With Mind Vector, the best mind mapping software online, you can create maps and store it on the cloud. Popularised by Tony Buzan in the 1970's, mind mapping is a powerful technique to organize information and visualize your ideas. Professionals like CEOs, doctors, marketers and individuals like authors, chefs, designers use mind mapping to get things done.
With Mind Vector's intuitive, easy-to-use interface, improve your productivity by keeping track of all the things to be done. With native applications on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Web, use Mind Vector to convert ideas into actions! Voici une selection d'outils pour vous permettre de dessiner les plans de votre futur bien immobilier et d'imaginer son organisation (meubles, decoration, electromenager). Premier avantage pour ce logiciel, il est compatible avec Mac OS X, Linux et Windows, ce qui ravira tous les utilisateurs. Ce logiciel n'est disponible gratuitement qu'en version de demonstration, ou via des versions plus anciennes du logiciel. Il est d'ailleurs un peu plus lourd a telecharger (220 Mo), et assez lent si vous n'avez pas un ordinateur avec une bonne carte graphique (car il utilise les librairies Direct X 9).
Par contre le logiciel a ete particulierement lent sur notre machine de test, et creer des plans est vraiment mal commode quand on compare cette fonctionnalite avec celle d'Archifacile ou de Sweet Home 3D.
Ce logiciel est plutot oriente vers l'architecture et s'avere assez peu accessible pour le grand public. Clairement, ce n'est pas l'outil le plus pratique si vous recherchez un editeur simple et rapide pour faire vos plans de maison. Dans sa version francaise, il n'y a pas d'options par defaut pour ajouter des meubles, des luminaires ou tout autre equipement. On ajoute et retire des elements en faisant un simple glisser-deposer depuis la bibliotheque d'objets presentee en bas du logiciel. Un glisser-deposer permet de construire son plan 2D tres facilement, et d'editer chaque element grace a un zoom clair et sans ralentissement.
Encore un service en ligne mais un peu moins intuitif a utiliser que les deux premiers (Autodesk Home Styler et Space Designer 3D).
Leroy Merlin et Alinea disposent d'outils pour vous permettre de concevoir votre cuisine en 3D, en utilisant leurs meubles a l'instar de l'outil Ikea Home Planner. While we normally limit the Hive Five strictly to five options, given that several of the options here cost more than a used car, we’ve expanded this Hive in order to provide a balanced spread.
Sony Vegas Pro has the distinction of being frequently noted as an overlooked but high-powered underdog by many readers. A veritable wise old man in the video editing world, Adobe Premier has been around for 18 years. First released in 1989 for the Mac II, Avid Media Composer is the dominant application in professional broadcast and moving editing. The latest version of iMovie has been stripped back of a lot of the neat features and reduced to more like MovieMaker - a chop and splice tool with titles.
If you want to burn your videos to DVD on mac and edit them with user-defined, Mac DVD Burner maybe the best choice. The first step (always the hardest, right?) in solving a problem is recognising you have one.
The test document we used is the D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Handbook, an excellent resource of organization-related printouts. Foxit is a polished Acrobat-alternative that, on top of cleanly displaying PDF files with a minimal interface, also has a host of handy features—all packed into a lightweight 6MB package. PDF-XChange is another Adobe-alternative in today’s Hive that boasts snappy load times and basic functionality that outpaces the basic functionality of Adobe Reader. I love PDF-Xchange - used it for > 2 yrs - but find it to bog down on PDF drawings with lots of detail, so use Foxit for those. With this feature, you can collaborate with your friends and access your maps from any platform just by signing in your account! Make mind maps anywhere & anytime using Mind Vector and with our different visualizers present your data in the most interactive way.
Ces logiciels et services Web sont relativement intuitifs a utiliser, meme pour des gens sans connaissance informatique. La prise en main est par contre un peu plus longue qu'Archifacile, mais le logiciel va vous permettre d'ajouter des objets et d'avoir une vue 3D de votre logement, ce qui permet d'avoir une meilleure idee de la place et de l'organisation du bien. Cela se fait sans heurt en cliquant sur le menu Plan, puis en selectionnant l'option Creer les murs. Si vous voulez beneficier de l'integralite des fonctionnalites, il faudra s'acquitter de 34,99 euros.

