What is the best guitar for beginners? This article sets out to answer this often-asked question. This article will help you to decide whether to buy an acoustic, electric, classical or bass guitar. We’ll share our opinions on the type of guitar you should be looking at, and take a look at some of the instruments currently available. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent instrument that will take you through the early years and beyond. However, even ‘cheap’ guitars represent a substantial financial outlay, and it pays to do your homework.
You can see some of the best instruments in this price range here: Best Cheap Electric Guitars. Acoustic guitars are slightly more expensive. Beginner classical guitars are more expensive still. Unless you’re sure you want to learn bass guitar, then you should start on either an acoustic, electric or classical guitar. Acoustic, electric and classical guitars all have 6 strings. The notes are in the same place and the strings are tuned the same way. However, if you want to learn classical guitar (also called Spanish guitar) then only a nylon strung classical guitar will do. The four strings of a bass guitar are tuned to the same notes as the bottom four strings of the other types of guitar – but an octave lower.
The frets of a bass guitar are also significantly wider than those on other types of guitar. It’s harder for someone to switch to guitar after playing bass than it is the other way round. Electric guitars need an amplifier, so bear this in mind when you are working how much to spend.
A beginner guitarist may benefit from choosing an instrument without a locking tremolo system – these can be more trouble than they are worth at the early stages. The humbucker and 2 x single coil pickup configuration of the PAC012 offers versatile sounds. An acoustic guitar is the best guitar for beginners who wish to play solo (non-classical) pieces, or to accompany a singer.

Acoustic guitars can be played without an amplifier and are handy for picking up whenever inspiration strikes, making them popular with songwriters. If your aim is to learn guitar for playing songs and solo pieces, or to play in a folk group, then an acoustic guitar would be the best choice. Classical guitars are strung with nylon strings (actually a mixture of nylon and metal-wound strings). Although switching from a standard guitar to a bass guitar is perfectly possible, the technique used to play bass is slightly different.
Unless you specifically want to play bass, then learning on a standard guitar gives you more options. It’s always a good idea to visit your local music shop to get your hands on some different guitars. Although it may seem like a minefield, finding the best guitar for beginners has never been easier. If you have your own recommendation for the best guitar for beginners, please let us know in the comments below – you could be helping other aspiring guitarists make the most important decision in their lives!
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We’ll help you to decide which guitar to buy, depending on: what style of music you wish to play, what you want out of your instrument, and how much you wish to spend. The price of good quality beginner instruments is lower than ever, and the availability of online guitar lessons means that taking up the guitar doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth. Very cheap guitars are often poorly made, which can lead to playing difficulties and unstable tuning.
Quality would be a concern for instruments costing less than this, but there are always exceptions to the rule. If you’re planning to learn classical guitar, then it’s worth going to a specialist dealer. Spending in the region of $500 (?320) would get you an instrument that could potentially last for many years. Although acoustic guitars can be used, electric guitars were designed specifically for the task.

Other things a beginner should avoid are 7-string guitars and non-standard shaped guitars such as flying Vs. As well as producing their own instruments, Epiphone also produce a range of Gibson models for budget-conscious players. The budget Epihone is well made, and ideal for rock, blues and metal players who are just starting out.
If you are serious about taking up the instrument, then you should talk to a specialist retailer. Guitars built by respected brands will cost more than mass-produced instruments, but they are usually worth the extra money. It should require the least effort to hold down notes without buzzes, and should hold its tuning well. If you are a complete beginner ask plenty of questions and have the assistant play various guitars for you. They won’t affect the tone of the guitar, but mentioning them may lead to a reduction in the price! The quality of most beginner guitars is very high, whatever style of instrument you go for. Today I have brought in for you guys a creative post of black nail art designs & supplies for beginners.
Our selections are personal opinions only; you should check out the guitars for yourself to make sure you’re getting the right one for you. It is really intricate to pick out attractive & cute designs when there is found a massive collection on the web.
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