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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Como comentaba en el Workshop sobre Facebook de la semana pasada, tener una pagina de Facebook puede ser una buenisima herramienta para conectar con tus potenciales clientes, escuchar sus opiniones y aportarles valor de modo que tu imagen de marca se fortalezca. Por experiencia he visto que la mayoria de la empresas que estan en Facebook se obsesionan con el numero de fans de su pagina en vez de concentrarse en que esos fans realmente generen actividad, que es una de las cosas que mas les ayudara a conseguir mas fans.
Despues de bastantes experimentos en mi propia pagina de Facebook he identificado algunas “Mejores Practicas” en cuanto a la publicacion que ayudan mucho a generar actividad entre los fans. Cuando compartes un enlace en tu muro de Facebook asegurate que siempre vaya acompanado de una imagen. Despues de varias pruebas, he comprobado que el tipo de post que mas interaccion genera, muy por encima de los demas, son las imagenes. En los ultimos meses Facebook ha sido la red social a la que mas tiempo he dedicado, publicando mucho mas contenido de forma mucho mas consistente.
Pedir opinion a tus fans es otra de las mejores maneras de generar actividad en tu pagina de Facebook. For people with no internet marketing experience whatsoever it can be very difficult to understand what exactly the benefits of internet marketing are.
Every visitor on a website is a potential customer or customer for the advertisers on that site. In this blog post I explain the benefits of internet marketing without really getting into technical details and marketing techniques. In online marketing and the home based business industry in general you can decide who you want to work with.
The truth is that when you get started online, you will have to work many hours to get your business off the ground. When you’re a fulltime online marketer, you no longer have a boss who orders you to do this and that.
When working online, however, the benefits of internet marketing can boost your income big time.
I enlisted some of the benefits of internet marketing here in this blog post, however, if you can add more information or share some experiences, please use the comment form to do so. Pinterest offers users a virtual pin board that allows them to keep track of things that inspire them. Since small businesses have begun realizing the power Pinterest has to offer, many fashion designers, photographers and graphic artists have started using it for business promotion. Now that you understand the value that Pinterest offers small businesses, you may be wondering what practices work best for small businesses that want to get involved in Pinterest marketing. Last, don’t forget to interact with your audience and engage them if you want to convert them.

You can find a guide full of all the steps you need to get started here Mastering Pinterest Marketing.  For a Free eBook on how to get started with Pinterest and what you need to do first to put your marketing machine on a solid foundation visit Harness the Power of Pinterest. Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Esta comprobado que un enlace con imagen adjunta genera entre un 100% y un 180% de mayor interaccion que un link sin imagen. Esto se puede comprobar de forma sencilla viendo las estadisticas de la pagina, y con ejemplos como la imagen del “Proceso Mental antes de Publicar en Redes Sociales” que en apenas una hora tuvo mas de 100 likes, 35 comentarios y se compartio 62 veces. Esto se ha traducido en un incremento muy sustancial en el numero de Fans, en la propia interaccion de estos fans y ha convertido a Facebook en la web de referencia que mas trafico esta llevando a mi blog. Lo mejor de todo es que puedes utilizar estas preguntas con un doble resultado beneficioso, el primero es que se genera interaccion entre los usuarios, y la segunda es que es una manera muy buena de obtener feedback de tus potenciales clientes.
You might already know some basic fundamentals regarding how to promote websites and such, but eventually that knowledge just won’t cut it if you would like to have a professional internet marketing career. You can surf around on this blog if you need more information regarding the three facts that I stated above. In all honesty, if you know that you’re the excuse-type of person, do yourself and me a favor and don’t get started. When you waste your time on people who don’t deserve it, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
This is a tricky benefit because it can make you believe that you are no longer obliged to do this and that. Whether it’s in the home based business industry or in a bricks-and-mortar business, if you are your own boss, you basically decide how much you want to work and as a result how much you will approximately earn. Internet niches such as online advertising are crisis-free and there’s almost no saturation in the marketplace. Interests can be liked or pinned on the site and Pinterest also allows people to promote services and products easily. After all, the site reports having more than 10 million unique visitors and also reports incredible growth within the past few months.
Now you need to work on actually harnessing the power of this website so your business can enjoy all it has to offer. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales.
I know a lot of people who run a small business for instance and pay for a website without even knowing what the benefits are and how to work with it. Look, I don’t have time to babysit, nor do I make time for people who don’t want to roll up their sleeves. However, that’s total bullshit of course because you now have a business so you need to pull in cash by yourself. This will show you what products are popular and which colors and ideas are being pinned again and again.

Choose categories and board names that define the services and products included within that board. You can do this by liking their pins, repinning their pins or even by mentioning them in your own pins.
The question of when to resort to market research can be answered by a cost-benefit analysis. If you don’t understand what the benefits of internet marketing are, you also won’t do any effort to build an online marketing business. I’m not saying that working with me requires you to be Spartacus, but you need at least a positive mindset and the will to make things happen. Of course, while Pinterest has many benefits to offer, it has to be used correctly or businesses will end up with another social media marketing failure once again. Although you won’t find any hardcore metrics, you can keep up with the current interests and trends. The costs of doing market research are the direct expenses of doing research as well as the probable loss in sales due to delaying the decision.The benefit of market research lies in the increase in revenue by improving the quality of the decision. This will enable your small business to figure out popularity, interests and even marketability for products. It is quite possible that the cost-benefit analysis may be against research even if stakes are high. A delay in the decision caused by waiting for the results of the market research can give an opportunity to competitors to capture market share at your cost.Market research is not to be confused with a field survey. The relationship between results and the decision is understood by the entre­preneur and the researcher.3. Sometimes, the results can be cloaked in jargon and the researcher can fail to convey the true significance of the results.4.
A lot of market research, particularly field surveys, is done under direct super­vision and there is no scope to fudge basic data. With fudged data, the results will get skewed and a wrong picture will be presented to the client.It pays to be careful with the results from a market survey. At best, it is a good estimate, but a number of factors can result in a good estimate that is nowhere near the actual market performance.
Sometimes, the market-research agencies are also found to be optimistically overstating the results to get a favourable response from the clients.One of the commonest reasons for entrepreneurial firms to conduct a market survey is to forecast market demand. There can be a lot of methods to arrive at a forecasted demand, but most methods are based on the following steps:i.

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