Most of our clients fit in the small-to-medium-sized bucket, and hey, we’re right there in that bucket with you.
Today I’ll be discussing some content marketing “rules” that it’s OK for small businesses to break.
This is the content marketing rule I hear over and over again, and it’s starting to grate on me as much as “content is king” and other hackneyed marketing cliches.
But the real problem with the idea of content marketing strategy – in particular if you’re a small business and you’re just trying to get started with content marketing – is that the strategy phase takes time and money, and is generally based on hopes and expectations rather than data and real-world results. For the same reason, I don’t advocate building out a content calendar months in advance – it’s not agile, it’s not responsive, and it often leads to wasted effort when your business goals change.
Let me clarify: It’s not that you don’t need a content strategy, but that your strategy should emerge as you go. The best way to learn is by doing, so jump right into the water with content marketing, then measure your results so you know what’s worth your time and what isn’t. As my colleague Dan pointed out recently, “storytelling” has become a big buzzword in the content marketing world. Business storytelling (and explosions) can be powerful, but it isn’t necessarily what people are coming to your brand for. Big brands have huge captive audiences and equally huge budgets, so they can afford to tell sweeping stories and do sexy stuff like data science. Go ahead and bang your head on your desk all day trying to organize your content into a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
A final problem with the nebulous recommendation to tell stories with your content: it’s hard to know if you’ve actually succeeded or not. Last year, I wrote about some of the qualities of great content marketing, such as usability and readability.
For example, here’s a peek at what our top conversion paths looked like during one time period this year. The point is, especially if you’re marketing a product with a longer sales cycle, like software, you shouldn’t expect content marketing to convert visitors immediately. Lists, together with jaw-dropping and mind-numbing headlines, often grab readers' attentions since they trigger this thought of "why-do-i-have-to-settle-on-just-one-info-and-search-again-if-i-can-read-10-in-one-go". Hi Elisa,Great article and came across this when I was trying to plan my content marketing in 2015. I agree with you, answering questions is a lot more useful and important than telling stories. As the week draws to a close and our eyes increasingly drift away from our desks and towards the door, here’s something to keep you entertained until the clock strikes 5.
From the Success Kid to Condescending Wonka, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend their Friday afternoon immersed in the wonderful world of content marketing memes? The meme has spoken: having a solid content strategy in place is the key to successful content marketing. This is what goes through many a company’s mind (more or less) when it is suggested they add content marketing to their busy schedules. While getting your brand message across may seem like your top priority, it is important to put your readers and their interests first. We are genuinely passionate about that. It’s not about pigeon-holing what you do online into search, social, PR and display anymore. We build long term relationships with our brand and agency partners, always putting content where we think it should be; at the very heart of what you do.

Content Amp is the new name (March 2013) for Search News Media, a content service launched in 2010. Content Amp announce deal with Adyoulike to create European leader in native advertising… Native technology platform and network Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising. It can be the hardest thing in the world, to find people to talk to about your network marketing business. Must be easy for even the most novice person who really wants to succeed online to work through – Video training would be helpful. If you’re struggling with your home business, this 29 minute movie will stop the bleeding and the pain, save you years of wasted time, and save you thousands of wasted dollars. If you’re having problems getting your point across in 140 characters or less, reach out to us!
Well twitter is sometimes taken for granted but after reading this article I have learnt to respect this social media. Join our mailing list to receive social media tips & news delivered to your inbox 2x a month.
So it’s worthwhile to acknowledge when the best practices that work for big brands don’t really apply to us little guys. Think of it as a feedback loop – as you create, publish, and promote your content, pay attention to what is working and what isn’t. The strategy here was to keep our readers informed of industry news as well as to build relationships with other bloggers in the industry by linking out and sharing their best content.
If you worry too much about spinning a great yarn, you’re in danger of forgetting why you’re doing this in the first place: it’s a marketing channel.
And it’s not only that lists are easily digestible and so more likely to be read and shared when you first hit publish – I suspect that list headlines also get higher click-through rates from the Google search page, and that’s why all of these posts continue to drive tons of evergreen organic traffic. In fact, being too pushy or self-promotional can kill the very trust you’re trying to build – one study found that “signing off an otherwise objective blog post or newsletter with a product pitch will bring the content’s credibility level down by 29 percent” (Contently). Only experience will tell you what is actually realistic for your marketing team and effective at helping you meet your goals.
Because we can't just have more content and not knowing what the audience needs and wants to see and read. Especially true when the number of people with ADHD that uses the internet are steadily rising. You can be the best storyteller, but if visitors come on your website and don't find what they were hoping to find, the odds of buying from you decrease significantly.
Without this, you will be creating questionable content that says nothing about your brand or business, confusing potential readers and jeopardising your existing and potential customer base. You cannot expect to get onto page one of Google as soon as you launch your content marketing strategy. But SEO is a crucial element of content marketing – not only do keywords help customers find you, they also link back to products or more content to encourage sales or boost customer engagement. Make sure your posts are relevant, engaging and connect with your audience on a personal level to keep them coming back for more.
We have changed the name to highlight what we have been doing for years already, rather than to highlight any major shift in direction. However, what he failed to add was that content can be toppled off its throne with a regal-like thud if it fails to keep readers engaged and entertained – a la the court jesters of yore.
I explain the system I found, and why I believe it fits all of these criteria to be the Best Online Marketing System PERIOD!

Engage with your audience first, win them over with your charm, and then when they ask you about your product, it’s not really selling. You can avoid getting lost in that shuffle (and generate more responses) by tweeting in the afternoon.
The thinking was, our prospects are using AdWords, so this content should be valuable to them.
Good content builds brand awareness and trust so that people come to you willingly when they’re ready to buy.
By paying attention to those feedbacks, we can scratch those things that are not working with the system anymore and add more what interests the audience.
Also, that video me LOL all over the place.I wonder if we will ever get to the point where lists lose their luster. Ranking high in Google is a combination of many different things, original and high quality content being just one. We distribute your content, engage with native content producers and amplify what you have to say. Shout out for a content idea in a meeting and we hit you back with more angles than an hexagonal. Yes, we understand search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and PR; in fact, we often do elements of all these functions for our clients. Its a space where many make classic mistakes, and in doing so scream, I am new, and I need help.
Showing people how to do something is the most powerful way to build trust and demonstrate expertise. The path that leads from the first interaction with your content to the eventual conversion could be indirect and twisted. I always believe a nice mix is always great to attract all types of readers.Thanks for sharing! In fact the team behind Content Amp has over 12 years online content and marketing experience. But we don’t think any of these are quite as important as the creation of great content for future success online. And often, we were responding to news that happened on Monday or Tuesday … by the time Friday rolled around, it wasn’t “hot” anymore. Or, they click on a paid search ad after Googling something with more commercial intent – but we can see from the cookie that they previously visited our site organically. You’ll know your content is findable if it ranks in search and drives organic traffic over time.
Sometimes people visit our site directly four or five times – probably in the research phase – before they finally convert.
New strategy: We go out of our way to provide expertise and perspective you won’t find elsewhere.

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