The best karaoke bars in Toronto offer a little bit less pressure than public, open mic karaoke nights.
In the heart of Koreatown, XO sits above Clinton's in the stretch of Bloor between Bathurst and Christie stations, aka Koreatown. In the Yonge and Gerrard (basically Ryerson) area, Bar + Karaoke's rooms can accommodate groups up to 25. Koreatown is definitely a hotbed for karaoke bars downtown Toronto and JaYu GonGan Karaoke ("Freezone" in English) describes themselves as the "oldest but cleanest" karaoke bar in Toronto, which could be true - they've been around since 1994. BMB has been noted as the best place to exercise foreign-language prowess, as their catalogue is extensively and largely Korean. Venturing outside of downtown, Ndolphin Karaoke is located in North York, near Yonge and Finch (they were previously known as Star Karaoke). If you find yourself in Chinatown, at Dundas and Spadina with a hankering for karaoke, 8090 KTV might be your spot. Ten23 is a swanky-looking lounge that serves Asian fusion cuisine located in Markham (Steeles and Woodbine), which also happens to be a karaoke bar. These kind of bars are places you go to ridicule the drunks that THINK they can sing after five jello shots.
Pour voir le produit et son prix, cliquez sur la vignette, ou sur le lien en jaune au dessus de la vignette.
The popularity of karaoke machines makes them one of the most sought after entertainment devices on the market today. I looked for a Karaoke system and I compared this one with the Magic Sing system based on reviews and specifications online.
I give this System 5 Stars, its alot of fun, Im 47 years old and got together with a bunch of friends and boy did we have fun, I had not had this much fun in years. I have wanted a karaoke machine for years but hated having to buy so many cd’s for the music. I do have 3 problems with the SingStand but for me personally it didn’t take away enough to give it less than 5 stars.
I have been wanting a Karaoke Machine just for fun for Years now and finally my parents ended up buying this one by The Singing Machine…and I absolutely love it!!!
The Emerson GQ756 CDG Karaoke Player would have been exactly what we were looking for IF…it was packaged and shipped properly, was not previously used, broken repackaged and shipped to us. I got this for a friend’s bachelorette party coming up and I was so pleased when it arrived!

I purchased with trepidation based upon other reviews, but the lights and display are what the niece wanted and I am the childless uncle who’s job it is to spoil. Inca nu a fost adaugat continut media la evenimentul: Karaoke Party-The Best Karaoke In Town. Join us and explore the best deals in town and best Karaoke fun with DJ Shazz making your voice more beautiful..
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Love to belt out a tune or two with friends, but too shy to do it in front of an entire bar?
Twister's boasts of themselves "Canada's Greatest Karaoke Box" - a "karaoke box" being what they call private karaoke rooms in Asia. Like most other karaoke bars, they offer songs in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai, and the catalogue is fairly extensive.
They offer oft-updated songs in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and an older selection of songs in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai and others. Their catalogue offers a fairly updated selection of Korean, Chinese and English songs, with older tunes in Japanese, Portugese, Russian and other languages.
Rooms are rented by the evening and not by the hour, so gather up all your friends and plan for a full night of singing. If you think you might be one of the people interested in a place like this, take their survey and help them out.
Both pretty good places to gather with a bunch of friends in a private room and laugh at eachother! You now have choices in the type of machine, different features, many accessories, and a huge price range. From Country Classics to Regional Mexican to Latin Pop, we had a blast and boy did we have the neighborhood thinking we had a live musical group in our backyard. Didn’t think things looked like they were FROM the manufacturing line but thats easily overlooked when your excited about a new toy for your 9 year old.
Private karaoke rooms can be found all over the GTA and are ready to serve you drinks, offer songs in an array of languages (in English, Korean, etc.) and range from current popular jams to nostalgic oldies - all without the daunting possibility of public humiliation.
Surprise - it's located in Koreatown - they're the ones who've had the "Grand Opening" sign in their window for years. The catalogue contains mostly Korean, Chinese and Japanese songs, with a small selection of English tracks.

Careful venturing up the steep and narrow stairs (especially if you've done any pre-drinking that prompted you to arrive at karaoke as your evening activity of choice!). Vous pouvez rendre votre contenu inaccessible sur ce site - en l'excluant de l'indexation par le robot du moteur Bing.
They were having a blast singing with the one microphone because we couldn’t get the 2nd one to work, when I went to pick up the player to move it to the other side of the table and the whole front facia separated from the player. Their private rooms are best for small groups and are decorated with hanging lights, lasers and disco balls.
Their catalogue is predominantly Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), with some English, Japanese and Korean songs. Below is a list of Karaoke Machines that vary from the very basic to the more elaborate, complex models. The microphones sound great, the set up is easy, and the songs are a good mix of modern songs and classic song selections. You can also sing to your regular cd’s with the microphone (but you will not see any words). From other reivews on the ability of the machine to break, I can only say that it appears to me that that kids were younger and more interested in a pretty fad toy than a machine to sing with, and that their parents let them beat on the buttons without supervision.
I've looked long and hard for a bar in Toronto that has Rilo Kiley songs, and Bar+ actually has one. The youtube video displays on the onboard screen or your tv if you use the supplied cables. My only complaint is the songs sound a bit electronic, but a good sound system will help compensate with that a bit.
Mine came with the camera, but we barely use it since it has not recording feature or zoom. Please remember this isn’t a professional grade karaoke machine, but a great home machine.

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