Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest to manage, but most competitive online money making ventures currently around. When you order DotCom Income Secrets you will get instant access to my step-by-step system. This monthly membership club really covers everything you need to know to become a super affiliate. Create and edit your articles, whether they're PLR articles or articles you write yourself, directly in SiteBuilder Elite using the in-built article editor. Get instant on-line access to Affiliate Blogger PRO to learn affiliate marketing and blogging in a fun and easy way. Step-by-Step Cash System is a system that will instantly earn you a huge income even without experience. A home page with an attractive layout and cool integrated graphics that make it look great. Affiliate Overdrive is The Only Blueprint You Need To Start Making Money Instantly, Without Ever Having To Invest A Lot Of Time And Money In Building Your Affiliate Network.
Imagine, Being Able To Make Money From Home Using The Very Same Simple 5-Step Newbie Friendly Online Money Making System.
All mentioned trademarks, product names or service names are the property of their respective owners. Ready for something that will potentially change your life and help you start your own business online? I know there is a lot of bull out there.  In fact, so much crap that we would need a massive landfill for all the scams, hoaxes, and borderline unethical programs out there. That is why I am here.  I have become the human gunieau pig over the last couple of years and have been run through the loops. My personal opinion: After logging in for the first time to Wealthy Affiliate, I was convinced that they price I paid for membership was far less than the actual value of the service the Wealthy Affiliate University had to offer. This place was unreal…especially after what I was accustomed to from products I had purchased in the past. I can tell you that everything they say they offer on their website, they actually DO OFFER! The first reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is that I am an active member for the last 2.5 years within the Wealthy Affiliate community. With over 500 resources (and growing everyday), Wealthy Affiliate offers Internet marketing training like no other. At the time of me writing this, there are 9 separate training categories within Wealthy Affiliate.
One thing that I really think is cool about their training is that members create resources. If you like live training, the WABinars are for you.  Every week there are live WABinars at WA covering pretty much every marketing topic you can imagine.
I have bought keyword and research tools in the past, but the ones at Wealthy Affiliate are just as good if not better than anything that I have invested money in.  They even have a keyword search feature that can find you keywords that have next to no competition in seconds.
Wealthy Affiliate has just added a full WordPress site builder called WordPress Express.  This is an absolutely massive addition and this system is included to all Wealthy Affiliate members for no extra cost.

Support is crucial for me to recommend anything and WA goes above and beyond with their support. There are also experienced members (Category Experts) within all of the training modules at Wealthy Affiliate.
Picture this…You have the opportunity to network instantly with 1000?s like minded individuals, some of which are Internet Millionaires.
I took a couple of screen shots for you (out of the 1000?s of success posts) just to give you and idea of the sort of success people are experiencing. The cool part is that I am not even close to being the most successful member at Wealthy Affiliate. I normally would not give a program a 10 out of 10 under User Success, however I know first hand how powerful Wealthy Affiliate is and how it helped me achieve my own personal goals online.  I also know that User Success is very common at WA and if you work a little bit, you will see huge things happen! What would you expect to pay for essentially a business, business training, all the tools you need to run that business, a network of like minded business people and a personal coach from millionaires if you get stuck.
The price is a bit of a weighing factor for many people prior joining Wealthy Affiliate…however this is not because it is too expensive, rather the opposite.  WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS TOO DARN CHEAP. I can tell you that at $97 per month (for the PLATINUM unlimited package), it is not only under priced, I think that these guys should be raising their price! It is by far the best service out there and I have reviewed membership sites that charge $1000 per month, yet offer only a fraction of what the boys at WA offer.
You should think of this in the same way as you do education.  You are investing in yourself.  There is no school that I have ever heard of that you can go to for $97 or $47 per month…if there was I would went there instead of wasting $20,000+ on my university education!
The community there is fun, they are active, they are helpful, and they are…hmm, successful.  If you don’t succeed with WA, then you can come back and gimme a good old punch in the gut…that is how confident I am with the Wealthy Affiliate membership.
My Favorite (FREE) CourseThere are many paid and free courses on how to get started with Internet marketing available online. Texas Association of School Boards , conducted a lengthy search that included community involvement sessions and a leadership qualifications and characteristics report. An all-new training website teaches affiliates how to promote exclusive high ticket items like franchises, business and sales for up to $16,000 per click. Each month, members receive a full package of affiliate marketing material, research, tools and latest promotional techniques. 225+ tutorials containing practical tips and real-life examples of working affiliate sites. The strategies covered in Step-by-Step Cash System are simple to understand and even easier to implement. A sitemap page, which will make your site an excellent target for search engines like Google, and make your site easy for searchers to find. I can affirmatively say that you don’t need 10 products, 5 products, or even 3 products to succeed. If you are an absolute beginner or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, the training within Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best. I personally have my favorites which are the PPC and the Article Marketing as they are what I am into, but I also get a ton of knowledge from the others combined. These walk you through the whole process…so if you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and running very quickly.

There are many experts within Wealthy Affiliate that contribute regularly within WA…adding new videos, tutorials, and guides for other members to download. One thing I always test within companies I review is the lines of support and make sure they give me a respond within at least 48 hours.
If you want to learn about Article Marketing for example, not only will you find a ton of great resources and tools, you will have access to experts at Article Marketing. You get your own profile, your own space, your own blog and you have the ability to chat with members that range from absolute newbies to millionaire marketers to the owners themselves. They continue adding social aspects that continue to promote networking among members and the creation of friendships! If people are not succeeding around me (and if I haven’t succeeded), then I do not recommend something. There are guys and gals within the community that make much more than me ($1 MILLION+ per year), and in total there are a lot of people in general earning success. I am just a regular guy that was willing to work towards something…and with the help of WA and a little elbow grease I did it. Whatever marketing technique want to succeed with online, you have it at your fingertips within the Training Center at Wealthy Affiliate!
I have gone through every Getting Started section within WA and they all provide excellent training! To be honest with you the training within WA is more than most 4 year Universities would offer. I mean when the guys (Kyle & Carson) behind Wealthy Affiliate create something, the offer it to members for free.
This is support from the actual owners Kyle & Carson, or you can contact one of the many subject matter experts within WA with your questions.
They have personally helped me out on a number of occasions with their expertise and they are willing to share their secrets with everyone. The first test I did with Wealthy Affiliate was an email to their contact on their homepage and I got a response within 15 minutes!! I am not sure how many active members there are in WA at the moment, but they have had well over 30,000 since they started out (based on forum stats). This is one great and cohesive community and everyone loves to help each other out (I know I do).
Working on something with a friend can often times lead to quicker success…and you have many friends instantly within Wealthy Affiliate! Below you will find my complete Wealthy Affiliate Review based on training, tools, cost, support, and user success (which are all very important to me). There are some really great friendships and partnerships that I have built within WA over the past couple of years and this alone is worth more than any fee that they could charge.
With Wealthy Affiliate I was able to learn everything I needed to know to build a six figure income.

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