Computers are also capable of playing quality videos, however, people wants more convenient way of watching videos and listen to music.
An application that is capable of playing quality videos and has an external codecs and that is QQ Player. A well-known video player particularly for android devices as it provides perfect home screen feature and great experience for playing videos and music. This is one of the best android media player because the same with other best media player, it has high quality performance in playing video. Mobo Player is being considered as the same with MX video player because it also supports wide range of codecs or different file formats though it is not that very much straightforward like MX. If you want to take full control of how your music sounds, then you’ve arrived at the right page. Equalizer is equipped with the Bass Booster, Virtualizer, and Reverb Presets features, which allow you to see and adjust the intensity of the sound. To add more color and life to your music experience, the app provides users with beautiful homescreen widgets. Armed with the Smart amplifier and Headphone amplifier, Voodoo Sound gives users the luxury to set the volume of a certain sound to whatever degree they like. Voodoo Sound has a Bass Boost option which allows you to amplify low frequencies of a sound.
Since the app is equipped with bass options, Voodoo Sound can output loud volumes and quality sound of your chosen audio. With over 4 million installations, the Music Volume EQ app proves to be a great companion any time you feel like listening to your favorite music. Music Volume EQ app has a stereo led VU meter which looks like a bar graph and displays audio readings from your phone. With the Volume Equalizer app, you don’t need to worry about spending a couple of minutes adjusting the audio of your device. Say, for example, you are waiting for an important call, but have to put your phone on silent mode while in a meeting. In situations when you can’t turn off your phone, Volume Equalizer will allow you to manage your phone volume to normal, silent, or vibration mode, in the easiest and fastest way possible. Apart from that, it supports access to online radio stations with SHOUTcast allowing users to choose and download the music of their choice. If you need bass boost, equalizer, and 3D experience on headphones, check out the MusicFX app. Audio enhancements are automatically activated after you install this app, and you can immediately perform app customization. MusicFX is actually an extension of the stock Android music player, which supports a rich set of presets for its equalizer. The app requires access to the Bluetooth configuration in order to perform the enhancements you desire.
As a music player, the app can play almost any type of digital music file formats like MP3, WAV, MOD, FLAC, WV, and many more. Complementing the app’s 32 equalizer presets is its 20-band graphic equalizer which can be used to customize your whole music experience. Some additional features include 2 new lock screens and 6 new app widgets for a more enjoyable way of customizing your music page. You don’t need to do anything other than to install the app for you to start exploring its features. AnEQ Equalizer surely is a mixture of simplicity and great sound quality all packed in a single free app. A music player equipped with a 5-band graphic equalizer with default or customizable presets, PlayerPro Music Player Trial will make you enjoy everything about your audio files.
The app gives users a fun way of exploring the possibilities that they can do with their audio files through providing more choices. Can any of the above mentioned equalizer apps work to adjust the listening pleasure when watching online movies.currenting they sound either too bassy or too tinney,which leads to alot of missed conversations.
What evan suggests will make a fantastic equalizer, especially for us with imbalanced hearing. This will make our android phone stereo setup one step ahead than professional home components. Music is what feelings sound like and because music inspires so many people, it’s important to get a music player that works well for you. Some (not all) of the in app purchases really should've been just included in the core app.Users have been posting some weird bugs. If you dig equalizers then this is definitely an app to try.The visualization is pretty colorful and enjoyable to watch. 7.0Equalizer is an MP3 player application that keeps the equalizer prominently displayed at all times so you are always within a few swipes of altering the sound to match your tastes.
It focuses more on its online content than your offline content so if you're looking for something that's solely for offline content you'll want to look elsewhere.Some people don't like the newer UI because it is quite busy. Music may stutter on mid range, low range, or older devices.Okay so you have access to some features for a 10-day trial period, then those features get locked but the app is still free to use unless you buy the unlocker app or buy via in app purchase.