L'outil est par contre plus complet, que ce soit au niveau des accessoires d'interieur, que d'exterieur.
Par contre, pour realiser des dessins sophistiques en 3D sans passer par des logiciels d'architectes tres couteux, il s'avere etre un bon choix. Meme si on travaille davantage sur plan 2D, il est possible d'activer une vue 3D du logement pour avoir un rendu precis de notre modele. Toutefois, si vous passez l'etape de la decouverte, il delivre peu ou prou les memes services que les deux autres.
While it doesn’t sport as flashy of a resume as say Final Cut Pro, it is feature-packed. One of the strongest selling points for Premier, aside from the rock-solid editing provided by nearly two decades of improvements, is the tight integration with other software packages in the Adobe Creative Suite, like Adobe After Effects. Several Hollywood movies have been edited using just Final Cut Pro, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, No Country for Old Men, and Cold Mountain.
Windows Movie Maker supports video transfer from most consumer camcorders via FireWire and USB, and sports a time-line-based interface for easy drag and drop shuffling of your video clips. Avid Media Composer has extensive support for multiple cameras, making it easy to group and select the best shots. Optus has extended its unlimited data plans to all broadband bundles including ADSL 2+, cable and NBN. We're all familiar with the feeling of grappling with a head-scratcher for longer than we'd like.
Among those offering paid upgrades, we selected the upgrade directly above the basic package for our price inclusion.
The emphasis with Sumatra PDF is not on the number of features and the wide-ranging abilities of the application, but instead on speed.
Acrobat enjoys widespread popularity as a result of being offered by the company that created the PDF. With PDF-XChange you can open and browse PDF documents, perform simple page annotations with drawings and text, and type outside of preset form boxes by using the PDF-XChange typewriter tool to place text wherever you want.
Il se prend en main facilement malgre une interface austere et qui rappelle le design des applications sous Windows 2000.
Un outil assez pratique vous permet de tracer les murs en vous indiquant les angles des lors que vous en reliez deux. La version de demonstration vous limite a la creation de 2 batiments, a un maximum de 2 etages et de 4 pieces. D'autant plus que le moteur 3D est performant et assez econome en ressources meme sur un ordinateur dont la carte graphique n'est pas tres performante. En effet, il inclut la quasi-totalite des meubles 2010 disponibles dans les magasins Ikea, soit une base tres complete de meubles.
Lorsque vous etes prets, vous pouvez enregistrer votre projet et le faire chiffrer (couts des meubles selon les prix du catalogue Ikea 2010). Il est partiellement traduit en francais et assez complet (amenagement interieur mais pas exterieur, pas d'etage). A final note regarding pricing: many of the video editors can only be purchased as part of a bundle of software.
Vegas Pro had the ability to mix multiple video formats and resolutions without recoding, a full seven years before Final Cut Pro added the same feature.
It features professional touches like frame stabilisation for smoother movie playback, has drag and drop editing, easy to configure transitions, and even easier special effects for headache-free movie editing.
Premier lays claim to having some of the fastest HD video importing around, and even supports importing video projects from Apple Final Cut Pro. If it’s good enough for academy award winners, and assuming your pocket book can handle it, it should be more than good enough for your next epic masterpiece. Windows Movie Maker supports over a 100 transitions and movie effects, and the Vista version has Direct3D integration for even higher quality effects. There are a host of effects like inter-frame cloning and removal of imperfections when importing non-digital sources. It can take a while to connect the time we've lost staring at the screen with the fact that we're stuck on something and it's time to try a new approach. Make sure to check out the company sites for additional information and to see which, if any, of the upgrades is necessary for your needs.
It loads almost instantly, renders pages extremely quickly, and thanks to a huge number of keyboard shortcuts, you can zip through nearly any document with ease. Preview has quite a few features often only found in commercial PDF software, like the ability to drag and drop pages between documents, page extraction, encryption and text annotation. For light PDF users, it’s a more than adequate tool, although frequent users may seek to try a lighter alternative to get rid of the long load times and the lag that can occur when Acrobat loads within a web browser pane.

