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Now is the time to search for alternatives to Google Adsence And CPM advertising  and reduce To dependence on Google while looking for solutions that provide better economic results.
Chitika : #1 networks For The Google Adsence Alternative, You Can Also Use This Along With The Google Adsence.
Infolinks : Very Highly Recommended Ad network, This Is An In-text Ad network, Which Displays The Advertisements On The Website Content ,You Can Also Use This Along With The Google Adsence.
Ad Dynamix : has no requirements and is also a good option to the above, but apparently only for USA. ValueClick Media: minimum of 3,000 page views per month, although ValueClick must first accept each website.
Adsplay International offers Cost-Per-Action, Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Lead campaigns for publishers to expand their business potential and become recognized for their effectiveness in our renowned world-class network.
If you believe that reliability generates response and response generates revenue, then Adsplay International is the right network for you.
Amazing reporting system to track different ad campaigns, website, per day & other parameters. You should have a minimum of 30,000 page views per month for your site to be included in the network. Once your account is approved, you need to login and head to Manage section if you want to add more sites to the network or else you can directly proceed to get Get Code section.

Before adding the ad codes, you need to submit your website and approval takes maximum of 24 hours.
Above these stats, the Graph of Impressions vs Revenue, eCPM, CTR & Revenue gives us detail on how you are performing.
Unlike other network, with Adversal you get detailed structure on how you make money with your referrals.
They have 100 % fill rate means none of your impressions is going to be wasted as they have atleast some sort of earning for each country. If you are not approved by Tribal Fusion, Burst Media then your certain choice will be Adversal.
When you get approved in adversal,you can add as many sites as you want or you need approval for them too? They adjust 100′s of notice systems, advertisement rates, and RTB sponsors to seek stock your stock. You expect better eCPM rates without any requirement of Clicks but Impressions are mandatory.
Since you are here from Search Engine, I might not need to explain you how CPM networks works, so I will directly come to the point whether Adversal is scam or legit, how does it fair against other CPM networks, payment proof and other details.
The ads code will take 72 hours for optimization to determine the highest paying and best performing offers. The Referral tab under Stats section gives details on how much you have earned from each referral impressions generated.

As you read on the Adversal review, eCPM rates, you will be happy to learn that Adversal has referral program.
Through our extensive application process and exclusive approval rate we have built a dependable and effective network. Their advancement innovation guarantees their Ad Network Publisher with most Best CPM rates is served, acquiring you the most eCPM for each impressions. There exists many CPM networks on the web but ever since we came across with Adversal we are using it on our network of blogs. No force to place ads on high above the folds and once ads are integrated check your earning after 24 hours. The stats once loaded, will automatically display 20 days Overall statistics of impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and Revenue generated.
If you got good fan following then refer them to Adversal and you can make 10 % of their earning for life time.

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