Where is Palms?Palms is bordered by Culver City to the south, Rancho Park and West LA to the north, and Mar Vista to the west. A bench is a bench – except when it’s also a platform for a surprising, thought-provoking, memorable advertisement that sometimes even functions as urban art.
Before anyone heard of a little film called District 9, signs barring non-humans from using benches and restrooms could be seen in major cities such as Los Angeles. Fed-Ex can ship practically anything – including benches, as ‘demonstrated’ by this bubble-wrapped bench.
Can you picture yourself on an adventurous ski trip, heading up the slope on a lift that provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape? Ads promoting water conservation might be easily overlooked by a public that has begun to tune out conventional modes of promotion.
A similarly skinny bench communicates something different altogether: if you can’t sit here, perhaps you need to lose some weight.
Similarly, one cereal brand hopes that consumers will be enticed to try their product after finding that a public bench caves in beneath their weight. Of course, if undersized or collapsing seating areas don’t work, there’s always a more potent way to shame the overweight public: abus shelter bench with a built-in scale that broadcasts their weight to the world at large. Just try sitting on this slanted bench with somebody else without sliding right into each other. This extra-tall stroller – or pram, if you’re not American – certainly catches the attention of anyone who happens to sit on the bench beside it.
IKEA proves that even the ugliest, most worn-out bench you can find in an urban environment can be instantly transformed into a homey, welcoming space to relax with some inexpensive Swedish fabric and accessories.

Seeing the brown slats of a bench partially enveloped in a Kit-Kat wrapper begs the question: why didn’t they think of this earlier? We might let important social issues slip our minds while going about our daily lives, but Amnesty International is here to remind us that “More than 4000 condemned until death are waiting for their execution. If this ad and others in the same series were put out by an insurance agency, one would have to wonder whether the “extra safe” message really implies that consumers are buying way more coverage than they need.
Located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities, Benches provide excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Add three dimensional extensions, props or wrap the entire Bench with your ad to make a dramatic impact on your audience. Using a mix of out-of-home formats to target consumers in the immediate vicinity of the store location, AHF succeeded in generating buzz for a Miami location opening.
The best bench ads turn ubiquitous public furniture into interactive displays that entreat the public to get fit, go on vacation, try a new product and even conserve.
With a phone number and a warning that “non-human secretions may corrode metal”, these advertisements blurred the line between reality and the fictional world created by the filmmakers in typical guerilla fashion. The ad series, conceived by BBDO New York, was created to announce the opening of FedEx Kinko’s locations in fairly remote locations. If not, Alberta Travel is happy to help with this creative bench ad that even emulates skis on your feet and snow down below. Slim Fast helpfully points people in the right direction with a plaque that reads “Donated by Slim Fast”. This bench in Germany was made with a flexible material to shock people into thinking about how heavy they are, and convince them that 99.9% fat-free Special K was the way to fix the problem.

It literally forces people to “Get Closer”, which happens to be the ad slogan for a Czech liquor called Becherovka. The unusual ad by Calgary Zoo uses an embroidered blanket to tell the public that “the baby giraffe is here”. This ad by Nivea promoting its Goodbye-Cellulite lotion manages to convey the message that smooth skin is superior to cellulite without anything too disturbingly skin-like.
It’s a perfect fit that undoubtedly had many an onlooker suddenly craving chocolate-covered wafers. This ad campaign not only promotes reading and publicizes the work of native writers, but turns boring public furniture into functional works of art.
Bench ads are placed curbside at eye level, so they are visible to thousands of people waiting for the bus and establish a strong local presence in the community. Ads are placed curbside, establishing a strong local presence and reaching mobile consumers. Benches are highly effective for point-of-purchase marketing near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters and tourist attractions.
Accompanying these words at a Barcelona bus shelter was a bench designed to look like a pair of electric chairs. He’s a student from Philippines who loves to write for design community and dedicated in sharing inspirational resources.

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