense to adopt a more pragmatic approach. Sure, it would be nice to think that they will read everything you wrote once they've clicked through. Similarly to what is done in poetry, each concept and idea is given greater space to be read and understood. Forums are a great place to meet, to share ideas and to listen to people inside a specific niche, and can effectively help you promote your blog. Try These 8 Acrylic Painting Ideas8 Invaluable Tips for Painting on CanvasHow You Can Make Millions of Colors With Just 3 Tubes of PaintPaint Debate: Oil Vs. It’s really confusing trying to keep track of which image goes with which bit of text. That way I see immediately what is being described and the words are like a caption which usually appears UNDER a picture. But my comment and question is as follows, I taught myself how to paint I NEVER had any lessons in school or classes. I am just starting out myself and have found myself painting what I know…photos that I have taken.
I was born in the Dominican Republic, when I was on fifth grade i remember that my classmates always asked me to help when we had art project, they thought I was good at it. Mood, temperature, distractions can all affect your painting because it affects how you load your brush and how quickly or slowly you make your marks. This exercise is great because most students don’t realize but if you learn how to play the notes on the G string you can play the notes in the same position on each of the strings. It’s important that you still try the exercise because you are getting your fingers used to pressing down on the string and changing notes.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Mario was impressed with Michael’s highly detailed instruction and his openness to share techniques. The environment and resources that Smash provided motivated Mario to focus and push himself until he received his Black Belt in 2011 from Michael Jen. Smash Gym San Jose is located in Evergreen right down the street from Quimby Oak Middle School where Sam has taught for over 12 years.
As a teacher Sam's positive attitude is contagious and he is extremely popular with his students and fellow staff. As a senior in high school he earned a bronze medal in the Montana State Wrestling Championships and also received a scholarship to play college football where he earned a degree in Education. A seasoned martial arts veteran, Sam has been competing in kickboxing and MMA since 2003.
Sam's organized and fun classes will help students of all skill and fitness levels learn technique and improve their fitness level due to a format and curriculum designed to create an optimal learning environment. In this gi class, Head BJJ instructor Michael Jen and his purple belts, Crystina Coats and Lou Noble, will be covering the fundamental techniques of the Smash BJJ curriculum that every white belt needs to know to get to blue belt.  This class is also highly recommended for colored belts.
All triad means is a group of 3 notes… As far as what major means, think of it as a chord quality.
In this lesson we start of with some very simple patterns for the C major and F major chords.
Not because it sounds good or is showy, but this exercise can teach you the basic method of moving your fingers around on the piano. If you’re playing a note with your index finger, your pinky should still be touching the keys. You still play the C chord, but you’re starting with the top note G first, then E, then C. The 3 means go up three notes (to E), and the Flat3 means count up three notes in the C major scale (to E) but then lower or flat whatever that note is a half step (Eflat). It sounds the best if you use lots of different variations for variety rather than playing the song the same way through the entire time. If you can do that at a fairly steady fast pace, then you know you’re ready to move on.
You’ll find them used over and over again in many published song books… so it makes sense to practice them!

No matter how familiar you are (or aren’t!) with your cosmetics collection, her videos will give you easy-to-follow instructions. Always blend inwards, using brushing strokes moving from the end of your brow towards your inner eyelid arch. Only a running store professional can tell a runner what the best type of shoe is for their foot. The foam roller is a sore runner’s best frenemy, plus this one comes with a DVD demonstrating proper use. A training diary allows you to record the specifics of each run so you can see how far you’ve come. An ID is a safety must, and this shoe pouch version gives you a place to stash your key or some cash. The site was built to provide everything a runner needs to train, including routes, training plans, training diaries, race calendars and training tips.
With more than 1.6 million running routes available worldwide, it’s the perfect companion to use when working out.
Blogging is very much an "of the moment" phenomenon, and while you might create "evergreen" content, it's likely that at least some of your posts will be time sensitive.
Some are meant for individual blogging dome others for group publishing o to create small networks of bloggers.
Both of these services are free to use, and you can create a blog very easily, with a minimum of setup. This is very much like a word processor or desktop publishing program, only it sends your finished work over to your blog.
Visit as many blogs and websites as possible about the niche you've chosen and see if there's any room left for you. This is the make or break point that determines whether you get read or passed over in favour of someone else's content.
Your lines will be uneven, as they won’t have water to soften the edges, but this can be a purposeful painterly effect. People always say that I should be a photographer, but I realuzed that when I take a photo, I see a painting. If you can’t play the full exercise yet, I suggest trying to go back and forth on the first two notes shown. He has authored over a dozen books including the popular piano series, Let’s Play Jazz and More! Mario believes Smash Gyms amazing instructors and members helped push him to reach his long-time goal of becoming a BJJ Black Belt. He began training kickboxing over 10 years ago at West Valley Community College with Brian Kuhn. Sam is happy and excited to pass on his experience and unique skill set to the Evergreen and East San Jose community at Smash Gyms.
Though colored belts will recognize all these basic techniques, this class is an opportunity to really get down the fine details.
