Upload all the smaller images you wish the mosaic to be made from – you can add up to 10,000 images and choose to upload photos from your computer, the web, or Facebook. We work with soul and strive to make sure our mosaic software would be the best in the world!
For several years the Artensoft company has been developing technologies and algorithms for creating spectacular photo mosaics of the highest quality.
Unlike other mosaic software implementations, in Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard these features and algorithms allow you to create some of the best photomosaic work in the world. Initially, Artensoft positioned its product as the one that does just "correct," "genuine," ("true mosaic") photo mosaics. Overlay of the base image that is the basis of the photo mosaic, which causes the base image to be somewhat blurry, and imposes a certain degree of transparency.
The use of a large number of elements where one element is almost one pixel of the original image, with the result that the constituent elements obtained are very small and uninteresting for viewing.

One of the major challenges in the development of the Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard mosaic software was the creation of this photomosaic using only "genuine" techniques.
In this photo mosaic using a base of about 2000 images of flowers, the number of elements of the photomosaic is 500. Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is fully featured, usable, and affordable mosaic photo software, with a free evaluation version available for download. And already the first version of the mosaic software was able to make photomosaics of excellent quality, which visibly look better than those of other programs. Similar to the other photo mosaic software options listed here, you simply upload your main image and all the smaller images you’d like your mosaic to be made of.
An "genuine" photo mosaic was compiled from the mini-images through careful selection of location and orientation. Over time, we received many letters from users who still asked to add the ability to overlay the original on a finished photo mosaic, as well as to reduce the minimum number of images for constructing photo mosaics.

If you’d prefer, EasyMoza offers a library of 100 flower photos and 100 animal photos you can choose from. After your photos are uploaded, the online tool will automatically crop and resize your images into squares. EasyMoza recommends you use a minimum of 250 photos for your mosaic.Just a Small Piece of the Big PictureThis is just a taste of the numerous free photo mosaic software options available.

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