Landing pages are a powerful way to improve conversions; they’re easy to create, easy to test, and easy to get a visitor to take action. Landing pages, like most Web pages, benefit greatly from going the extra mile when understanding their best practices in design and development.
In this article, we’ll share a monstrous list of landing page best practices to set you in the right direction so your efforts, with these pages, have considerable results for your affiliate marketing business.
Unbounce, a company that specializes in landing page development, has put together a great list of landing page designs which will give you a great starting point to wrap your head around what other businesses have been up to with this form of marketing strategy.
The immediate reaction you may have, as a marketer, is the shock that a hospital would take the time to create these types of landing pages (since our natural thought is that hospital websites are generally just about information and not so much as to selling the specifics). Take a moment to scan through that landing page and see if you can follow along with some of the key elements that make it effective. The logo is top-left and immediately tells that the page is provided by a trusted facility within the health industry. The contact number is along the top-right so individuals can save the number for reference. The header image has a big, bold question followed by a claim that’s specific to the individual experiencing its troubles (plus a picture that shows the product without being too gory).
The expertise section gives reassurance to the individual since they can see all the professionals that participate in the procedure (along with their 100% claim in bold). To the right is the contact form that doesn’t require a lot of information but sticks out due to its size and color coordination. The information section explains how many people have gone through the procedure which will give reassurance that the individual is not part of a test; it also explains the procedure in a non-technical manner so the individual doesn’t become confused about what’s in store for them. A benefits section cuts straight to the point and allows the individual to fully understand what they gain from the procedure. Again, this is just one example of hundreds of excellent pages out there on the Web done by professionals but you need not worry if you don’t have that professional touch because you can convey this same level of trust on the simplest of landing pages for your campaigns if you use the best practices. As you can see – forming the landing page is far more difficult than you can imagine if you hadn’t known the best practices. We take a look at Shopify and their in-house affiliate program which offers great commissions and options. As part of our ongoing efforts to spread the gospel about single-purpose dedicated landing pages and Conversion Centered Design (CCD), we partnered with the awesome folks at Themeforest. To get their design community excited about the new Unbounce landing page category we ran a contest, offering up a total of $11,400 in cash prizes for the best conversion-centered landing page templates in a variety of categories and verticals, from real estate and law, to agencies and startups. All in all, we received 39 submissions, many of which would make an excellent starting point for your next landing page. Conversion Centered Design star G10v3 blew us away with Approach, the winningest Envato Template. If the reader wants to find out more, they can keep scrolling and will eventually be met by a button that brings them back to the form.
Jen Gordon’s Convert travel landing page package comes with seven variations to customize and test.
She’s packed a ton of value in there, making it easy to appreciate the pride Jen takes in her work. Nutzumi uses parallax design and smooth scroll beautifully, as though the page were built with those features in mind and not added as afterthoughts.
The mobile templates were designed effectively as well, with a logical order of information, big buttons for fat fingers and just the right sizing of everything. I’m still not entirely sure what a fisherman has to do with B2B ebooks, but the image is meant to be replaced anyway. There’s a lead gen form at the top, then a pricing grid further down with a CTA for each plan.
This startup template is very on-trend with many of the tech startup designs coming out of Silicon Valley and beyond. The huge header block with a single hero image and parallax scrolling give the page a clean look while showing off the product.
The pricing grid is used as another piece of information that could trigger a conversion decision, but doesn’t include sign-up buttons. Aside from the nav links on the bottom (which I’d get rid of – links are leaks!), the only way to interact with the page is by filling out the form.