Advanced features like reorganizing pages and text extraction are only available in with the Pro upgrade. Toujours dans le menu Plan, on pourra creer des pieces et avoir la valeur en m2 de celle-ci, et ajouter des cotes pour garder les mesures du logement en tete.
On ne construit pas son batiment a partir d'un plan 2D qui est ensuite transforme en 3D comme avec les autres logiciels. A noter egalement que ce logiciel est prevu pour concevoir le batiment, mais pas pour l'amenager. On peut aussi definir differentes formes de pieces, ajouter des elements tels que les prises d'electricite, les radiateurs, les prises d'eau, bref tout ce dont on doit tenir compte au moment de meubler son logement. Il n'est pas obligatoire de creer un compte, mais c'est preferable si vous souhaitez sauvegarder votre travail. On apprecie la possibilite d'ecrire des notes sur son plan, de donner un nom aux pieces et de regler l'epaisseur des murs. For example, Adobe Premiere is part of the Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium bundle, and also includes, among other software, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. Vegas Pro started life as an audio editor and was later bought by Sony, but between its roots and Sony inheritance it brought superior sound editing tools to the table before its competitors, and still boasts impressive audio capabilities. You can get down to the dirty business of creating your stop-motion Lego mini figure space opera without needing to get bogged down thanks to the simple time lines and the easy to use interface in iMovie.
One of Premier’s killer features is the built in speech-to-text function, which creates a search ready index of spoken words in your video. Final Cut Pro supports non-linear and non-destructive editing of a wide variety of video formats.
All effects are grabbed from XML, so you can create your own with a little know-how, or look to repositories on the web to find more. Avid Media Composer stands out from other high-end video editors by including non-Avid products in its software bundle. Sumatra PDF, thanks to a lack of frills and extraneous features, is a great candidate for a portable drive or for in-browser use for someone who wants quick-loading PDF files without the lag caused by features they won’t ever use.
In addition to viewing PDF files, Preview can display over two dozen other file formats making it quite a versatile little viewer. When filling out PDF forms, you can save your progress in the form and return later to finish filling it out. On apprecie le fait de pouvoir creer des maisons a etage, d'ajouter des escaliers, des balustrades ou des poutres.
Ici on trace directement un carre, un rectangle ou un cercle puis on genere le volume de l'objet, on le place dans l'espace et on donne un nom a l'ensemble.
Seul gros inconvenient, tout est en anglais, et les mesures sont anglo-saxonnes par defaut (mais il est possible de les faire passer en metres heureusement). Like Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro has support for add-ons for Vegas Pro, which are actually user scripts coded in Visual Basic or Java Script, cranked out by communities online. No more scrubbing through hours of footage looking for an exact quotel; you can search directly for it. You can easily mix video files of varying formats and resolutions without having to spend time recoding the files.
Rather that reinventing already excellent products from other companies, Avid bundles software from third parties to fill needed roles like Sonicfire Pro for advanced audio editing and Sorenson Squeeze 5 for DVD compression.
While both the free and the Pro version allow you to annotate text, insert graphics and drawings, and insert links, the free version adds a Foxit stamp on each page you annotate; the pro version removes the marking. More advanced features, like PDF creation, saving PDFs in other formats, and the ability to merge PDF files, are only available with an upgrade the Acrobat Standard for $330.
Il est possible de charger des plans par defaut, de maniere a eviter de partir de zero a chaque fois.
C'est assez perturbant au debut, et il faut un petit moment le temps de prendre les bonnes habitudes.
Vegas Pro has no specialised hardware requirements and operates on nearly any Windows based machine, giving it both a price and compatibility edge over more expensive and hardware dependent video editors. There are extensive tools for filtering and colour correcting your video built right in with support for third party plugins. The newest version of Avid Media Composer can be used as a stand-alone application, unlike prior versions which were tightly integrated with bundled hardware and network storage tools.
Since version 4 you’ve been able to apply effects in real time thanks to the introduction of DynamicRT.

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