Smartphones are getting bigger and more powerful, and the lines between ‘PC’ and ‘phone’ are very much blurred. In my quest to find the ultimate video-editing app, I tried pretty much everything there is out there.
There are a number of pretty good social-focused apps that help you mash clips together with soundtracks and spit out a Facebook-friendly cacophony, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.
I stumbled upon KineMaster earlier this year, and it has become a staple tool in my armory, both for work and play. When you first launch the video editor app, you’re invited to venture down the ‘New Users’ route, which guides you through the basics of adding media to a new project.
If you already have a number of projects created, you will see these in a horizontally-scrolling list first, before you decide you wish to create a new project by hitting the little ‘+’ icon. When creating a new project, you can choose to view all photos and videos on your device from the myriad of folders you may have, or you can elect to just view the video clips. With all your clips selected, you simply order them in your timeline as you would with any other editing app. However, you can also capture content on the spot to add to your video – so this could be video or photos from your camera, or even audio. In terms of exporting, you can do so in low-quality (640 x 360), high-definition (1280 x 720) or Full HD (1920 x 1080), direct to Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox and any other compatible apps via the general ‘share’ button.
While you can save the video directly to your device to upload manually to YouTube, Vimeo or wherever, it is useful being able to export directly to these services from within KineMaster too, with the ability to give your creation a title, description, tags and more. Though KineMaster does offer a pretty powerful set of editing tools, it isn’t without its flaws. After doing a little sleuthing, however, I did find a workaround – there is an option to add a black background clip to your video, which you must insert at the beginning and end of the video. I also expected there to be a save button for each project, but after much seeking, I discovered there isn’t one – anything you create is automatically saved, so if you wish to return to the main projects’ homescreen, you can just hit the back-button on your device without fear that all your hard graft will be lost. There are a handful of other counterintuitive aspects to KineMaster I came across, but it’s all really part of a learning process like anything.
The one thing I would maybe add here regarding the costs is that a one-off payment feature to remove a watermark in a single video would be good – not everyone will use this app as regularly as I do, so the ‘value-for-money’ aspect perhaps won’t be as pronounced for others.
All in all, KineMaster is a fantastic tool for mobile video-creators – it really does offer a lot of bang for your buck.
Paul Sawers was a reporter with The Next Web in various roles from May 2011 to November 2014. With the improvement of science and technology, and people's living standard, users are seeking different kinds of entertainment.

There are many applications on iTunes Store, and choosing a suitable video editing app is very important. Now you can record any video and share them on YouTube, Facebook and more with any generation of iPhone.
Tips: If you have got some video clips or movies you want to change the video format of them on your Mac computer, here we strongly recommend the Video Converter for Mac to you. We often see flowers opening, clouds surging and people come back and forth in film, television, these are photography by ultra-slow, and achieved by normal playback of the video compositing. ReelDirector is a powerful, easy to use, and interesting iPhone apps that can create titles and effects of the film.
High-quality special effects, high-quality video output, high-quality products are our specialty. Whether you prefer the charm of Hollywood special effects, 8mm film of retro style, or fashion brilliant LOMO effect, special effects of CinemaFX for Video can fulfill all your needs! After viewing so many video editing apps for iPhone, you can choose one that you like most. IPad-owning photographers should stop reading right now (well, not right now, or you won’t know what to do next) and go download PhotoForge 2, a rather splendid update to the already decent photo-editing app.
All of these are presented like the magnified Mac OS X dock: as you scroll through, the central icons grow bigger and labels show above them.
While everyone now has the potential to be a one-man film crew, you’re only as good as your tools permit, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for the best video-editing app Android has to offer. What I was ultimately looking for was a user-friendly, good-looking, Adobe Premiere or iMovie-esque application that gives me very granular control of my clips and edits, with full effects and publishing features. While editing and publishing from a phone will never be quite as easy as doing so from a PC, the speed and convenience of being able to shoot a good-quality skit on my pocket rocket, edit it on the fly and publish direct to YouTube more than makes up for it. After the first time, I just skipped this though and went straight to the main ‘new project’ view. This suits various uses – if you want to create a photo slideshow with music, you can do so easily. Long-press and hold a clip to shift or delete it, hit the ‘Add Media’ icon to reel in new content, add music from your device, or add a ‘theme’ to your video, which includes pre-made animation effects. This means you can record voiceovers and commentary atop the on-screen action in real-time.
The good news is KineMaster is completely free to use – however, you will have to tolerate a KineMaster watermark on all your videos. At the same time, it is also undeniable that the growing majority of regular consumers are far more likely to take pictures using their smartphones rather than with a larger digital SLR camera.

We here list some video editing apps for iPhone with different functions, and you can read the introduction and reviews of them to decide which one fits your demand most.
The people's voice in the video recorded by this app will automatically turn into children's voice. Now you can easily achieve results which expensive equipment can reach through ReelMoments. If you want to edit your videos with more professional software, you can edit videos on computer with Best Video Editor, and for Mac users, you may have a look at Best Video Editor for Mac.
Better still, if you already bought the iPhone version, the update is free — the app is now universal.
Once you load a photo from your camera roll, you see nothing but a row of six icons across the bottom of the screen.
And once all the icons have scrolled across, they wrap around and come back in as if they were on a wheel. While you get a lot of built-in effects, you can also opt for the $2 in-app purchase of Pop!Cam, a whole new set of FX which emulate films, add filters, simulate flash effects and even adds frames and grungy paper backgrounds.
For example, having a fade-in and fade-out function at the start and end of a video is pretty standard in my view, but there is no dedicated function for this – only a cross-fade for in between clips. It only makes sense that touching up and editing these images on mobile devices is also increasing in popularity.While there is certainly no shortage of photo filter apps available for both iPhone and Android, sometimes you want to be able to have more precise control over the color, tone and other details of the image. You can also work in full-resolution, zooming 1:1 with a double tap, and things like the crop tool and curves dialog have been made easier to use with the fingers. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Press one and up pops a row of big, finger-friendly icons for special effects, image tweaks and adjustments, metadata, cropping and history.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. The problem is that it required users to have Lightroom on their computers and it requires users to pay for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.This put it out of reach for the average consumer.
What this means is that you no longer need to have a valid Creative Cloud subscription in order to take advantage of the advanced feature set that Lightroom for iOS can offer.

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