Thousands of users have created amazing movie posters to promote their movies, projects and media productions. A great movie poster condenses the feel and tone of a movie, it touches you at an emotional level and has to appeal to a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Be simple, choose a main subject and display it big and bold, don’t confuse the audience.
Think of your poster as a story in itself, and think of the ingredients that great stories have: Mystery, contrast, conflict, turnarounds, twists, etc.
Highlight the main names involved in the movie but unless you are a hollywood production, don’t saturate your poster with too much text. Some film festivals don’t appreciate small films pretending to be large studios, be who you are and be proud of it. What is the point of a great design if people cannot understand what the poster says?  Use drop shadows where necessary to make sure the text is legible. When you are trying to come up with something truly special, it is very hard to get it right the first time. A great way to learn and grow through the process is to cover some parts of your poster and see what the effect is. Filmmakers spend a lot of time thinking of the production of their movies, the color correction, the visual effects, but some of them spend little time thinking of the production of their poster and may even release posters with a range of technical issues. We have always seen movies winning great awards at various award shows for their great story lines and great shows. They help to enhance the knowledge of the students since they have to write narratives and come up with a flowing story line that are necessary for making a movie. This application helps to edit videos taken using your iOS device to provide professional high quality videos. Brijesh Gohil is the founder of Tech Brij, A popular Tech Blog which is focused on Tech tips & Buying Guides. Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your Email address and receive regularly updated Phone, Tablet and Laptop Buying Guides directly in your inbox!
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Do Not CopyThis site is DMCA protected and copying content from this website is against International Copyright Laws. Art Maker is a wonderful iPad app for kids, which has only just recently been published on the App Store.
If you haven’t have guessed already, the Art Maker Play School app has been produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as ABC and is the second longest running children’s television show in the world.
If you’d rather use a neutral background, you could also use a colourful, creased paper background.
You can also upload one of your own photos and pictures from your iPad on the bottom and use this as a setting for your animated movie. On the top of the screen, in the top bar, you can find a wide range of toy actors, accessories and requisites. As an example, we chose the earth, an Astro-Teddy, a glitter star, the dog and a Space shuttle.
Once you’ve picked and placed your requisite and your characters, you can either take a photo or shoot a little movie.
Of course you’ll need a lot more sequences for a propper movie, which can all be put together whilst editing your film. For our next scene, our characters or also actors flew back to Earth and landed safely at the beach.
Once you’re back in the main menu, you can choose the “My Art” page, where all of your pictures have been saved and can be viewed and combined. Kids will have created their very own movie or story slideshow with their very own voices, which they can watch and laugh at over and over again! Art Maker is a fantastic, creative playground for kids, where they can create their own stories, record, design and edit their movies.