8.0n7player is the first music player on this list that tries to think outside the box a little bit.
Latest string of updates have broken some things for many people.Interface is geared more toward tablets and phones.
A lot of people are having problems with Bluetooth support (right now anyway).If you use custom ROMs, some of the audio processing can be messed up. Even if you can theme it, the interface is still very busy with a lot of small text.Not all features and widgets available for all devices.
As always, if we’ve missed a great music player, please leave us a comment to let us know! The only problem I have with players other than Play Music is that they don’t link to my Google Music account, making them totally useless. Photon Flash Player (Browser) for Android devices – a mixture of flash player and a browser. According to developers of this application, this program for Android able to support streaming video, flash games, and open the web page where must use Adobe Flash Player, but as one doesn’t released by Adobe, we offer you to download Photon Flash Player (Browser) what would you like to enjoy the support flash on your gadget. Everything is simple – when you need to open a flash site or play the game in your browser , simply click the lightning bolt icon to activate support flash. From the time that smartphones and android devices were invented, people already got the chance to listen and watch for their favorite movie with convenience anywhere and anytime they mind. The best thing about this media player is that it is capable of playing videos even if it is not being supported by your device. This is the application for best android media player and has been famous because of its quality performance into android devices (when installed successfully). This has its checkbox feature which can be found in the settings and allows for playing music files as well as in supporting wide range of codecs.
It plays video fine though some users are quite confused and wanting this to become more simple.
Unlike the mentioned best android media player, MVideo organizes videos automatically to movies and television. If you are interested in any of these, you may choose for one and install the one that you have chosen.
It has its 5-band level equalizer that allows you to adjust the audio just the way you want it. You can either choose to use the available widget skins on your device or download additional skin types. You can either choose to amplify a sound at a Sub-bass, Standard, Medium, or Small Speaker level. Sound improvement options like the Microphone Gain Preset makes it a perfect match for people who enjoy loud and clear audio streaming. The app is equipped withA  a media volume control and a 5-band equalizer for easier sound adjustments. This means you can fully monitor how loud your music is, and control the exact volume you’re comfortable with. Additional features of this app include homescreen widgets, saving custom presets, 9 equalizer presets, and lock media volume feature. By going into the settings screen, options like music, incoming call alerts, notifications, talking, alarms, and system volume can all be accessed with just one tap. Typically, you’ll need to set up several pages into silent mode to make sure that none of your previously programmed sounds, like the alarm, would ring. If convenience is what you’re looking for, then Winamp will surely be one of the best picks. You will also need to have access to the Internet to get the latest updates from the developer. It’s equipped with Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects, and an Automatic Gain Control that prevents fluctuations between tracks. This means a wider choice of audio files which you can explore and adjust using the app’s built-in equalizer. This, in turn, gives you the feeling of being in control of everything you do to your audio files. Like some of the other equalizer apps, AnEQ Equalizer Free is equipped with a 5-band equalizer which is displayed in full screen to provide better view of your current music’s audio levels.
Once installed, the equalizer will automatically run in the background and process your global audio output.
With this app, you can easily manipulate your device to crossfade either manually or automatically.
It is equipped with a Bass Boost Control, Visualizer control, and Volume control that works perfectly with other tuning parameters. Since it is dependent on the Android Media Scanner and Media Store for playback, it will only play files that are native to your phone. There are hundreds out there and finding the best ones can be like finding a needle in a haystack. YMMVBecause doubleTwist tries to cater to all audiences, there is a certian blandness that comes with trying to make everyone happy.

Along with being able to access your local content, you can also upload up to 20,000 songs to the Google Play Music website and have them available to stream at all times. More than any regular person will ever use but no one can deny that a big, long feature list always looks really good.
The app’s interface revolves around multi-sized artist or album names and it brings with it a very bold and different design. The UI is a bit outdated but the feature list is long and it’s a very solid music app.
You can demo the features in the trial version before buying it and it comes with a standard, block-based interface with tabs for navigation. This app is packed with features, integrates with other apps, and seems to work fairly well. This music player takes a more simplistic approach and has only the features needed to make it a good music player without any of that other stuff. Difference being that unlike Samsung or HTC, they released their music player on the play store. Photon Flash Player (Browser) is a free application and it may display ads, but you can always purchase an annual premium to hide promotional materials. These days, best android multiplayers came up with specific features for providing the quality type of enjoying watching and listening to videos.
So it means that you don’t have any worries if you are interested in playing a video that is not typically being supported by your device or phone.
It has its earlier version for desktops yet it became controversial yet its version for android devices is amazingly great since it has been unique because of being composed of its three arts which are the videos, music and then photos. In fact, this is an award winning media player and gets the title for the category of best freeware app. Generally this came to be one of the best option since it has quality of playing videos that are quite far from a media player application. Take further view about their features and benefits before choosing one from these media player apps. Moreover, Equalizer also supports various music players like Winamp, WIMP, PlayerPro, and many more. Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects are also available, allowing you to amplify and spatialize audio channels. The app also works with several music players like Winamp and Google Music, Poweramp, and many more. You don’t need to go to several pages to modify the entire audio settings of your phone. The app also has the Bass Boost control, Volume control, andA  an optional Virtualizer control, which allows screen widening. It is even claimed to provide better decoding performance than Android’s native decoding of music files. There is even a radio station you can get for a monthly subscription and the in app purchases are simply extra features that other apps would charge a premium for anyway.
The subscription service is also really good if you happen to be looking for a Pandora replacement or want everything all in one spot.
As a music player it functions as it should and you can use a free version of the app indefinitely. With a number of great features and some out-of-the-box stuff available, it’s a solid choice. Although some browsers have the capability to work with flash, but it will require to download and install the plugin then all as they say on. In addition, this is a media player app that enables the user to use this for playing audio files too. All you have to do is long press on the preset of your choice to check additional customization options. If you’re looking for apps that stream music like Spotify or Pandora, check out our music streaming app comparison! Vintage design is a step away from the norm and frankly, it's refreshing.Allows you to earn points to unlock the full package instead of purchase. These presets will let you store and later recall any settings you’ve set on a certain function or audio file. The only big issue is that it’s been removed from the Google Play Store so the Google Play button will actually go the official website where you can download it there.
From these criteria comes a wider choice of music you’d like to apply audio adjustments to.

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