What keywords would you use to search for the topic you’re writing about, if you were a reader looking for that information?
In this soundbite culture, the more information we have to digest, the less likely we are to read, listen, or watch. Once you get the reader on your page, an image can make him want to spend the time to read the whole post.
Tagging and titling your images is also a best practice for SEO (search engine optimization). To get comments (and maybe even an exciting backlink with a post written in reply to yours) ask questions at the end of your posts. I would also say if you can to POST your blog on Facebook or use the Networked Blogs app to post and SHARE your Blog – this way people can actually find you and know that you are writing. I’d completely agree with about leaving room for the reader to add more to the discussion. Community, dialogue, and the open invitation to share our experience and expertise are what drew me to the blog world years ago, long before blogs and social media became marketing tools for business. Every opportunity you have to write a quality blog post that even one person would be interested in, take it and run with it. These are great projects to learn and perfect your skills…also, for more experienced seamstresses, they would make quick and fun gifts! For a large number of people, WordPress is the first script that they have have installed online for the first website they have ever developed.
In this article, I would like to speak about some of the mistakes that many WordPress users make when they first start using the platform. WordPress does allow you to install WordPress in a different directory than the one it is installed.
Many beginners do not change this default permalink structure to a more user-friendly option that uses keywords. To change permalinks through the WordPress admin area, your .htaccess file has to be writable. Plugins that are not being used should be deactivated and uninstalled if you do not plan on using them again. By default, updates to the WordPress core will be applied automatically if you are using WordPress 3.7 or higher. Guessing a user’s username and password remain the number one way that unauthorised parties access WordPress websites. There are many great free services online that allows you to generate a strong password at the click of a button. You can also take advantage of password solutions such as Passpack and LastPass to store your strong passwords in a secure location.
New WordPress users (all new website owners for that matter) fail to recognise the importance of backing their website up regularly. It is a shame that most people need to experience data loss in order to learn the importance of backing up, as backing up is so easy to do. With so many backup solutions available for WordPress, you really have no excuse for not backing up regularly.
Far too many people that are new to WordPress don’t know where the answers to their questions are so they just guess what they should be doing, rather than visiting the codex.
While the Codex has been taken over by the developer side of things, there are a ton of tutorials and resources in their for the new WordPress user that should not be ignored.
I would say, however, that a lot of information is hard to find and many pages are outdated. Perhaps people who had installed other scripts before would do it as admin is a common username for administrators on many scripts. I help out people with their websites from time to time and it does not seem that common anymore; at least not for newer installations. I think requiring folks to register and login to make a comment discourages folks from commenting, which is one of the main purposes of blogging. Implementing a social commenting platform may help alleviate that though.Yes it still requires you to have an account somewhere, but most people these days that comment usually have a social media account of some sort. This is not a problem if you are a Elegant Themes customers as they have over 80 designs included in the membership and you can just change when you want. Those are some good comments for newbies & backups are 1 thing I do agree people don’t take seriously enough! I recently discovered a tutorialom building your wordpress site on local directory usimg wamp. Another mistake commonly made is to not change the default settings under Discussion to uncheck the box that says notify me every time a comment or a new user registers which results in their in box being flooded with notifications. Thank you all there at Elegant Themes for treating newbies as if they have a brain in their heads.
I’ve probably made a bunch of rookie mistakes but the funniest one I keep seeing is one I recently saw on a companies site who claimed to be WordPress, SEO experts. Do you know if automatic theme updates will work with the Elegant Themes updater (assuming it has been authenticated)?
If you have several sites to manage I recommend a plugin like managewp (i think that’s the name?) then youmanage all your site updates on one dashboard. I still make “newbie” mistakes, and I thank you for posting this so that I can fix them immediately!
Deleting unused plug-ins from other sites right now, and setting up back up for them as well!
