Fewer of us are downloading software to our computers these days as more cloud-based tools become available, or you have a Chromebook or other netbook that doesn’t allow you to install software. If you want to create a new project from multiple video files it is best to upload each file and set each to private so only you can view them. The editor enables you to search for Creative Commons videos which can also be included in your project. As we saw more and more videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites, some people may have the impulse to make video themselves and sharing with other people all around the world. Smartpixel Producer is an easy to use YouTube video editor with powerful video editing features. As a free windows video editor, Smartpixel Producer support the commonly video formats such as WMV, AVI, FLV, MP4 etc. In certain circumstances, the video editor need to speed up or slow down the video clips for special purpose, Smartpixel Producer could insert variable speed playback sections like a true master.
While video editing has become more and more popular due to the popularity of camcorders and convenience of online video sharing sites. If you want to try a different free video editor, you can download open source video editing software such as MovieMasher or Lightworks. You can edit and remix shared YouTube videos or upload your own videos and set them to private, then use the editing features. After beta, it might not be my favorite choice because videos you make will have a WeVideo watermark on them unless you pay for a premium plan.

Thanks, detailed enough to make me want to read but not too much that I just visit another site.
It is available to any user with a YouTube account and allows for simple timeline based video editing from within your web browser. Please note- the video below shows us accessing the video editor through the Video Manager page. I’m currently rethinking tools for a video production task for pre-service teachers and this would be a really good option for them. Upload it to YouTube, and then test out the stabilization, color-correction and editing tools.  You might be pleasantly surprised at how these quick tweaks can improve your work right away.
For them, the video editing software must easy to use and affordable as well as full features. It has processing power for both 32 and 64 bit windows platforms and it provides many beneficial modifying functions together with a choice of compression codecs, splitting, and improvement of audio tracks.
Besides, the dubbing features allow people to add voice over the video clips and it has a scribble paiting features with varies of brushes, sprays, markers for the video editor to decorate the video clips. Many of these services allow multiple users to share and work on projects collaboratively from different locations. This is great for teachers showing classes a short clip or collection of short clips without having to skip to various sections of a video or visiting multiple YouTube pages or browser tabs. Pixorial’s editing platform is fairly simple and offers fewer features than WeVideo or Creaza.

FORscene is sold into professional markets: it supports frame accurate logging and editing, real time transitions and effects, full HD output and many features required by professionals. The editor has a similar feel to Windows Movie Maker and lets users create movies from existing clips uploaded to a YouTube account. Any edited video projects which are then published to YouTube also include an attribution of any music or videos used. From this point of view, I'd like to introduce Smartpixel Producer, the best free YouTube video editor for windows.
It is straightforward to find their way and user-friendly program interface allows you navigate through and cut the video clips. I'll be reviewing them in the coming weeks, but to give them a spin now, go to YouTube Create.
There are hundreds of innovative video effects and transitions in its library, the video editor could also insert photos, audio, text comments and subtitles etc.
If you want to tap into a library of already made online videos, I prefer YouTube editor over Stroome.

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