Now start downloading this amazing and fantastic app from the android play store and Enjoy.Below is the download link for the app. There are already many Android movie apps out there but a new Android app from Sony is offering a complete new style of movie making, using the pictures you have on your Android phone. The app called Photo Video Creator allows users to select group of photos and then create a video by adding different transition effects, music and frame. Photo Video Creator offers 18 different themes, 3 themes for each of 6 categories: Travel, Wedding, Kids, Sports, Weekend and Everyday life.
This Android app is not an alternative to your movie editing software but with an easy to use interface this is definitely an app for users who love creating interesting slide shows with the images stored on the Android phone. You can download the free trial version from the link given at the end of this article,  the full version will cost you $2.74 US. Celebrating 25 years since the release of the original, YKY speak to screenwriter, Steven E.
Once upon a lunchtime, someone in Hollywood had the bright idea to turn Stephen Rebello’s insightful book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho – which detailed the production of of the director’s notorious, groundbreaking 1960 horror film – into a movie. Reviews in this issue include Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, The Last Stand, Flight, and quite a few more. The Features section is excellent too – with the great interviews mentioned above, the previews of notable 2013 releases, and what looks like the start of a regular series – The Greatest Film You’ve Never Seen #1. You can play trailers within the app and share some of your favorite pages via Twitter – hopefully a few more sharing options will be added in a future update. I’m not a huge movie buff but I enjoy reading good, smart reviews and I love YKY’s mix of content and great iPad magazine design.
If you’re after more great free iPad apps, be sure to check out our previous choices for Best Free iPad of the Week. A poster that reveals too much is like a movie that reveals too much too soon, it fails to engage, it’s too easy.
Drop shadows are a key friend that can solve many of the legibility problems your poster may have.
You need to embrace the opinion and feedback of others.  Iterate, create a movie poster, get feedback from others, create another version, keep iterating until you are satisfied. Currently, there is a great deal of phone applications out there that can be used to shoot movies using our iOS devices.
You can create a slow motion film, for example using action figures, or a time lapse, for example taking photos of a plant growing or as the sun sets.
You can  download free movies for iPhone and edit them later using this app.This app has templates and built in themes that help to create films and movies trailers just like the Hollywood movies. It is one of the best free movie making applications in the market, with some unique features compared to others.
Even 5 year old’s can make their own animations and story slideshows with the Art Maker app. A beach scenery, a living room scenery, a kitchen, a moon scenery and an underwater scenery.
We really like the creased paper effect it really brings in some movement and nice 3D effects.
With all the farms and animal apps on the App Store, we sometimes just feel like travelling to the moon. The Teddy and the Earth could be placed anywhere on the screen, whereas the Space shuttle had to be assembled first. Kids will love to play roleplays with this creative app and it is also very cute to hear the children’s voices in the little movies. You only need to got to “make a story” and drag each scene on the top to the bottom bar.  Save and Ready! Their little film creations are wonderful digital memories and can be watched at any time again. Once the movie is created it can be shared using social networking services such as Facebook, allowing your friends or family members to add comments to the uploaded photo movie.

You can use provided theme and mix and match their elements to create your own unique movies. The app is Issue 1 and includes movie reviews, previews of some heavily-awaited films that will be released this year, and an excellent features section. Unfortunately for us, someone else went away and made it, compressing the book’s rich detail into dreadful expository dialogue and, worst of all, turning the two key players – gloomy Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) and his haughty wife Alam (Helen Mirren) – into a bickering couple that would barely cut it as sitcom characters. The artwork is striking and original, text sizes are good and typography is used well throughout the app. We’ve also recently put together a best of the best of our selections from the last year in a Top 25 Best Free iPad Apps list. Have in mind that your movie poster is the business card of your movie, it represents you and your product. Contrast helps us understand our environment, classify it, order it. Use bright and dark areas to attract the attention of audiences to the key parts of your poster. Such applications let the users to make videos and edit them to produce quality films. Few apps are free and few are paid but those apps are worth to pay for, if you are one who like to edit and make professional movies on the go. It has additional features such as adding audio clips to your film or export features such as uploading your videos directly to YouTube. You can easily shoot, make, edit and your movies due to its many movie creation features that it has. If you know any other apps which you think are best movie making apps than you can tell me in comments section below. The app uses simple step by step instructions for the process of making an animated movie – starting off with choosing an actor and a scenery using Playschool Toys and craft items.
Once you have finished recording the movie, you only need to press on the video camera again for it to play your self created animated film. Basically it’s a pleasure to browse through and read – as any really good magazine should be. Are your eyes going to the most important part of the piece, or are other distractions taking your eyes away somewhere else?
Use broken textures, unusual visual treatments, surprise your audience, make something memorable, find the courage to be different.
In the end make sure you are happy with the end result because this is your product,  your work and your vision. In fact your poster may influence the decision of a person pondering if watching your movie or not. Magically transform your video and photos, it turn your video and photo into memorable movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Some of the characteristics of Vizzwig has include changing from the rear to front camera while in the process of recording, taking pictures while recording, and many other professional shooting tools that are helpful in video editing. The final product from this application is just fantastic and suitable for movie making lovers. You can also easily upload the videos directly to your social sites such as YouTube and Facebook. It also has tools that enable you to crop, and edit the best sections of your film, add different video effects such as slow motion, filtering and transitions and face recognition technology.
Social media sharing option also there, so user can do easily share how it feels to be you.
Trim and adjust volumes to fine-tune your audio and use our library of music and sound effects free.Do you have any best iPad Movie Making Apps not listed?

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