You can manually overwrite the file using FTP or through the file manager in your web hosting control panel. I have another two articles to complete today, but if you email me through my blog, I’ll try and make time later tonight to resolve the issue. Following security tips such as one of your recent articles is always wise, even for a new blubber, webmaster or developer. I was catching up with a business colleague the other day and I couldn’t remember what the exact time was. We have so many options, not only with how we communicate but market our brand and products. Some people will ask a friend’s advice on what to buy while others will start with a Google search.
The content creation and promotion process starts with understanding your customer, creating a list of topics to produce and then creating the content.
There are many ways to describe this from more detailed and complicated diagrams to simple and high level.
No matter how you visualize the process it is continuous and needs to be a constant cycle of content creation, marketing (paid or earned) and measurement. It means doing the basics right by understanding the customer as best you can and then creating content topics around that. The customer’s content engagement journey is part science, part creativity and some intuition.
For many businesses acquiring a customer was cold calling, letterbox drops and fax broadcasts. Social: Turning up a Twitter stream or a Facebook share and news feed is another way of being discovered. Word of mouth: This is powerful way to be discovered because someone thought you were good enough to be recommended or mentioned. In essence you have four media category choices for creating engaging content; text, images, video and audio.
These include: Blog posts, white papers, ebooks, photos, photoshopped images, infographics, YouTube videos, short form videos on Vine and also podcasts. On social it often means you have needed to create something visual to get that first glance. Publish an image or infographic on your social media channels that may take them to  longer form content such as a blog post or video. So engaging your potential customers is essential but the next step is to remind them to keep them coming back so they don’t forget you.
The ultimate goal for content marketing is to turn those followers and subscribers into buyers. This happens with the continuous commitment to content creation and sharing that builds trust and credibility.
To read only our intermediate and advanced posts, you can go to our Intermediate and Advanced Chinese section here.

Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. This template is very responsive making your blog site readable in most of the devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones with ease.
If you want to be a blogger you can join Tumblr, Blogger or a plethora of publishing platforms. If you look around, every third person that you meet is a WordPress blogger (or at least has heard of WordPress). And while we’re on the subject of “too many”, as a WordPress beginner you may get super-excited to see the vast number of plugins available to help your website, to the extent that you end up installing a lot of them. If you conduct a Google search, there are thousands of websites offering premium WordPress themes.
If you’re a newbie and don’t have enough resources to invest in premium themes, I’d suggest you go for themes that are free. Most WordPress users think that once they’ve installed the WordPress software, themes and plugins, they’re set for life. When you’re setting up your WordPress site and working towards SEO, there’s a lot of work to be done – download and install software, choose a theme, write content, select plugins, check analytics, and so on. There are also the other category of WordPress users who backup their website every other day!
Your sidebar shouldn’t look like a junkyard sale – a place where you’ll find links to everything (latest tweets, testimonials, Facebook fans, latest posts, contact details, ads, and so on). Also, keeping your username different from your account display name will provide more security to your site against hackers. There you have it, the Ten Commandments from the modern-day Moses to all WordPress beginners. Guest author : Sofia Brooks has established herself as an expert in blogging and social media over the last 10 years.
My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. When I first started blogging 2 years ago, I literally knew nothing about WordPress, photography, editing or writing a review (not to mention creating YouTube videos! I hope you enjoy this new series on the blog – whether you are an existing blogger, a newbie blogger or just a curious reader. I chose to go with WordPress.org (hosted by a South African-based company) as customisation was very important to me from the very start.
I hope you found these blogging tips to be helpful & that I didn’t come across as being bossy or aggressive? You make some brilliant points about planning, I lost my love of my old blog due to leaving everything to the last minute. Such an informative blog post – thank you for taking the time to help other bloggers, Lu! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post even though you’re not a full-on blogger, Simone.