Xstyler doesn’t get too fancy with this landing page template and that makes sense for the industry it’s intended for.
The phone number in the top right is dividing attention from the form a little bit, but customers in this industry may be more accustomed to inquiring over the phone. For her startup template, Jen packs “18 Design Techniques to Drive Conversions” into one template, rather than offering multiple variations. Although the Twitter widget Jen’s embedded serves up some solid social proof, it’s jam-packed with links to other pages. The focus is a bit scattered, but it leaves plenty of space for the kind of info that students need to decide whether to request a brochure.
The neon accents on this page may not turn everyone’s crank, but that glowing CTA is hard not to stare at.
The most important points are highlighted in red and the most relevant page sections are pointed to by arrows that are playfully carved out of the white space. After that, DonateFuture follows up with pretty much every trick in the book to gather donations – quick updates on progress, easy-to-read icons showing advancement toward the goal and photos of other people just like you who have donated. In this case, I don’t think the smooth scroll from the bottom to the top is necessary, but it’s great to see a focused goal.
As Director of Campaign Strategy, Corey Dilley is charged with making sure that Unbounce's marketing campaigns drive measurable results. Myflat is just awesome and the form on the upper right hand side of the screen captures attention. These are nice templates for capturing emails, but I was really hoping you would have SOME OTHER TYPES of templates!
Although the screenshots we chose were of the lead gen versions of the templates, many of the winners of the contest have a clickthrough version as well, which don’t have a form. Between the templates within Unbounce and the new ones on ThemeForest, there are many without forms. Unbounce pages are 10x prettier, but I get the feeling that leadpages simple and data driven templates work better.
Those designs are really inspiring, I’ve used one of those landing page for my website.
We have more then 1200+ brilliant landing page design to use in your marketing campaign and make it successful with leads and sales. Below are some best landing page design on category like payday loan, credit card debt, online dating agency, loan and mortgage solution, credit repair service etc. Home insurance business booster landing page design to convert your insurance business into next level. Among of variety of instant and flexible insurance product home insurance is suitable for everyone. People have a little bit of expertise and some free time, he or she like to make money online through internet. Understanding of what has worked in the past and what trends hold for the future will allow you to craft landing pages that start off in the most effective form as possible.
Format the text, graphics, and other media to create a clean, streamline flow in the pacing, tone, and structure making it easier for the individual to consume the message. It’s not required that you have each present on the page (and in the campaign) but starting with the big ones (like the ones listed) will definitely give the page a major boost in conversions rather than building it upon gut instinct. Here’s the list of winners, along with some insights into why we thought these landing pages were a cut above the rest. The mobile landing page is just as stunning as the desktop version and the format makes sense – headline, key benefits, product shot, then form. The pages rely heavily on Conversion Centered Design, taking advantage of in-your-face directional cues and making great use of traveller-recognized social proof mechanisms, like Trip Advisor reviews.
They communicate just as well as their desktop counterparts and adhere to the golden rule: 1 page, 1 purpose. The good news is that all the buttons in the pricing grid smooth scroll back up to the form, which has a couple of handsome suits staring down at it, directing you to fill it out. ConversionLab has offered FORK in both lead gen and click-through style formats – with desktop and mobile versions of each – in several different colors. The Manhattan Education template doesn’t strive for beauty, but it delivers what a prospective student would expect from an education landing page.

I’m a big fan of the directional cues provided by the students staring directly at the form.
Further down the page, key points are highlighted with the same color, offering the viewer’s eye some guidance through the different sections of the page. Due to its incredible ability to convey emotion, video has been used effectively to elicit donations on TV for years. Corey's digital marketing stripes were earned by leading teams at ad agencies, online publishers and tech companies since 2005.
I work in product comparison with affiliate partners which is equally as conversion oriented, yet you have no templates for that vertical at all.
Is there something specific you’re looking for that would make the templates more suitable for an affiliate campaign? What I’m after is a small selection of conversion optimized product comparison tables. One feature of leadpages that is really good is that they rank and sort their landing pages based on conversion rates. I appreciate the work and time these creators put into these projects – very inspiring.
Generate new leads and new sales for your brand new business by using mobile optimized responsive landing page design from us.
Use highest converting call to action graphic rich beautiful landing page design to redirect traffic from your PPC campaign to your main business website. Those landing pages are high converting and give you best conversion then your previous landing page.
Everyone likes to protect his or her home property, commercial home property and business property through home insurance service. So if you have an idea or affiliate program to give opportunity to people do work from home and make money online our effective work from home landing page design will boost your idea or affiliate program. Work from home landing page design is the best platform to give opportunity online user to work from home and earn money online.
For some nice and clean converting landing pages I code both version, one is regular code on regular price $30 and another is responsive landing page design on regular purchase price on $40.
Our attractive dating landing page design will boot conversion to your main site, so you will get more leads and sale. Below is an example of responsive debt landing page that will give your best conversion and sale. Create a swipe file with images and notes about what you like and hate about specific landing pages, and place that information into practice whenever you’re building landing pages for your business. The design itself is lighthearted and fun while giving ample space to show off the product and its benefits. Below are some examples of best converting lead generation landing pages for your online business marketing campaign in 2015.
Use our effective home insurance landing page design to boost your home insurance business into next level. You can promote your offer and services though our effective and converting landing page design and capture leads for your product and services.
Below is an example of best converting payday loan landing page design to boost your payday loan business into next level. You can redirect traffic to your main home insurance website from our converting home insurance landing page design. So many more people will found your landing page where you are offering your product, idea, service or affiliate program.
Below is an all in one home insurance converting landing page design for your home insurance business.

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