In our Corel PaintShop Pro 8 review we weigh the pros and cons of this budget photo editing software to determine if it’s a viable option for photographers. Corel PaintShop Pro has gone through many incarnations since its early days as a shareware image-editing package. Now owned by Corel, it’s a powerful and relatively inexpensive program available in Standard and Ultimate editions.

The Ultimate version adds a Creative Collection of images, brush packs and textures, Facefilter 2 makeover and sculpting tools and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.
It’s not the latest version of Nik’s effects suite, but it still boasts over 250 filter effects. PaintShop Pro X5 combines image organising and editing tools into a single window with three tabs: Manage, Adjust and Edit.

The Manage tab combines folder-browsing tools with Collections and Smart Collections, while the Adjust tab is for carrying out routine image enhancements like cropping, tonal and colour adjustments.

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