I must say one thing that came up in the classes I attended which I didn’t agree with, was that brands should pay you and give you free stuff to blog for them. 100% agree with everything you said – blogging should definitely not be about making money or receiving free products. So happy to hear that, Veronique – thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. These are the types of articles that inspire me and you couldn’t have posted this at a better time! It’s definitely not an easy or simple task to start a blog from scratch but it’s all part of the fun! Very few bloggers are willing to share what they’ve learnt along the way, bless you for writing this blog post. Seeing a page of nothing but text can be daunting to those of us with to-do lists a mile long. Ask for help, advice, input, additions to a list you’ve compiled — let your readers know that you want to learn from them as well! What tips would you add to this list of best practices for new bloggers, or for those who are ready to take their blogging to the next level? Those are definitely my favorite posts, the ones that get right to the point and keep your attention til the very end. I’ve been looking for a concise way to explain best-practices to my crew, who is about to start blogging for our company. My favorite platform since day one has been Twitter, because it’s so easy to connect with our target audience there. We’ve compiled a list of 9 great tutorials you can use to walk yourself through those early stages in your sewing education.
Beginners make the mistake of simply uploading this folder to their website using FTP rather than uploading the files and folders contained within the folder. However, for most people, it is simpler to just install WordPress in the same location it is being displayed.
You can then manually update the .htaccess file via your hosting account file manager or using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Doing so will alienate visitors and give the impression that you are not taking your website seriously. Whilst building your website, you can use a maintenance mode plugin such as Anticipate to keep interested parties informed of your launch date. Do not fall into the trap of installing dozens of widgets you are not using and statistical plugins that you are not checking every day.
Failure to do this will increase the chance of your website being hacked and make it difficult for you to use any new WordPress products. Which is why the release of WordPress 3.7 in October 2013 included a fantastic new auto-update feature. This is a mistake they usually continue to make until their website is hacked and they lose a lot of data. Professional backup and restore services, such as VaultPress, are available for only $5 per month. He has years of experience with WordPress, and is a professional blogger with a special interest in social media, internet marketing and web design. There’s a wealth of information in there and is the best place to start if you want to know more about functions and the WordPress templating system. There is nothing more frustrating than having to sign up to a blog just to leave a comment. I had no idea how to choose and what to look for until I spent a few months trying to use a theme that was beautiful, but highly restrictive in what I had control over.
99.99% of hosting companies store their daily backups in the exact same location as their main servers. What if I had published half of this article and had a “Coming Soon” message at the end?
Then you only publish your site once you are happy it has at least the basics of completed pages. I ensure I get updates of all new comments so that I know right away that a new comment has been left. Sometimes I get an Elegant Themes support answer, other times I find what I need in WordPress Codex. I set this site up Sunday night, and feel better about it than any other site I’ve created. None of us follow a straight path to purchase, its a circuitous and winding journey that is more an adventure then a clinical scientific process. For the consumer focused business or B2C brands it was mass media including TV, radio and print.
As you can imagine this will only happen if your content is good and you have fans and followers sharing your content.
But there are two tactics that you can control and requires some attention and optimization. SInce we have rebranded we definitely are pushing out more quality content where as before it was just content and we have seen a difference. This can make your visitors grow and refer the blog to others due to the content and their experience in the site.

The world wide web is overflowing with company blogs, personal blogs and community blogs, in fact anything that you can think of has a dedicated blog!
So much so that you tend to forget the most important task – backing up your website.
Have a clear idea of what your goal in each page is, and have only those links appear on the sidebar. Your readers should have a way to get in touch with you in case of any queries, opinions, etc.
They will play a fundamental role in making your blogging career a success, so make sure you have them engraved in your mind! Currently she works with IX Web Hosting, lending her expertise to its WordPress hosting service.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
Photography, Online Resources, Public Relations and Social Media as I think it might start to get a bit too confusing having to keep tabs of all the tips relating to a specific topic.
I also don’t do it as a profession but as a hobby because I just love everything beauty! I can’t see other bloggers being so giving with information they had to figure out on their own. That I felt was a bit weird, ever since then I have questioned the authenticity of all the fashion bloggers in South Africa who only wear expensive brands. I am also starting a blog, thanks to the inspiration from the few very amazing beauty blogs in SA (yours being one of them)! The number one blogging best practice is to learn to write awesome, attention-grabbing headlines.
