Having a strategy ahead of time is what ensures real-world benefits that translate into more leads, more customers, and more sales. Alteza Labs® monitors your marketing campaign and design of your website to identify areas of improvement that can lead to a better conversion of leads into paying customers. In the world of digital media, search engine marketing (SEM or paid search) is practically ancient. According to Search Engine Land, Google is still handling over 1 trillion searches per year. Every organization hopes that SEO (search engine optimization) efforts will make their website rise in the ranks of Google and should certainly invest in tactics to do so. There are a wide variety of targeting opportunities that ensure marketing dollars are used strategically so your brand appears to the right users, in the right places, at the right times.
One of the greatest advantages of paid search advertising is the ability to test variables quickly. Unlike SEO, when it comes to paid search advertising, organizations have control over exactly what content a user sees based on their search queries, providing a solution that matches users’ needs exactly. Although paid search is old in the age of the web, it’s still an extremely effective tool for organizations of all sizes. In today’s unstable economy, every dollar that’s spent by a company on marketing is extremely valuable. Basically, search engine marketing is focused on improving the visibility of websites in search engines, a goal it accomplishes by using several strategies. Search engine marketing can prove to a cost effective solution for businesses as opposed to other advertising campaigns.
Another advantage associated with search engine marketing is that it is highly flexible and the results can also be measured easily.
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Potential customers searching for a product or service need to find you towards the top or the first page to increase the likelihood that they will select your company to purchase from.

Without hard numbers to evaluate strategic decisions, it can be near impossible how well your marketing campaign is working.
Since its inception in 2000, the basic premise for the tactic has remained largely the same regardless of drastic changes throughout the digital media space. While Google represents the largest market share, this figure doesn’t include Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.
However, SEO can take a long time to implement and even longer to see results, especially in highly competitive searches and markets.
Using the volume at hand, organizations are able to test ad messaging, landing page copy and calls-to-action over a short period of time, and apply these learnings to other online and offline marketing efforts.
Ideally, organizations want this to occur through SEO efforts as well, but ultimately search engines will match which page it sees as most relevant to the search. A great deal of planning and effort is put into developing a business’s advertising campaign. Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a popular method of SEM as well as search engine optimization for which an SEO agency Singapore is hired. When a website becomes visible on various search engines, a good amount of traffic will be directed to it on a daily basis. As it provides the business with targeted traffic, it is quite easy for it to alter prospects according to the needs and preferences of clients. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of hours for the campaign to be put into action and will start driving traffic to the website quickly. A broad range of data can be accumulated on the reactions of the public to the campaign, which can aid the business in identifying the weaknesses and flaws and fixing them to get better results. When a website becomes visible on search engines through PPC and the efforts of SEO agency Singapore, it comes off as an approved brand.
Not being towards the top of the page or at the very least, on the first page of search results, is almost like your business is somewhere in the desert, with no address or phone number to get a hold of you.
Once we know what obstacles we must tackle head-on, we begin the journey of improving your Search Results ranking on Google.
Alteza Labs® provides you with monthly reports of where your website is currently ranking and any critical insights that need to be addressed to ensure success.

While digital display budgets, including banners, videos and other rich media formats will surpass search in 2016, paid search budgets are still growing more than 10% year-over-year.
Here lies opportunity for organizations to provide the solutions that searchers are seeking.
Through SEM efforts, organizations can ensure that they are at the top of search results for key phrases while they work on optimizing the website. And because of the self-service of paid search advertising, most tests can be done without relying on vendors. Most companies have come to the realization that in this age and day, the question isn’t whether to invest in internet marketing or not, but how to do it in order to maximize the return on investment.
Along with SEO and paid listings, other search-engine related services are also used for increasing exposure. As compared to social media networks, search engines are the source of traffic recommendations of websites.
Even small businesses that have a low budget can opt for search engine marketing, which gives them the opportunity to go head to head with the market leaders. While the major impact will not happen immediately and may take a couple of weeks to become noticeable, the initial setup is quite simple and straightforward and can be implemented fairly quickly.
Being in anything past the 5th spot quickly reduces the chances of a potential customer purchasing from you to less than 1 out 100. This is even more important after Google’s latest update, where a 4th ad position opened at the top of the results page, pushing organic results further down the results page. An ideal tool in this regard can be search engine marketing or SEM, as it’s commonly known. When potential customers search for products and services provided by the business, SEM will bring them to the business’s website.
Businesses of all sizes can utilize this strategy for optimizing websites and positioning them as search-engine friendly.

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