The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be comfortable with your inversions of chords and arpeggios. For example if you play the note F in your right hand, with the chord C major in your left hand, the E&F notes will clash. Crossing under with your thumb is the smooth and fast way to span large distances on the piano. If there were one exercise that I would do for fun and get good at my chords at the same time, I would play arpeggios.
If we do all three at the same time too low on the piano it sounds muddy and has no energy. This is also a good tool for helping kids remember the lines and spaces on the grand staff of the sheet music. The second is a matte mid-tone shade, which would be 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.
You’ll then want to add a little more highlighter color and brush just under your arch lightly.
But with the most accurate iPhone GPS and more than 1.8 million running routes worldwide, it’s the perfect app for any novice or experienced runner. Here, we’ll explore some easy key techniques for applying paint, mixing color, and building paintings so that you can paint like a pro in no time. Dry brush application lends texture and movement to lines. WashingYou can treat acrylic somewhat like watercolor when you dilute the paint with enough water.
In following blogs I will give even more beginner violin exercises that will be based on the above exercise. He has been involved in wrestling, judo and BJJ for almost 20 years.  This incredible experience in grappling provides a wealth of information anyone interested in advancing his or her grappling knowledge. After seeing the incredible growth of Smash and the value that it has brought to our members, he decided he wanted to help open another Smash in San Jose. He has led the Quimby Oak Lobo's wrestling team to win their league for 12 years in a row. As a coach Sam has helped students fulfill their potential by guiding them in their athletic careers. If you look at what separates higher belts from lower belts, it's the understanding of those fine details. In the video, In the video I show you how to play it on D major, C major and G major, but it will work on any major triad!
Sharp keys like E, A and D are very popular on guitar, and keys with lots of white notes or low numbers of sharps and flats are easier on the piano. Get 20% off Real Purity Disguise Concealer or any Real Purity Foundation through February 28th, 2014 with code CONCEAL20. Lastly, you’ll want to use a contour shade, which is 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. You can use the watered down paint to apply translucent washes on your surface. However, unlike watercolor, the acrylic paint will set permanently. I’m 67 yrs young and lost my son 5 yrs ago but before he passed I picked up a brush for the first time in my life and started painting and finished it that night. The most important things to remember are keep the bow straight and use the correct amount of pressure on the string. Practicing this exercise below helps with getting a sound out of the violin without having to worry about where your fingers are placed on the fingerboard.
Work really hard at trying to pinch your two fingers together even though the fingerboard is in the way. If you take Mario’s classes you can look forward to highly detailed technical instruction explained in a way that you can easily understand and implement right away.
Mario is co-owner of San Jose Smash Gyms and will be working full-time and teaching BJJ classes along with fellow BJJ Black Belts Rudy Sanchez and Michael Jen.
Sam continued his MMA training with Cung Le and supplemented his training by learning BJJ at Smash Gyms.
Those who attend the class will be given a copy of the basic curriculum so students can see exactly what it is they know and don't know. If you play the F note only for a short duration as just a passing note, then the clashing will not be that noticeable.
They can also be fairly redundant because most of the attention is going to be on your right hand. Bonus: if you’re feeling adventurous, a matte black shade is always a good shade to finish up your look with a little bit of detail. While you are living your life run stuff through the niche filter in your mind - there's always something that you can add to the list.
It can get old fast but is necessary when learning how to bow properly as well as play beginning songs on violin. He has helped many people advance in the grappling arts with his organized and systematic approach to grappling.
Many of Sam's students have gone on to receive scholarships, become coaches themselves, and be contributing members of the community.
Your left hand just plays a supporting role to drive the music, while your right hand gets the spotlight. Creating an assemblage of tiny dots to create imagery can be an effective way to show texture and to create a compelling scene with subtle variations in color. Flicking Using a fairly wet brush, you can flick paint onto a work surface for an uneven splatter effect. So don’t feel bad, just find the right moment to do it and study yourself and find out what is interfering at that specific moment.
Make sure that you don’t move your fingers once they are placed in the correct spot to get the note in tune. Maybe you need to be in a quiet place or somewhere that you feel comfortable to performed your abilities. When I was on my teens, back home, I used to work on the streets, surrounded by a lot of people watching me, noise from all kinds of transportation going by, I guess that help me a lot on how to control myself around noise and people.
The best beginner violin exercises use notes on open strings and here the lowest and highest notes are open. Simply use the palette knife to scrape up a bit of paint and apply it to your work surface. Often this is done in a color that contrasts with the palette you have in mind for the finished piece. You can paint over the underpainting entirely using opaque acrylic to cover any evidence of the paint below, or you can let parts of it shine through for a dimensional effect.Photo via Craftsy blogger Sara BarnesGlazingBy incorporating matte medium into your paint, you can create luminous scenes.
You’ll start by painting big blocks of color, often as washes, and then adding more and more refinement as you add layers.
Here are just two: Partially mix colors before paintingInstead of fully mixing the two colors, just give them a brief mix with your palette knife.
Mix and match these methods and techniques, exploring the ways of painting that feel right to you.

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