The second blogging best practice (and many would say it’s the top one) is to pepper those keywords throughout your post.
Using an image to break up the monotony of black on white, popping in a caption or quote that’s interesting, and placing it strategically in the post always works for me. If you’ve written a best practices post about SEO and images, let us know in the comments.
Even better — a blog post written in reply to yours, with a nice, juicy link back to your page. But wherever your blog’s target audience is hanging out, that’s where you need to be sharing your blog!
Now the post I’m planning will include this amazing piece that is tremendously helpful to all of us.
Our intention is to lead you through all 9 tutorials, learning a new thing or two with each project and getting a fun, useful item each time. These will be fun little projects to re-acquaint myself with a few rusty but very useful skills. Therefore, from a performance point of view and from an SEO point of view, there does not seem to be any real significance as to which user-friendly permalink structure you choose. It is not uncommon for a new WordPress user to install dozens of plugins; even if he is only using a few. This allows important maintenance and security updates to be applied to your website as you sleep. There are lots of free solutions available too, such as the popular WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.
But reading this post I am happy to know I am no longer a newbie as I don’t make any of these mistakes anymore!
In the discussion panel, I simple check author must fill in name and email and email me when anyone posts a comment and I moderate all comments. And yea, you got a point, forcing people to register to submit comments mostly results in alt+f4 your website.
I just got the new one installed last Friday and WOW, what a difference the right theme makes to getting what you want!
If something happens to their data centre (flood, outages, fire, whatever), then you will lose your website and your backups. Just leave it as a draft and then perhaps the fact that it is a draft will prompt you to work on it until it is ready to be published.
You will be surprised very often with what goes viral and gets shared the most and what doesn’t. This is when the crowd sourced content marketing becomes a very large amplifier of your brand. Whether you are blogging for personal enjoyment or as a source of income, using this template can boost your site rating and traffic within a very short time. But if you want to get serious as an online publisher then you can’t go past WordPress. Even if you’re a blogger by hobby (only), your readers will still be interested in knowing you. Some are incompatible (and not to forget crappy too!), and having too many of them may decrease your site speed. The problem with this default permalink is that the visitor (and search bots) is unable to see which post the URL is referring to.
WordPress releases new versions every once in a while, and with each new version comes better features and improved functionality. You can check your current version by scrolling to the bottom of any page on your dashboard. Creating a backup should be your number one priority, and there are many plugins that help you do that.
Creating a backup once a month should suffice, unless there are any major changes made to the site (in which case, it should be done immediately after the change). It will help you give a cleaner and clutter-free look to your website, and also to direct your traffic to the desired page.
The username of the account is kept “Admin” (or some other standard name), which makes it a sitting target for hackers. It also helps in building a connection with the readers (provided you reply of course), which will eventually translate into long-term loyalty to your blog.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Don’t ruin your writing flow in your endeavor to be keyword-rich, but write (or rewrite) thoughtfully, with search-related keywords in mind. For me, that’s the holy grail of blogging, especially when it comes from a blogger who gets a lot of traffic.
If you’re so new that you’re not even sure how to load your bobbin, check here first! The Black Blogger Themes template is very easy to customize and can be used by any web designer. Some of these themes may have malicious code, and once installed your site will become a prime target of hackers.
Have seen those myself sometimes on blogs and I’m thinking, what an a$$ you’re making of yourself!
I agree that you should enforce products you love whether you paid for it or have been given it.
The quote and image are designed to work with the title to arouse emotional responses, so you’ll read the post.
So it does (more or less) the same function as categories without affecting your site performance. Download premium themes only from reputable sources, like ThemeForest and WooThemes (to name a few). But I still believe in my naive heart that blogging should be for the love of it, and enjoyment not rands and cents.
Then I looked at the long list of “Archives” by month and year, and thought, who clicks on that?

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